Total knee replacement (TKR) is a surgical procedure in which the arthritic or damaged surdeals with of the joint are rerelocated and also reput via an man-made joint referred to as a prosthesis. The synthetic joint is designed to move simply prefer a healthy huguy joint.

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During a complete knee replacement surgical treatment, the damaged bone of the lower thighbone (femur) is removed and also replaced via the femoral component of the man-made joint. The tibial component replaces the top surconfront of the shinbone (tibia). The patellar component (kneecap) reareas the inner surconfront of the kneecap (patella). Today, the components of a lot of knee implants are made of cobalt/chromium-(vitallium)-based alloys or titanium. A piece of specially designed plastic lines your kneecap and also the height of the tibia component; this plastic acts as your new cartilage. A knee replacement is a lot of frequently hosted in place by unique bone cement that attaches the metal to the bone. The a lot of typically provided bone cement is an acrylic called polymethylmethacrylate.

Your knee replacement surgeon will make a vertical incision on your knee. The length of the incision might differ. Normally, if making use of minimally invasive techniques, it might be 4 to 6 inches lengthy and closed via temporary metal staples.

One size does not fit all during total knee replacement surgical treatment. Knee implants come in various sizes to accommodate various body sizes, types and requirements. Several manufacturers make joint implants. Your knee replacement surgeon will choose the implant that best fits your needs. The weight of the prosthesis will be even more than the weight of the bone that is removed. The weight will differ according to your size, however in basic might weigh one to two pounds. You will not notification the weight in your knee.


UNITED STATE News & World Report has ranked Hospital, Royal Oak the top hospital in Michigan for Orthopedics and also our hospitals in Royal Oak and also Troy among the best in the country. In addition, Hospital, Grosse Pointe earned a high-percreating ranking for Orthopedics and also 5 of our hospitals obtained high-perdeveloping ratings for knee replacement.

Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement Surgery

Tright here is no embraced meaning for minimally invasive knee replacement surgery. Consequently, the term have the right to be misleading. The truth is that all surgical treatment is invasive to the body and also will lug some dangers. Minimally invasive surgical procedure can alleviate but not eliminate normal physiologic and also mental responses to surgical procedure.

Our in-depth regime incorporates the latest implants and also instrumentation as well as new surgical philosophies to mitigate trauma to muscles and also tendons. The regimen likewise incorporates smaller sized incisions, enhanced anesthetic and pain management methods, together with early on rehabilitation.

Gender-Specific Knee Replacement

Tbelow are slight anatomical distinctions in between the bone structures in men versus women. The finish of the thighbone and also the method the kneecap tracks are various. Recognizing these differences has caused the breakthrough of various types of knee replacements for guys and also women. By replicating normal anatomy for males and females, the joint implants might allow for better attribute and also boosted durcapability. Manufacturers make different types and sizes of implants that should accommoday practically any patient"s anatomy. Your complete knee replacement surgeon will make the determination of the best implant choice for you. It is necessary that you have the knee implant that finest fits your knee, based upon your anatomy.Back to Orthopedics

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