Oh, ns yust go nuts in ~ ChristmasOn that yolly holidayI"ll go in the red choose a knuckleheadCuz I"ll squander every my pay.Oh, ns yust go nuts at ChristmasShopping certain drives me berserkOn the day before, ns rush in a storeLike a pure bewildered yerk.I look in ~ nightgowns for my wifeThose black color ones trimmed in redBut i won"t know her size and also soShe"ll gain a carpet sweeper instead.Oh ns yust walk nuts at ChristmasWhen each son hangs increase his sockIt"s a time for youngsters to flip their lidsWhile their papa goes in hock.On the night prior to ChristmasIt"s still in the houseMy family members is sleepingSo I"m quiet like a mouse.I look at my watch and also midnight is nearI think I"ll sneak off for a cold glass of beerDown in ~ the edge the crowd is for this reason merryI end up by drinking around 12 Tom & YerryI acquire to bed late and also gee whiz just how I"m sleepingWhen on to my bed those darn youngsters they come leapingThey sit on my face and they yump on mine bellyAnd I"m quivering all over like a bowl full of yelly.They scream merry Christmas, and my negative wife and meWe stumble downstairs and also she lights up the treeMy head is exploding, mine mouth tastes like a pickleI step on a skate and also fall top top a tricycle.Yust before Christmas dinner ns relax to a pointThen loved ones start swarming everywhere the yointOn Christmas i hug and I kiss my wife"s motherThe rest of the year we don"t speak to each other.After dinner mine Aunt and my wife"s Uncle LouieGet right into an argument; they"re both terrible screwyThen every my wife"s household say Louie is rightAnd mine goofy relations, castle yoin in the fight.Back in the edge the radio is playingAnd over the racket Gabriel Heater is saying"Peace on planet everybody and great will towards men"And yust at that moment someone slugs Uncle Ben.They every run exterior whooping so the next-door neighbors will hearOh, I"m for this reason glad funny Christmas comes yust when a year.Oh, i yust go nuts at ChristmasBut ns still have lots of funYust the exact same as you, ns enyoy that tooMerry Christmas Everyone!

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