1) In eukaryotic cells, chromosomes are created of _____.A) DNA and RNAB) DNA onlyC) DNA and also proteinsD) DNA and phospholipids

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2) What is the final outcome of mitosis in a human?A) genetically identical 2n somatic cellsB) genetically different 2n somatic cellsC) genetically the same 1n somatic cellsD) genetically similar 2n gamete cells
If tbelow are 20 copied chromosomes in a cell, exactly how many kind of centromeres are there?A) 10B) 20C) 30D) 40
The initially gap in the cell cycle (G1) synchronizes to _____.A) normal growth and also cell functionB) the phase in which DNA is being replicatedC) the start of mitosisD) the phase between DNA replication and the M phase
The mitotic spindle is a microtubular structure that is associated in _____.A) splitting of the cell (cytokinesis) following mitosisB) triggering the compaction and also condensation of chromosomesC) disaddressing the nuclear membraneD) separation of sister chromatids
Metaphase is defined by _____.A) aligning of chromosomes on the equatorB) separating of the centromeresC) cytokinesisD) separation of sister chromatids
How is plant cell cytokinesis different from pet cell cytokinesis?A) The contractile filaments found in plant cells are structures composed of carbohydrates; the cleavage furrow in animal cells is written of contractile phospholipids.B) Plant cells deposit vesicles containing cell-wall building blocks on the metaphase plate; pet cells develop a cleavage furrow.C) The structural proteins of plant cells separate the two cells; in animal cells, a cell membrane separates the two daughter cells.D) Plant cells divide after metaphase yet prior to anaphase; animal cells divide after anaphase.
Kinetochore microtubules help in the process of splitting centromeres by _____.A) making use of motor proteins to split the centromere at specific arginine residuesB) producing stress and anxiety by pulling toward oppowebsite polesC) sliding past each various other prefer actin filamentsD) phosphorylating the centromere, thereby transforming its conformation
Movement of the chromosomes in the time of anaphase would be most influenced by a drug that stays clear of _____.A) nuclear envelope breakdownB) elongation of microtubulesC) shortening of microtubulesD) formation of a cleavage furrow


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