If you"re looking to take benefit of Pine Pollen"s organic androgenic hormones and also ability to support organic testosterone production, then the Pine Pollen Tincture is your ideal option.

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What is a Pine Pollen Tincture?

A Pine Pollen Tincture is an eye-dropper bottle that contains a concentrated liquid extract of Pine Pollen’s herbal androgenic hormones.

Our Pine Pollen Tincture is one-of-a-kind in that we extract the hormones and also other plant based chemicals of pine pollen and suspend them in tool chain triglyceride (MCT) coconut oil. This process we think to be far superior to eexceptionally other tincture on the market.

To make our Pine Pollen Tincture, the raw pollen is soaked in a solution of MCT oil, which brews and extracts the crucial hormones and nutrients into the solution. The pollen is then filtered out leaving behind the focused liquid create of Pine Pollen"s potent phyto-androgens (DHEA, Testosterone, androstenedione, and also androsterone).


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Why Is Our MCT Based Pine Pollen Tincture premium to alcohol or glycerin based tinctures

Unlike glycerin and also alcohol based tinctures which ruin many kind of of Pollen’s essential nutrients in the time of impending, utilizing MCT oil not just creates a focused extract of phyto-androgen hormones, however it additionally preserves every one of Pine Pollen’s remaining nutrients.

This is permits the body to take full benefit of Pine Pollen’s power, not simply the hormones.

According to the Tulane University webwebsite, fat-soluble hormones, favor the androgenic sex-hormones in Pine Pollen, are fat soluble and tend to be water repellent. That is, they like lipids and also other fatty structures, which is why the hormones extract and concentrate themselves to a better level in MCT oil.


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In addition to being absorbed quickly by the soft tproblems of the mouth, research study carried out by the cannabis market has actually presented that fat soluble substances are also more rapidly soaked up and made use of by the liver, possibly boosting the therapeutic results of Pine Pollen’s natural hormones.

draw backs and reasons to usage our MCT based tincture over an alcohol or glycerin tincture:

Alcohol tinctures taste horrible

Alcohol tinctures deserve to not be supplied by those avoiding alcohol

Glycerin deserve to not hold as many sex hormones and also tfinish to be less focused (this indicates you have to usage twice as much to obtain the exact same therapeutic effects)

Glycerin is less steady and also has actually a shorter shelf life

Glycerin is very processed and have the right to come from questionable resources or companies

Glycerin tinctures are cheap, but of very low all at once quality

Why Use The Pine Pollen Tincture rather of the Powder or Capsule Form?

First off, Pine Pollen powder and also capsules are both great options for human being that desire to take benefit of Pine Pollen"s thick nutrition and also distinct phyto-androgen profile. They are much cheaper also.

However, as soon as consumed traditionally, some (a tiny amount) of the nutrients and potency of the Pine Pollen is shed with the digestive process and also ruined by the acids in the stomach. Similar to just how specific elements are destroyed during alcohol or glycerin based impending.

When you use our Pine Pollen Tincture, the phyto-androgens and also other crucial nutrients are soaked up directly right into the blood stream by-passing the digestive processes. This permits the body to instantly usage a much higher concentration of the androgens accessible in the Pine Pollen Tincture. In addition, once you usage our Pine Pollen tincture, any type of residual liquid that you swpermit will certainly be quickly soaked up by the liver, so namong the pollen is wasted. The absolute benefit of making use of MCT.

One final note on why you should use our Pine Pollen Tincture: We’ve included a tiny amount of raw Pine Pollen to each bottle, which we believe will certainly make the MCT oil become more concentrated the longer it eras (prefer a fine whisessential or wine). The only attract earlier to adding the pollen directly right into the solution is that it needs to be shaken and stirred before use.

How to Use a Pine Pollen Tincture

Since of the higher absorption price, the Pine Pollen Tincture is commonly used by those especially interested in taking advantage of Pine Pollen"s unique ability to increase testosterone and also assistance optimal hormone levels in the body*

When making use of the Pine Pollen Tincture you ssuggest fill the eye-dropper inside and also place the liquid extract under the tongue. You then organize it there for 1 to 2 minutes to allow the hormones and also plant based nutrients to be soaked up into the blood stream.

The staying saliva and solution are then swallowed and also absorbed with the liver and also various other normal digestive procedures.

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The Pine Pollen Tincture is the ideal way to usage Pine Pollen; especially if you are looking to assistance your testosterone levels naturally.

Aacquire, we are the only Pine Pollen Tincture made through MCT oil and we believe our tincture to be far remarkable to anything else accessible on the sector. Do your body a favor and also offer it a shot today!