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Tory Lanez – The Take brianowens.tvI wanna put you in seven positions for seventy minutes, you”ll get it babe You got a lot on your mind, and I want to ease it up and lick it and slip it in You do a light scream on the ice cream when I scoop it and dip it in Unzipping her tight jeans, and the feminine hygiene is magnificent Tryna show you girl, I”m different
Dem Franchize Boyz – Come Come brianowens.tvOver here so I can break you off a lil some Put you in positions yo ain”t neva thought of In between the sheets we can grind and bump Make the bed thump Until you come cum Over here so I can break you off a lil some Put you in positions you ain”t neva thought of In between the sheets we can grind and bump Make the bed thump Until you come cum …
Akon – Can”t Say No brianowens.tvI know why you never listen Just want me to put you in that position Make you say ohh no And if you was ever missing The thought of being with other niggas I be like ohh no If anything was to happen You know I”ll be the first to take action For you “Cause you still got a hold on me Don”t you She know what she doing She know what she want She …
Yo Gotti – Big Homie brianowens.tvWhen a homie don”t fuck with you, shit is what it is They call it investment, I just believe in my dawg Buss it down how you wanna, I just wanna see you ball You ain”t a boss, you”re a mistake, nigga How they put you in position when you fake, nigga? (Fake) You lie to your team, you sell your niggas” dreams When there”s war, somehow you always …
R Kelly – Every Position brianowens.tvIn every position Seen a lot of girls, where you been hiding? You something special, cut like a diamond When you do it like that, other chicks forget it All that ass, all this cash, baby, you about to get it Have dinner on the jet, you ain”t seen nothing yet Think I’m good with this flirting shit, wait till we get to sex
Ms Banks – Snack brianowens.tvWhat”s your fave position, wanna hit it from the back? Pretty long legs, and you know that arse fat Package too big, had to put some in the back It”s in the back And we never lack Niggas wanna stick to the kid like tack Flow like water, and you know I spit crack And you like the way I back it up like that Like that, nuttin” that you can”t hack …
Prince – Get Off brianowens.tvbrianowens.tv to “Get Off” by Prince: How can I put this in a way so as not to offend or unnerve? But there”s a rumor goin” all round that you ain”t been gettin” served They say that you ain”t you know what in baby who knows how long It”s hard for me to say what”s right when all I wanna do is wrong
Trey Songz – Bed brianowens.tvWanna put yo feet up in the air Kiss you everywhere Love you til yo eyes roll back I”m tryna put you to bed I”mma put you to bed And I”mma rock yo body turn you over Love is pain (hurt me more) Touchin” you like it”s our first time Put you to bed I”mma put you to bed Watch the sunlight peak …
Akon – Can”t Say No brianowens.tvJust want me to put you in that position Make you say ohh no And if you was ever missing The thought of being with other niggas I be like ohh no. If anything was to happen You know I”ll be the first to take action For you “Cause you still got a hold on me Don”t you. She know what she doing
Mario – Computer Love brianowens.tvAnd I don”t wanna text you I just wanna sex you No more computer love (computer, puter, puter love) Because girl I refuse to log on when I wanna see you baby No more computer love How about we try lookin” each other in the face tonight No more no, no, no Cuz touchin is way better girl And I”ll show you how We”ll explore all the new positions girl
BJ The Chicago Kid – The Resume brianowens.tvI wanna work I wanna work that body like it”s a 9 to 5 Imma need a job, baby can you hire me? Imma need a job, baby can you hire me? Imma need a job, baby can you hire me? Can you hire me? If you hire me, girl, I can put you in different positions Cause pleasing you, giving you all I got is my, is my only mission
Nonpoint – Position One brianowens.tvLet”s put a round in it Make sure it”s done This conversation can”t live another minute Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh Let”s go back to the beginnin” Position one “Cause our positions have got our bodies spinnin” … We lack the talent to pretend there”s a problem here It”s clear as day what you really wanna say so Say it already. Get it outta …
