This walkthrough will present players exactly how to complete the Cathedral that the Deep region in Dark Souls 3. The cathedral contains beneficial collectible items and also people the interest. Us will aid you traverse the cathedral to discover Rosaria, Unbreakable Patches, and Siegward the Catarina ~ above the way to the Deacons that the Deep. Monitor our procedures to unlock every shortcut to properly explore the cathedral.

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The trek come the Cathedral the the Deep begins just after beating the decision Sage. Upon beating this boss, a doorway opens up in ~ the ago corner of the boss arena that leads to the cathedral. If you have actually not however completed this boss encounter or need aid finding that location, head end to our Dark Souls 3 road of Sacrifices Walkthrough for details.

Beginning at the Crystal Sage Bonfire, head with the doorway come the left the the stage. It will lead you to a collection of layered routes along the edge of a cliff. Part means down the initial path, look under over the leaf to your left and also you will see a crystal Lizard. Conveniently jump down and also attack it and also retrieve Twinkling Titanite. Don’t issue if you can’t get back up come the height path, together this lower path is the better route anyway.

Once you have actually jumped down you can not go back right away, so proceed forward through jumping under to an additional lower path. Attack one more Crystal Lizard approximately the corner to achieve a second Twinkling Titanite.

Continuing to the right, friend will pertained to the edge of the path. Look under to watch a book-wielding sorceress standing alongside a fire. You can jump down and also attack if friend want, but there are other adversaries that girlfriend should deal with first.


Instead that jumping now, turn around and also head increase the course to the right. This path likewise leads come an edge, yet it is at a greater vantage point that overlooks a lower path whereby a big saw-wielding manservant patrols below. When he is underneath you, jump and also attack him because that maximum damage.

Attacking this very first manservant can trigger his friend who stands more down in the direction of the fire. Defeat him too without acquiring the attention of the sorceress through kiting the opponent up the path. As soon as the two saw-wielding opponents are killed, collection your sights top top the sorceress. Defeat the sorceress, climate pillage the corpse nearby to obtain the Herald Helm, Herald Armor, Herald Gloves, and also Herald Trousers.


Continue under the path throughout the narrow stone bridge to discover the Cathedral the the Deep Bonfire. Dealing with the stairs top up, there room two ways to walk from here. There is a big staircase right ahead, and a lower trench to the left that the bonfire. One of two people way, you will have to fight a difficult enemy.

The adversary down the left course guards Paladin’s Ashes, which have the right to be carried to the Shrine Handmaid. If you walk up the hill come the right, you’ll uncover a reduced path the leads come a Crest Shield close to the end. Indigenous this vantage suggest up the hill, you deserve to jump and also strike the warrior at the height of the big stairs.


Once girlfriend have beat both enemies, proceed forward up the large stairs. Girlfriend will involved an area littered with little trees. There are number of enemies roughly who will begin shooting arrows at you if you come into range. We imply picking off your undead hounds first, leaving the arrow-shooting enemies vulnerable.

On the ledge come the appropriate pick increase a Large heart of one Unknown Traveler. Proceed through the archway and also follow the route until you see an adversary with a flaming knife walking in the direction of you. If he spots you, there is a chance he will certainly light himself on fire and also charge in ~ you, exploding when he is near.


To her left you will see several hollows praying. Overlook them and continue forward. Open the huge doors the the chapel and sit at the Cleansing Chapel Bonfire. Be sure to loot the Notched Whip indigenous a corpse in the edge of the chapel before leaving.

You’ll an alert that the Cleansing Chapel has two doors in the corners, one on each side that the bonfire. These doors have the right to only be opened up from the various other side. The Cleansing Chapel Bonfire is basically your primary bonfire during most of your cathedral exploration. Us will display you how to circle ago around through the cathedral to unlock this doors and to use them together shortcuts.

A friend in a Pickle

From the Cleansing Chapel Bonfire, exit earlier through the key doorway. Prior to proceeding towards the prayer group, rotate to the right to uncover a well. Strategy the well, and interact through it to discover Siegward the Catarina. Siegward’s illustration in this spot counts on your progression in the game.

If Siegward is not in ~ the well, store checking earlier regularly to watch if he’s there after progressing through the cathedral a bit. Save in mental that defeating the ceo in this an ar may avoid his appearance. If Siegward is there, speak come him to discover that he’s fallen right into the well and is absent his armor. We will display you how to assist him a little bit later, so just make keep in mind of his place for now.


