This is component of an on-site drop-off and pick-up ar with very visible red striping. The loading and also unloading occurs in a specially significant area past the red curb. Orangewood primary school School, Phoenix, AZ.

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The combined use of signs and striping ~ above a residential street nearby to school home clarifies the to plan curb use. The white curb marking suggests an area in which drop-off and pick-up of passenger is permissible. Santee, CA.


The blue line offered by the Deer Valley college District in the Phoenix, AZ city area designates parental drop-off circulation for college parking lots. This sign coincides to the blue pavement markings offered by the Deer Valley institution District in Phoenix, AZ.


Pavement stencil at Monroe Elementary school in Utah.

Curb striping or paint is offered in drop-off and also pick-up zones to clarify parking and also other curb use rules. The shade painted top top curbs means:

White (or no color): Parking allowed, unless minimal or limited by signs.Blue: Parking for the disabled only. Drivers must have a disabled human being parking placard (typically hanging top top the rear watch mirror) or disabled human being or disabled patent plate.Green: Parking permitted for a brief time. The moment is usually displayed on a sign alongside the environment-friendly zone, or may be painted ~ above the curb. Green curb can also be supplied for college student loading zones if accompanied by the ideal signs.Yellow: Stop just long enough to load or unload passengers. Motorists are usually compelled to stay with their vehicle.Red: No parking. Red curb may likewise be used in NO stopping or NO STANDING area in conjunction with the ideal signs. A bus might stop at a red zone marked for busses. Red is additionally used to designate fire lanes in ~ schools.

In some instances it may be valuable to stripe the end the loading area, both because that the motorist and also for the waiting students. Some colleges stripe the route the vehicle drivers are supposed to usage for drop-off and pick-up, and some institutions use pavement arrows and pavement stencils come designate whereby loading is to occur and circulation patterns.

Tool: Curb striping

What is it and how does it work?

Delineate zones and also intended use through paint.

Benefits strategy provides

Low cost.Provides continuous explanation that zone.

Key determinants to consider

Maintain paint.Use traditional colors.Educate parents and also students on proper use.Use in conjunction through signing to clarify purpose.

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