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Luke8sec from Deep SouthWhy is their no mention of I Feel a Sin Coming On on the Soundtrack of The Longest Ride?see more comments


Bug A BooDestiny”s Child

In the 1999 Destiny”s Child song “Bug A Boo,” they complain about a guy who bugs them on MCI, AOL, and their pagers.

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Blue MondayNew Order

New Order took the title for “Blue Monday” from an illustration, which read “Goodbye Blue Monday,” in the Kurt Vonnegut book Breakfast Of Champions. The image referred to the invention of the washing machine improving housewives” lives.


Work From HomeFifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony was going to call their song “Work,” but they changed it to “Work from Home” when Rihanna released a song with that title.


NameThe Goo Goo Dolls

“Name” by The Goo Goo Dolls was partly inspired by lead singer John Rzeznik”s flirtation with the MTV VJ Kennedy, who didn”t want him to tell anyone her real name.


Cigarettes And Chocolate MilkRufus Wainwright

“Cigarettes And Chocolate Milk” describes a time in Rufus Wainwright”s life when he found himself hungover and pounding chocolate milk to feel better. It didn”t work, so he smoked a cigarette, which is when he realized his addictive personality could be a problem.

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God Only KnowsThe Beach Boys

The most famous song to prominently feature a French horn is “God Only Knows” by The Beach Boys.


How “A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss” Became Rock”s Top ProverbSong Writing

How a country weeper and a blues number made “rolling stone” the most popular phrase in rock.


Wedding Bell BluesSong Writing

When a song describes a wedding, it”s rarely something to celebrate – with one big exception.

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David Bowie Leads the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Long-Haired MenSong Writing

Bowie”s “activist” days of 1964 led to Ziggy Stardust.


KissFact or Fiction

Kiss is the subject of many outlandish rumors – some of which happen to be true. See if you can spot the fakes.


Five Rockers Who Rolled With The DevilSong Writing

Just how much did these monsters of rock dabble in the occult?


Charlie Benante of AnthraxSongwriter Interviews

The drummer for Anthrax is also a key songwriter. He explains how the group puts their songs together and tells the stories behind some of their classics.


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