Proceed towards the praying hollows. If you strike them, they will certainly light us on fire and also explode, like the suicidal opponent from earlier. To the right, look because that a tiny ledge and also jump under to the shallow water below. Ahead of you will certainly be one enemy entirely composed of bloodsucking maggots. If this biology hits you at all, you will be covered in maggots and also a bleed impact will be triggered that have the right to be fairly annoying together it builds up.

Keep in mind that these maggot opponents are extremely sensitive to fire. A torch will certainly make rapid work of this maggoty creatures in just a few swings. To stop the bleed effect, simply bring out her torch and watch the maggots soon drop off her body.


Ahead is a doorway resulting in a temporarily useless room at the basic of a tower. Over there is a ladder over that you need to kick down later on to make this room right into a faster way for future travels. Because that now, just take note of it and also move on.

If you go up the route to the right and curve around, skip the tower for the moment being, friend will find a tiny window v a Titanite Shard. Jumping down with the home window leads you back to the Cleansing Chapel Bonfire.


Going clockwise around the external of the tower, do your means towards another maggot biology in the shallow water. Pick up the Saint-tree Bellvine along the wall surface and defeat yet another maggot creature. Proceed roughly the corner and up the stairs.

Kill the decision Lizard as rapid as you deserve to to gain Twinkling Titanite and pick up the Titanite Shard behind the tree in the corner. One more Crystal Lizard with a Twinkling Titanite reward awaits you further ahead. Store in psychic that when it starts to run away girlfriend will desire to follow it and also kill at as soon as possible.

There is a path to the appropriate of you, situated at the spot you very first saw the 2nd Crystal Lizard. This route leads come a Titanite Shard in prior of a tree. Further ahead, girlfriend will check out a big crystalline lizard surrounded in sharp crystal shards. You don’t have to fight it, uneven you want a Titanite Scale. If you neglect the lizard, it will just proceed to sleep.


Just front of the crystalline lizard is an opened in the wall. This leads to a room with one more maggot creature and a Poisonbite Ring collectible ~ above the nearby corpse. Snag the ring, then head ago outside. Follow the path, and you’ll be ago where friend started. Rest at the chapel bonfire with the window if needed.

The Bleeding Graveyard

Starting indigenous the Cleansing Chapel Bonfire, head out to whereby the four hollows space praying, and this time go up the stairs straight ahead. Once you get in through the gate and also into the graveyard, undead begin to climb from the ground.

They space slow and also rather dumb, however be wary of your puke. If they throw-up top top you, maggot-like creatures will cover her body, leading to a slow but devastating bleed. Use a Red Moss Clump to relax the bleed effect, and also take the end a torch to clear the maggots. Instantly run increase the left hill, and also turn left in ~ the optimal to get an Astora Greatsword in prior of a big gravestone.


With the gravestone to your back, run right ahead and jump down on the left. You will be resulted in the top reaches the the graveyard, wherein you can see undead roaming below in the trenches. Follow the route to the end and jump down as soon as you arrive at a clearing. Sirloin to pick up a Fading Soul and also an Executioner’s Greatsword. Obtain ready to fight, since once you jump down, the dead will proceed to rise in prolific numbers. Head back to the entrance gate, and also recuperate in ~ the bonfire if needed.

Return to the graveyard entrance gate. This time, run straight ahead till the an are on the best turns into a solid wall of gravestones and also earth. Just before that gravestone wall, over there is one opening between a tree and a gravestone. Jump down to the path below. Follow along the left ridge, loss the adversaries ahead, and also turn appropriate to cross the bridge.


Defeat the maggot enemies on the bridge and walk increase the stairs. The following platform up consists of a horde of undead hollows and also a grave Warden. Grave Wardens are fast and also engage friend with big sweeping dual-weapon attacks. Obtain the grave Warden’s attention and also lure it away from the crowd of hollows.

Defeat the warden, climate head down the stairs to the best where friend will see a white birch tree. If you befriended the giant in Undead Settlement, he will certainly shoot arrows at any surrounding hostile creatures around this tree. Look for the large arrows grounding in the ground to understand where he mainly aims.

