Ever wonder exactly how the devices in brianowens.tv work?Well, you’ve involved the ideal place.Learn about the basic to progressed devices in these tutorial videos.

Can you provide even more information? How carry out you understand it’s loaded? Do you view Draw > Shapes area ?Also attempt relaunching brianowens.tv.

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I downloaded the expansion, loaded it through expansion manager within brianowens.tv. When I clicked on shapes in draw I saw the 3D forms. I determined sphere and a dialog cox came up. I clicked okay, and also nothing taken place. I tried the various other 3D forms and also nopoint happened with them either.

Seems favor you did every little thing correct. Just another guess, try using ‘Zoom Extents’ tool, maybe those geometries appear tiny at the origin.Sorry, that’s all i can guess.

I believe

That was the trouble. I readjusted the radius to 400, and also the segments to 25. One click and the sphere appeared instantly. Thank you filibis, I’m sorry I doubted you…

For objects developed from a circle - prefer a spbelow, cylinder or cone - it’s commonly finest to collection the segment count for the circles to a multiple of 3, and also 4.So 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 96 and so on.This suggests that they are easily manipulated in 3d, and also nodes loss logically.It’s also counterabundant to make also many kind of segments, as the facets created rise disproportionately and offer little bit visual advantage for smoothed objects whilst overloading the model’s geomeattempt, shadow managing etc.If you are intfinishing to 3d-print, then pick a segmentation which provides edges within the printers minimums, having even more geometry that that is of no advantage. See ‘versines’…http://sketchucation.com/brianowens.tv/viewtopic.php?p=577465#p577465

Hmm, there’re still some elements of follow me that I don’t follow. If I were collection out to do this, I would certainly have actually thshould draw a half-circle as the profile to use with a circular path. So, why does this work? Why doesn’t it make a doughnut instead?


If I carry out it the various other method round, making use of the half circle as the profile, and also the full circle as the FollowMe path, I get a wise result, however will certainly all the earlier encounters external.



And if I start through the full circle oriented at best angles to the start of the path, and also revolve a half-circle which has actually its endpoints bisecting an original circle segment, I get a half spright here only:

Yup, Follow Me has actually actions at times that I don’t understand. By placing a profile on the course and also perpendicular to it, I acquire results that I suppose all the time, however other situations are puzzling, especially your first instance.

Hi RTCool.

It’s hard to standard customers (as me) understand how the follow me tool functions, I’m still finding out around it.I asked about this before so you perhaps find valuable the complying with links.

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I feel favor for the the majority of component I have a pretty great master of many of the devices in sketch up, I also recognize my means around the solid devices pretty well (lug over understanding from MS Visio) But the results of follow me are constantly a complete surpincrease to me. Generally it does nothing when I initially try to drag the face, until (in frustration) I shake the mouse violently, and also then Magic! Sometimes it does exactly what i desire, periodically my form is inside out (revers faces) periodically it starts behind the …


Hi everybody. I’ve been trying to replicate the arm of this LEGO man toy I discovered in the 3D wareresidence. The dimensions has not to be the exceptionally very same (yet I try), I was inspecting the geometry via turning hidden geomeattempt on and trying to number out exactly how to attract it. This is what I have so much, however I don’t acquire from intersecting encounters the result I expect. I wonder if anyone deserve to give me some referral or suggestions to obtain that result even if it implies I have to attract it again from …
Despite they were incredibly detailed instructions it took me a while to acquire it
But It operated favor a charm. I desire to make clear what occurred (without I’m favor a little donkey) At first I understood what you shelp here: "The Path needs to start and end perpendicular to the wanted challenge orientation." I interpreted your statement, yet I didn’t believed it was feasible situate the circle edges that way, so … I made one quarter of the circle, I exploded it, and also I usage autofold to…

Make tries as I did for instance this one to understand also it better.