If I Should Go Before You City And Colour, If I Should Go Before You

City and Colour’s If I Should Go Before You beautifully walks the line between strong acoustic melodies and folk rock tendencies which capture the emotion lead vocalist Dallas Green puts into his tantalizing lyrics.

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The Canadian singer-songwriter exhibits fluency when it comes to creating a mood that encapsulates the album as a whole, making it a remarkable experience for every and any listener.

If I Should Go Before You is the singer’s fifth studio album (released Friday, October 9th).


The record has a lot to live up to. Every City and Colour album has gone Platinum in Canada (even Gold in Australia). Will this release achieve the same feat? I absolutely believe it will.

The album starts off with the eerie yet intriguing nine minute intro “Woman”, a track which focuses on the smoky vocals Green brings forward. The rest of the song gives us a look at what to expect on the rest of the album, setting the tone for what’s to come.

“Mizzy C”, “Killing Time”, and “Wasted Love” is where the album starts to pick up. Guitar solos, folk rock vibes, and meaningful lyrics drive the tracks to get the listener to experience the emotion the band puts forth, it’s remarkable.

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Yes, we get rock vibes and eerie tones, but the singer-songwriter sticks to his roots on a few of the tracks. “Blood”, a heartfelt acoustic ballad that reminds me of “The Girl” with a more intimate tone, beautifully brings the listener down to earth.

“Runaway” includes a bit of the steel pedal guitar which gives the track a country vibe, while sticking to a folk rock base. The track has a different tone than those played beforehand, it’s much more upbeat but still includes important lyrics. The use of the steel pedal guitar just adds to the effect of the song as a whole.

What initially got me into this album was the lead single “If I Should Go Before You”, the song grabbed me from the very start with a vintage blues sound that reminded me of something you’d hear in a Western…the subtle sound let’s you pick up exactly what Green is singing about. While he croons of possibly dying before his lover, he explains he’d always be by her side regardless of if he’s dead or alive. With that in mind, I invite you to try to experience the motion he conveys, it adds so much to the song, which draws you in and makes you appreciate the album much better.

The album was inspired by the shows the band played over the years they’ve been active. This album gets rid of the old acoustic folk sounds and opens the doors from something new. Dallas Green made a statement about If I should Go Before You on FasterLouder.

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“Anybody who has seen us play will understand that this is the best representation of what we do live that we have ever recorded. I was so excited about being able to make and record an album with these guys that it just flowed. I felt so confident about their abilities to make all of my ideas come true.”

If I Should Go Before You is City and Colour’s rebirth album. It’s their chance to give listeners a taste of something new.


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