Should I buy the deluxe variation via 2 collector planes for 20 or acquire the traditional stalingrad and also either fight of Kuban or Moscow for 24 ish? Also is the P-40 E the just Amerihave the right to airplane you have the right to acquire I assumed I saw someone flying a Thunderbolt in a YouTube video a while back? Thanks.

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The Thunderbolt and also 2 other late-war Amerihave the right to aircraft are in the Bodenplatte growth, which is currently only available on the IL-2 site:

It's $70 USD appropriate now, however the conventional edition will become available in a pair weeks for $50 if you don't treatment around having actually the P-38 and also Fw 190 D-9. That will certainly be the release of Bodenplatte, which will take place at some point after this sale ends.

As for other Amerihave the right to aircraft, you deserve to get the A-20 and also P-39 traditional with Kuban, while the P-40 comes via the premium edition of Moscow.

I got Kuban for the A-20 and also P-39, purchased the P-40 separately while on sale and got Bodenplatte which came through the P-38, P-47, and P-51.

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I pretty a lot play SP, and use the QMB and also a 3rd party campaign tool. Love the P-39 and also P-40, yet currently there isn’t a means to move them into a US factivity prefer in 46, so eincredibly time I fly the A-20, P-39 or P-40, it’s Russian coming though the radio.

Oh bud you’re means behind. The US planes in the game are the P40, A20, P47, P51, and also P39. All are good and I indicate getting whatever fight has the the majority of exciting planes in your mind. The good point around Il2 is that they’re no wrong answers!

I've simply been playing cliffs of Dover and also love it wanna acquire in in stalingrad tho and also play digital. I'll need to look up and also check out which ones come with each. I really want the P51 is that in bodenplate? I'll need to take a much better look at the heavy steam web page for sure

Remember the gun-shop scene in the first terminator movie?

The correct answer is "All"