The Regrettes – Stop And Go brianowens.tvI promise to get better if I”m making you cry And I know that you”ve been through a lot It”s not something I forgot but wanna give it a try And I wish that I never made that decision Wish I hadn”t put us in that position “Cause you”re the only one that never gets old Stop before we lose control Let”s take a breath before we go, go, go
Jelly Roll – Let”s Get Lost brianowens.tvCome on you wanna ride I show you the other side I”ve been lost on these bad roads Here a couple times Life”s a roller coaster up and down Smilin cause I hide behind the tears of a clown Put a shot of crown For the critics that don”t get it They don”t understand the way we livin They ain”t never lived it I”m po white trash Never been high class
Kehlani – 1st Position brianowens.tvWanna show you how it feels, to rock with something trill So come join me in this room girl it”s time I know what you like baby, let me get you right Oh na na, let me put you on Oh na na na, let me put you on Said she wanna try it, ain”t tryna hide it Fuck all of that fightin”, ain”t doin” no more lyin” I start off slow so you feel secure
May Jailer – Dear Elliot brianowens.tvYou really put me in a quite a position You got me strugglin” as a musician with a song You like to write about all of your problems Put them in songs because you think it would solve them But you”re wrong Why did you go? I guess I know Maybe my question is, why must it come to this? You talk about being strung out and how I want to be You and …

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DAYWIND STUDIO MUSICIANS – KEEP ME IN YOUR WILL brianowens.tvPut me where you want to, not where I wanna be. If I should ask for things I want, just give me what I need. When I complain from time to time, forgive me Lord I pray. Lord keep me in Your will, so I won”t be in Your way. Remind me Lord I”m just a glove, in which You place Your hand. Not my will, but Your be done, though I don”t understand.
Stitches – Remember Me brianowens.tvWhen they put you in the chain gang, they forget you When they put you in the damn grave, they forget you Put your face up on a white tee Explain to me how that”s respect to me I want a statue like the Liberty And I can care less if you fuck with me The only thing that matters to me Is if my kids remember me When they put you in the chain gang
Cherish – Before U Were My Man brianowens.tvDon”t wanna cause confusion Put you self in my position Just hear me out and listen Understand my condition Got to let you know So here I go Before you were my man I was chilling with this guy I knew Before you were my man Didn”t know that he know you You should understand (yeah) No more circumstance(oh woah) Didn”t know he was your …
Pleasure P – Lick Lick Lick brianowens.tvI want you, baby I wanna lick your body Said I wanna lick, lick, lick All night and all day In every freaky way I wanna lick you, girl Said I wanna lick, lick, lick I wanna lick your body Said I wanna lick, lick, lick Submit Corrections. Thanks to daysiaaa. for correcting these brianowens.tv. AZbrianowens.tv. P. Pleasure P brianowens.tv. Search.
Visage – Pleasure Boys brianowens.tvThere”s nothing I can tell you But that”s something for me to know And something for you to do Put yourself in my position Think about it everyday Give you solid facts, I want to hear the words I want to hear what you have to say You know my situation The reality is true But it”s leisure time for the pleasure boys And the pleasure boys are you
Stitches – Young Rich Niggas brianowens.tvI”m the type of nigga put you on everyday you gon” stunt They say “Stitches, who you is?” I”ve been selling cocaine since a little kid A young nigga lifestyle, wasn”t ever rich I”m the definition of a problem, you can ask my momma, nigga I made bad decisions but now young nigga in a good position Damn, I”m sippin” muddy, muddy, muddy
The Neighbourhood – Roll Call brianowens.tvThey”ve got control of you, soldier Put you in the field with a gun to shoot and kill “em all Just play your part, little soldier Marchin” left, right, left, right I wanna walk like me, I wanna talk like me I don”t wanna, I don”t wanna be another, no I wanna walk like me, I wanna talk like me No, I don”t wanna be another, no Uninvited to the desert