Pick increase the Young White Branches, the two Large Souls of an Unknown Traveler, Repair Powder, and the Undead Bone Shard at the sheet of the gravestone overlooking the canyon. Head earlier up and proceed increase the best stairs. Turn appropriate again, skipping the steep staircase top top the left because that now. Proceed into the mausoleum to choose up the heavy Curse Ward Greatshield on the corpse.


Descend under the winding stairs and also kick the ladder in ~ the base. This is the tower ladder shortcut we pointed out earlier. If you need healing, make your way down the ladder, v the doors, and run to the left increase the hill to discover the home window that leads back to the Cleansing Chapel Bonfire.

Now the we developed a shortcut, head earlier to the tower, up the ladder, and also up the stairs. Walk outside and also stop. If you rest at the bonfire, you will watch the tomb Warden has returned. To avoid it, merely wait for it to start patrolling come the left, climate sneak by. Currently go up the steep stair ahead causing the cathedral. In ~ the peak of the stair you will certainly be met with a collection of imposing doors flanked by statues. Friend cannot open up these doors indigenous this side, so we will need to make our means around and open them native the inside.

Head left that the doors and roll with the crates approximately the corner to collect a pair the Rusted Coins. To the appropriate of the doors, choose up a Red an insect Pellet and also head under the stairs. At the basic of the stairs to the appropriate sits an foe who will light self on fire. The will additionally throw Undead Hunter charm at you, to stop you from drinking estus. Ahead is an foe with a flaming spear, and just beyond him up in the bell tower is one archer who shoots fire arrows. If you communicate them, an additional enemy will certainly climb increase from the left.


Once you defeat the enemies, walk turn off the left ledge and approach the torch. ~ above the various other side that the railing is a hidden enemy with a fiery knife waiting for you. Walk throughout the narrow bridge, gift wary the the suicidal enemy across the way. Store an eye the end for any thralls. They favor to cave on the sheet of the bridges above, waiting for you to walk underneath them before they strike. Pick up the Large Souls of one Unknown Traveler top top the communication to the right, and defeat the adversaries who climb over the edge come greet you.

At the far finish of the rooftops, walk down to the reduced platform and defeat the 3 archers shooting in ~ you, alongside a hole wielding a fiery spear. If you head up the stairs first, girlfriend can find an Undead Hunter Charm guarded by some hollows and an evangelist. Come the right is a Red pest Pellet guarded through ambushing slaves.

Back under the stairs on the far rooftop wherein the archers stood, continue forward and also you will see another enemy through an axe. Perform not continue too far forward though, together several enemies wait in ambush in the room come the left. Attract the axe wielding opponent to you, loss him, and then take it on the ambushers together you check out fit.


Ahead girlfriend will see a resting hollow. Another is discovered to the left that the stairs. Death them and proceed increase the small stairs. Be cautious though, together a patrolling tomb Warden awaits you. We suggest luring her the end because one more Grave Warden is patrolling follow me the stairs to the left who will display up momentarily. Once both dig Wardens space defeated, be wary the two an ext suicidal hollows roaming the path. Increase the stairs, take the end the adversary sitting to her left. Front of you near the far wall surface sits a team of praying hollows.


Around the corner to the left the the prayer team is an enemy with one axe. While fighting him, beware of an additional enemy hollow who climbs up over the ledge. Once defeated, choose up the Ember top top the corpse and also open the large doors girlfriend passed by to go into the Cathedral the the Deep.

Once inside, look end the railing in front of friend to check out a sleeping gigantic below. Walk down the room to your left. Defeat the glob enemy with fire (its weakness) and pick up the Duel Charm at the finish of the hallway. In the following room are three fire throwing deacons: one in front of you, one to her right, and also one diagonally close to the far door.

Defeat the deacons, then continue out the much door and up the stairs. Come the left is an elevator, and to the ideal is a doorway. Ignore the ideal for now, and also ride down the elevator first. This will lead you to another set of doors. Open the doors to create a faster way to the Cleansing Chapel Bonfire, and also rest if necessary.

Return come the elevator and ride back up come the top. Proceed through the doorway ahead and toward the balcony in the next huge open area. Over there is just one method to go: to the right. Together you start running through, the huge will awaken and shot to smash you with his hands.


