Il-2 Sturmovik: Battle Of Stalingrad Deluxe, What Is Included In,

Should I buy the deluxe version with 2 collector planes for 20 or get the standard stalingrad and either battle of Kuban or Moscow for 24 ish? Also is the P-40 E the only American plane you can get I thought I saw someone flying a Thunderbolt in a YouTube video a while back? Thanks.

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The Thunderbolt and 2 other late-war American aircraft are in the Bodenplatte expansion, which is currently only available on the IL-2 site:

It's $70 USD right now, but the standard edition will become available in a couple weeks for $50 if you don't care about having the P-38 and Fw 190 D-9. That will be the release of Bodenplatte, which will happen at some point after this sale ends.

As for other American aircraft, you can get the A-20 and P-39 standard with Kuban, while the P-40 comes with the premium edition of Moscow.

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I got Kuban for the A-20 and P-39, purchased the P-40 separately while on sale and got Bodenplatte which came with the P-38, P-47, and P-51.

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I pretty much play SP, and use the QMB and a third party campaign tool. Love the P-39 and P-40, but currently there isn’t a way to move them into a US faction like in 46, so every time I fly the A-20, P-39 or P-40, it’s Russian coming though the radio.

Oh bud you’re way behind. The US planes in the game are the P40, A20, P47, P51, and P39. All are great and I suggest getting whatever battle has the most interesting planes in your mind. The great thing about Il2 is that they’re no wrong answers!

I've just been playing cliffs of Dover and love it wanna get in in stalingrad tho and play online. I'll have to look up and see which ones come with each. I really want the P51 is that in bodenplate? I'll have to take a better look at the steam page for sure

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The correct answer is “All”


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