But it has exploded in popularity over the last few years, through the renewal of even more natural looking, textured and voluminous hairformats for guys.

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So what is a mens clay, just how execute you usage it and what is the best clay for you?

The Ultimate Guide To Hair Clay For Men


What Is A Hair Clay?

The ultimate meaning of a clay hair product is that it consists of a "clay" ingredient as among the essential ingredients (the ingredients first on the list).

Hair clays will likely either be water based (aqua) or oil based (petrolatum). The ingredients you"re looking for to be high up on the list are bentonite or kaolin. If it doesn"t contain one of these then it probably isn"t really a "clay".

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Which Hairstyles Is Hair Clay Good For?

They are great for brief to tool length hairformats that need texture or volume. A clay commonly has a tool organize and a matte end up, so you desire to use it on layouts that you desire to save looking fairly natural.

They are likewise normally reworkable and also make it basic to run your fingers via your hair, making hair clay good for those of you that do not desire a stiff and also "locked in" hairstyle. Crops, textured quiffs and also crew cuts. It"s is great for almost any of the short to medium size messier hairformats that we"re seeing being famous in 2018.


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How Much Hair Clay Should I Use?

The amount of clay that you have to use will vary from product to product and will certainly additionally be dependent on points like your hair thickness or hair type.

We"d always say with a hair clay, and any type of various other product for that matter, to begin via a small pea sized amount and include more if you feel you need it. It"s a lot less complicated to add product than it is to remove it, so begin small!

What Is The Best Hair Clay?

Just like any kind of hair product, the best hair clay is going to be the one that"s ideal for you. So it may be a procedure of trial and also error to try to find which one you like best for your desired style and hair kind. Read reviews and also watch videos to discover world via your hair kind and also style to find the best hair clay for you. Also speak to your barber, and also see if they can offer any kind of recommendations on assets.

And obviously we hope that you"d like the all new matte complete, tool hold Regal Gentlemale Matte Clay. We spent over a year and also a fifty percent developing and tweaking this product with the Regal Gentleguy area and also our team of the finest barbers in London.

How To Use Hair Clay

To usage a hair clay favor the Regal Gentleman Matte Clay follow the complying with steps:

Tip 1. Prep the hair

Clay is commonly best applied to dry hair. Prep the hair beforehand also through a hair dryer, pre styling product or whatever before you use for your wanted style. For many the best styles for a clay hair product, a hair dryer is finest supplied to gain your hair into form and also aid add volume or texture to the hair.

Top reminder - Use the hair dryer on a medium warm and give a cold blast at the end to set the hair in place. If you carry out this effectively, your hair should look semi in style prior to even utilizing product (it will certainly take some practice).

2. Take a pea sized amount from the tub

The thicker and also much longer your hair is, the more product you"ll most likely require, but start small and also you deserve to always apply more later!

3. Warm the clay

Warm the clay thoapproximately in the hands. You desire to spend roughly 5-10 seconds rubbing the hair clay right into the hands to warm it properly and also spreview evenly throughout the hand.

4. Get the product with all of your hair

Get the product through the hair, starting from the ago and functioning through to the front. You desire to also start at the roots and job-related upwards. This ensures that you don"t simply have product coating the ends of the hair or loads of product at the front for that There"s Somepoint About Mary look. Don"t concern too much about the style at this stage, simply gain the product evenly spcheck out throughout the hair.

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5. Fix and end up the hair

Now begin to job-related the hair into the shape that you want it to be in via your fingers, brush or comb. If you"re going for a textured, messy look this need to be really quick and easy, you don"t want to go over the peak via it. You have the right to also apply that last little of product left on the hands to coat the hair one final time.

6. Add even more if needed

*Optional* If you still feel prefer your hair does not have actually the host you need it to, then use more product and also repeat steps 2 to 5.