You will need to make it across to the various other side, complying with a U-shaped path. Make the sprint from one end of the “U” come the other, preventing straggling enemies, and you’ll it is in safe once you go v the doorway. If you room feeling lucky, you can shot grabbing the collectibles along the way, which encompass a Lloyd’s sword Ring, Soul the a Nameless Soldier, and an Exploding Bolt.

When you are safely at the doorway ~ above the other side, continue halfway under the stairs and turn left right into the huge room. Girlfriend will discover yourself ~ above the upper level the a room. Peer down listed below to scope the end the chamber, and watch out for several thralls. Seize the Seek Guidance spell in the corner, and also then go up the ladder at the other end. Defeat the sorceress and also collect the Ember top top the balcony. Return under the ladder, back to the stairwell, and also proceed down to the bottom. In ~ the base of the stairs is a room v a Mimic chest that drops a Deep Braille magnificent Tome as soon as defeated.


Go with the doorway to the lower section of the room. Defeat any remaining thralls. If friend walk forward in the direction of the little platform leading to an archway, friend will view a huge armored opponent with a mace. We suggest trying to backstab him. Dealing with him head-on deserve to be dangerous, especially because he can apply lightning to his mace.

After you resolve the armored enemy, proceed into the following room in former of wherein he to be patrolling. Be prepared to fight, because once friend walk in a large six-legged creature will drop native the ceiling and also attack. Death the creature and pick increase the Ember in the corner of the room. The creature will certainly leave behind Aldrich’s Sapphire, a ring i m sorry recovers FP from critical attacks.


When you space ready, return to the vault room and also turn right. This leader to a massively open room on floor floor that the cathedral, the same room where the giant rests. Run right towards the doorway across the room, and fight of the thralls that wait to ambush you. Further down the hall to the left is a knight. Loss the knight, and locate a nearby lever. Traction the bar to advanced a huge bridge in the facility of the chamber. This bridge wall will border the giant to his small area if you decision to acquire his attention, allowing you to escape with the bottom doors.


Head back to the doorway where you combated the thralls. Go through the doorway and down the stair to reach a metal gate. Open up the door to find a balcony where you battled a maggot creature earlier. Proceed down the stairs come the left to find two large sets of wooden doors roughly the corner. One leader to one elevator that goes up. The other leads back to the Cleansing Chapel Bonfire. Now both doors flanking the sides of the Cleansing Chapel Bonfire are currently open.

Find Unbreakable Patches, aid Siegward

There room two NPCs the you can meet in the cathedral: Unbreakable Patches, and Rosaria. We will display you wherein to uncover both of this NPCs, starting with Patches. Unbreakable Patches deserve to be tricky to find in the cathedral, as details conditions have to be met to reason him to appear. We space not entirely sure of this conditions, yet it appears that it involves opening the two large double-doors the the cathedral. Us will explain how to open up these doors to find Patches first before proceeding to satisfy Rosaria.

From the Cleansing Chapel Bonfire, head through the doorway the you most recently opened, to the left when dealing with the bonfire. Happen the elevator and return come the doorway to the bottom floor of the cathedral. A 2nd giant is sleeping close to a staircase come the left, when the very first giant friend met is more to the right. Our score is to open the dual doors near the feet that the very first giant.


You will likely need to kill the gigantic to open up the doors safely. If you elevated the bridge utilizing the lever, girlfriend can strike the giant and also retreat with the reduced openings once needed. The best way to strike the giant is to merely slash in ~ his feet. Keep in mind the the sludge he sits in will sluggish your movements, making roll difficult. If you view the large raise his leg, watch out for an just arrived stomp.

Once the gigantic is eliminated, you are totally free to collect the goodies transparent the sludge. This items include: a Large Titanite Shard, Soul of a Nameless Soldier, Dung Pies, a Maiden Hood, Maiden Robe, Maiden Gloves, and also a Maiden Skirt. Proceed to open up the large dual doors close to where the gigantic sat, and head exterior to collection the Saint Bident spear and Homeward Bones indigenous the corpses.

Now, return to the doorway near the thralls that you gone into from earlier. Now that you are a giant-killing machine, friend might too take under the 2nd giant end by the stairs. Indigenous the doorway, curve roughly the corner to the left come find another lever. Traction the bar to raise another bridge wall that you can use together a for sure zone native the giant.