Kyle Dion – 69 Camaro brianowens.tvSwear they want a nigga dead These people with the cameras ain”t no friend of mine, no Never smile in my photos Penthouse view downtown Owed up, what that bank look like Extended all my credit lines Hear a lot of noise comin” out your mouth I get wilted roses from the crowd Bet you bought a ticket just so you could say you Saw it when the shit …
Aaliyah – Rock The Boat brianowens.tv”Cause you—”cause you get me where I”m going And surely you”d get my vote “Cause I believe I believe you know just what you doing now Baby, now we can coast Let”s coast, let”s coast Let”s don”t get in a hurry That”s too slow Go ahead and put that thing in overdrive I want you to rock the boat Rock the boat, rock the boat, rock the boat
Jacquees – Outta Line brianowens.tvI”m stepping outta line Don”t wanna slow down Wanna put my hands on your body parts Tonight you”re having it your way Don”t you ask for his permission Did I mention? I”m in love with switching positions Wanna fuck you in the kitchen I”m a hit it from beside, he don”t It”s a shame he don”t Treat you like you the queen that”s on a throne
Jacquees – Who”s brianowens.tvYeah, can you move like my misses And do tricks like a vixen Start switching positions And getting hotter than a kitchen She like, what you want from me? I”m not even your type But you got my attention You are something that I like Let”s get out this Club, it”s time to go Cause I got some questions I need to know Who”s giving you all your love …
dvsn – P.O.V. brianowens.tvYou know I”m there when it”s somethin” new Little bit of me on you And I just wanna change your point of view That means that I gotta turn you around, so be it All in your hair for you while you get down, so be it Things that I do for you, hopin” you”ll do to me The same things that I do to you And equality in all Change positions like you …
Nipsey Hussle – Grindmode brianowens.tvHow could you see my eyes tell me if you see my vision All my niggas doing life, my brother”s in the grave I feel like it”s my duty my nigga to spread my wings And all I do is fly and fly away One day I hope you gon all, fly away The best position of my life My future looking bright Them Gucci”s on my face but I”m not blinded by the light
Queen Naija – No Strings brianowens.tvWhy you still tryna hide You know I wanna ride But you gotta teach me how At times I get a little shy Cause I wanna make you proud We don”t need no strings attached So put your feelings to the side and Let”s get down (Baby let”s make shit shake) Fulfilling yo needs, I”m the definition Got yo legs behind yo head, favorite position
Tyrese – Make Love brianowens.tvYour love is amazing, and baby you”re the best So baby we can make love! Baby, can we make love? Make love tonight! Can we make love, baby! Soy tuya! Si, solo tuya! Can we make love baby? Baby can we make love tonight? Sex in all positions, baby! I definitely want your body Come and give it to me, But give me your heart and your soul, girl!
Birdman – Tap Out brianowens.tvbrianowens.tv to “Tap Out” by Birdman. If you hatin” you just need some pussy She fucked up when she gave me some pussy I said I fuck you better than that other nigga She say Tune I”m “bout to cum, I say I”m comin” wit ya And she don”t like them pretty niggas, sidity niggas
K.A.A.N. – Night Owl brianowens.tvPrevalent, put us in position so that we could win Interesting, how the tables turn nigga once again Said we plotting on that next level shit, you dig I dream too big, a couple of screws loose in my head They calling me a mad man, they think I”m off”a my meds The last time you”ll ever see a bad guy like this
Burna Bandz – Goons brianowens.tvLil” nigga you know the rules “Cause niggas grimy They just wanna see you fuckin” lose They wanna see a nigga lose They don”t wanna see you winnin” Prayin” that the lord put a nigga in position To take care of my people, tell her I”m in the kitchen I gotta get that bag, they keep tellin” me I”m gified Every bird must go We rockin” Monclers in …

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Pleasure P – Bad Girl brianowens.tvYou Bad Girl You”re Bad You Bad Girl You”re Bad Put You Across My Lap And Show You I”m The Boss And Sit You In The Corner And Whip Your Clothes Off Cause You”ve Been A Bad Bad Girl Baby I”m a Bout To Put You To Sleep Cause You”re Bad I”m a Take my Belt Off Now You In Trouble You”ve Been A Bad Girl I”m a Bend You Over Put You In The Corner You …


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