Hourglass is a pretty important function and also they are regularly compelled for unlocking various levels of the game prefer the Deep Route and other such content. Hourglasses help replay formerly missed chat room events, text messeras, or calls.

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Free Hourglasses deserve to regularly be pretty hard to obtain yet tright here are different means in which you can collect hourglasses.

If you collect hearts, you deserve to try obtaining hourglasses with it.Eincredibly guest you invite have the right to bring an hourglass to youIf you pick up pleasant conversations through the five personalities of the game, you deserve to win hourglasses quickly.

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How to farm hourglasses by using mystic messenger prologue

How deserve to you acquire boundless hourglasses in mystic messenger?


To get unlimited free hourglasses you have the right to use a hack tool. Mostly via the use of hack devices civilization would certainly be able to generate an unlimited variety of hourglasses.

Hourglass in mystic messenger is the major game currency in use for scoring and perdeveloping assorted tasks in the game.

Some hack tools are exceptionally basic to usage and also just requires;

incorporating the Mystic Messenger username,and the platcreate you usage.Press the Geneprice switch and it takes approximately 2 minutes to generate your hourglasses.The devices often occupational 24/7.

You will additionally be able to generate as many kind of hearts and also totally free hourglasses as you need by making use of this tool.

How to obtain 80 hourglasses in mystic messenger?

Getting 80 free hourglasses deserve to be tough at one suggest and if you are sure you don’t desire to usage a hack tool, then you have the right to follow a few provided processes to collect hourglasses.

You have the right to purchase them.If you are buying 100 hearts they would certainly convert to offer you one free hourglass. So you can try to collect hearts as well.Gathering party guests is a good method given that each guest is prized at one hourglass.The DLC works well once you intend to collect even more hourglasses and also hearts. Whenever you have maximum speed simply pack in your DLC across all chats so that you have the right to collect a maximum number of hourglasses at a go.If you log in for a character’s birthday, there is a high possibility you will collect the totally free hourglass expected for everybody. Finally, if you desire to collect hourglasses, you have the right to also repeat the prologue of the story repetitively to generate the complimentary hourglasses.

How to farm hourglasses by utilizing mystic messenger prologue

To farm hourglasses in Mystic messenger prologue, you will certainly must review the prologue as fast as you deserve to. If the prologue is review very rapid, there is a chance a perboy deserve to collect approximately 4 free hourglasses from it, however then it’s exceptionally tough to also collect 2 at times.

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So if you can be patient you have the right to attempt farming by utilizing even more than 2 gadgets at times. These tools will certainly rise your chances of gaining more hourglasses.