When ready, proceed to take down the huge as girlfriend did before, luring him towards the wall surface with a ranged capability and attack his feet. Once the large is defeated, collect the Large Titanite Shard, Dung Pies, Drang Shoes, Drang Gauntlets, Drang Armor, Drang Hammers, Pale Tongue, and Large spirit of one Unknown Traveler transparent the sludge.

If you proceed up the staircase whereby this gigantic once slept, you will certainly encounter numerous praying deacons and a pair of well-armored enemies. Hit them if girlfriend wish, however we recommend maintaining your street to avoid obtaining their fist for now. The ceo chamber deserve to be uncovered to the much right down a hallway behind the altar, but first we room still focused on finding Unbreakable Patches.

Carefully curve approximately the edge to the left of the church pews to collect an Ember top top the corpse. Continue through a doorway on the various other side of the pews to discover an elevator lift. This elevator leader to the upper floor wherein you can now open up the other large double doors.


To reason Unbreakable Patches come appear, leave through these twin doors and also return come the bonfire using the ladder shortcut. Rest at the bonfire, and return to the cathedral through these upper dual doors. Go into the doors and also head come the right toward a balcony roughly the corner.

If you were successful, Unbreakable Patches will be standing near the balcony, dressed together Siegward. He tries to trick girlfriend into acquiring ambushed by giants, but due to the fact that both giants room down, you have actually nothing to fear. Go together with his tiny trick, climate pull the lever on the top level come raise the leg again. Return to Patches and forgive him. He will then come to be a merchant, permitting you to purchase the Catarina Armor Set.

If you carry out not conference Unbreakable spot here, don’t worry. There is another means to satisfy Patches in ~ Firelink Shrine. To perform so, you should purchase the Tower vital from the Shrine Handmaid and also enter the tower ~ above the outer right next of Firelink Shrine. Ascend the tower stairs, and proceed throughout the rock bridge. Go into the next tower and also ride the elevator.


As friend ascend, you’ll listen Patches lock the door behind you. Ride back down and also speak come patches v the locked gate. Continue to do your means out the the tower and earlier to Firelink Shrine. Locate Patches ~ above the upper floor just past the opening to the right. Pardon him, and also he will collection up shop. Purchase the Catarina armor collection and return to offer Siegward his armor in ~ the well external of the Cleansing Chapel.

Find Rosaria’s Bed Chamber

With spot found and Siegward freed, we will now proceed on to find Rosaria. Starting at the Cleansing Chapel Bonfire, go with the door in ~ the left corner, and also open the elevator doors if girlfriend haven’t done so already. Drive the elevator up to the 2nd floor the the bell tower. Defeat the ranged enemy, then carefully curve around the left corner to uncover a ladder. Rise the ladder to the peak of the bell tower, and also defeat another enemy to attain the Deep Ring.


Drop under onto the rooftop from whereby the adversary was standing. Proceed up the small roof path and also eliminate the axe-wielding enemy in the left alcove. Watch the end for a thrall that sneaks up from the lower ledge come ambush you. Continue to the right and defeat the other opponent further down.

Along this path you’ll discover two open up alcoves without wall surfaces that bring about the upper rafters the the cathedral. The an initial open alcove is the path we’ll take to Rosaria. However, over there is still more loot in this area to attain first. Proceed past the openings to reach another long rooftop resulting in a small tower. If you walk straight, you can defeat another thrall and also pillage a corpse to acquire a Pale Tongue. At the end of the long rooftop, you’ll uncover an Arbalest crossbow ~ above the tower platform.


Return to the alcove openings, and also enter the very first opening on the right. Within the building, over there are adversaries stationed along each corner of the rafters. ~ above the much right communication is a knight holding a great sword. Loss the thrall slaves, and also another surrounding knight through a crossbow. Afterward, prepare to fight the an excellent sword knight.

Try to continue to be within the platform area, together fighting the knight follow me the rafters will be rather challenging. If you’re quick, you deserve to sprint to collection the Blessed Gem native the corpse top top the platform and then operation away. Just try not to autumn from the rafters.


Now go ago to the first opening in the direction of the left. There are several an ext enemies below along the rafters, yet you don’t necessarily need to fight these ones either. Your goal is to drop under onto a communication on the opposite next of the opening. Overcome the rafters, and also look over the sheet to uncover a platform that’s a bit greater than the floor below. You will certainly incur some autumn damage, therefore make sure you have actually a kind amount that health before dropping under onto the platform.


From here, prepare to drop down once an ext onto a wood balcony with some stairs. This will lead you come a 2nd floor walkway with numerous hostile grub-men, and a grub mage wielding a staff. Defeat the enemies, and proceed towards a doorway across from the lever. Traction the bar if girlfriend still have to raise the bridge walkway here, then head up the staircase with the red carpet come the right.

On the upper balcony, you’ll confront another collection of hostile grub-men, some of whom drop from the ceiling. As you strike the enemies, friend may an alert that the grub mage ~ above the much side is not attacking you. You can leave this mage alone if friend wish, but killing the rewards you through the Red authorize Soapstone provided for placing enemy summon signs.


After removed the grubs, enter the double doors follow me the balcony to find Rosaria’s Bed Chamber. Light the bonfire, and also pillage a surrounding corpse to achieve the Helm the Thorns, Armor that Thorns, Gauntlets the Thorns, and Leggings that Thorns. Speak with Rosaria if you wish to join the Rosaria’s fingers covenant and receive the agreement insignia.

Joining Rosaria’s finger comes through the added benefit of changing your attributes and appearance up to five times every playthrough. However, save in mind the joining Rosaria’s fingers will avoid you from proceeding the questline because that Sirris of the Sunless Realms.


Boss Battle: Deacons of the Deep

With the NPCs taken treatment of, you can now proceed to the cathedral ceo battle. To with the boss chamber from the Cleansing Chapel Bonfire, head up the ladder shortcut in the external tower and enter the large twin doors come the cathedral. Go to the left, and also ride the elevator down. This bring away you ago to the pews where several adversaries are praying to a big shrine.

Head to the left towards the earlier side the the shrine to uncover a hallway causing the boss fog. If you are embered, look for summon signs adjacent for one of two people Sirris or Anri, relying on your game progress. When ready, traverse the fog and also prepare to take on the Deacons that the Deep.

This ceo fight is distinctive in the it is composed of fighting a huge group of enemies, quite than one or two major bosses. As you enter the boss chamber, a horde of deacons will progressively raise your heads and begin approaching your location.


At first, you might be tempted come blindly assault as countless deacons together possible. However, attacking all of the deacons isn’t necessary. Return the sheer number of deacons deserve to be a little overwhelming at times, your goal throughout this ceo fight is to attack the deacon lit increase in red.

The deacons wield magic candlesticks that give them ranged fire attacks. Some of the bigger deacons can additionally knock you ago with a powerful burst, so try to keep away from these opponents when possible. Emphasis on attack the own deacon lit up with red magic, together this is the one the determines the life bar that the boss.


If you have a curved sword that have the right to perform ring horizontal slashing attacks, this is a an excellent time to use it. A one horizontal strike can slice v multiple enemies, allowing you to with the key deacon. As soon as you ruin the red deacon, the red magic moves to possess one more deacon, therefore be sure to switch your focus accordingly. Playing through a summoned phantom can help to distract the pyromancers while girlfriend unleash assaults on the red deacon.

When friend diminish the life bar the the Deacons the the Deep to around half, a primary deacon will certainly appear, along with several much more pyromancer allies. As soon as this key deacon arrives, the red magic will no much longer transfer in between deacons. Instead, the pyromancers will move to form a tighter team surrounding the key deacon. Continue to focus your strikes on the main red deacon till you defeat the Deacons of the Deep.


After the battle, you will certainly earn the Soul that the Deacons of the Deep, and also a Small Doll. You will require the last item to gain accessibility to a an ar later in the game. Ignite the Deacons the the Deep Bonfire, then explore about the huge stone framework in the facility of the chamber to uncover the Archdeacon White Crown, Archdeacon divine Garb, and also the Archdeacon Skirt.

When you go back to Firelink Shrine, be certain to take it the deacon spirit to Ludleth come add brand-new purchasable wares come his inventory. Also, look because that Anri and Horace along the top stairs and also speak to Anri to progression their storyline.

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From here, girlfriend can proceed on to our Farron save Walkthrough to explore the following region, or return to’s Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough and also Guide for more helpful features.