How Many Grams In A Teaspoon Of Cinnamon,Ground, Is A Teaspoon Of Ground Cinnamon Good For You

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Weight, i.e. how many oz, lbs, g or kg in 1 US cup of Spices, cinnamon, ground

gram 124.8 ounce 4.4
kilogram 0.12 pound 0.28
milligram 124800

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centimeter³ 236.59 US cup 1
Imperial gallon 0.05 US dessertspoon 32
inch³ 14.44 US fluid ounce 8
liter 0.24 US gallon 0.06
metric cup 0.95 US pint 0.5
metric dessertspoon 23.66 US quart 0.25
metric tablespoon 15.77 US tablespoon 16
metric teaspoon 47.32 US teaspoon 48
milliliter 236.59

See how many nutrients in 124.8 g (4.4 oz) of Spices, cinnamon, groundNutrient (find foodsrich in nutrients)UnitValue /124.8 g
Water g 13.2
Energy kcal 308
Protein g 4.98
Total lipid (fat) g 1.55
Ash g 4.49
Carbohydrate, by difference g 100.58
Fiber, total dietary g 66.27
Sugars, total including NLEA g 2.71
Sucrose g 0.02
Glucose (dextrose) g 1.3
Fructose g 1.39
Calcium, Ca mg 1250.5
Iron, Fe mg 10.38
Magnesium, Mg mg 74.9
Phosphorus, P mg 79.9
Potassium, K mg 537.9
Sodium, Na mg 12.5
Zinc, Zn mg 2.28
Copper, Cu mg 0.423
Manganese, Mn mg 21.798
Selenium, Se μg 3.9
Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid mg 4.7
Thiamin mg 0.027
Riboflavin mg 0.051
Niacin mg 1.662
Pantothenic acid mg 0.447
Vitamin B-6 mg 0.197
Folate, total μg 7.49
Folate, food μg 7.49
Folate, DFE μg 7.49
Choline, total mg 13.7
Betaine mg 4.9
Vitamin A, RAE μg 18.7
Carotene, beta μg 139.8
Carotene, alpha μg 1.2
Cryptoxanthin, beta μg 160.99
Vitamin A, IU IU 368
Lycopene μg 18.72
Lutein + zeaxanthin μg 277.06
Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) mg 2.9
Tocopherol, gamma mg 13.03
Tocopherol, delta mg 0.32
Vitamin K (phylloquinone) μg 38.9
Fatty acids, total saturated g 0.431
10:0 g 0.004
12:0 g 0.007
14:0 g 0.011
16:0 g 0.13
17:0 g 0.17
18:0 g 0.102
Fatty acids, total monounsaturated g 0.307
16:1 undifferentiated g 0.001
18:1 undifferentiated g 0.307
18:1 c g 0.307
Fatty acids, total polyunsaturated g 0.085
18:2 undifferentiated g 0.055
18:3 undifferentiated g 0.014
18:3 n-3 c,c,c (ALA) g 0.014
Phytosterols mg 32
Amino Acids
Tryptophan g 0.061
Threonine g 0.17
Isoleucine g 0.182
Leucine g 0.316
Lysine g 0.303
Methionine g 0.097
Cystine g 0.072
Phenylalanine g 0.182
Tyrosine g 0.17
Valine g 0.28
Arginine g 0.207
Histidine g 0.146
Alanine g 0.207
Aspartic acid g 0.547
Glutamic acid g 0.462
Glycine g 0.243
Proline g 0.523
Serine g 0.243

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See how many calories in 124.8 g (4.4 oz) of Spices, cinnamon, ground

From kilocalories(kcal) kilojoule(kJ)
Carbohydrate 286.64 1199.31
Fat 12.95 54.19
Protein 9.06 37.92
Other 0 0
Total 308.66 1291.43

About Spices, cinnamon, ground1 metric cup of Spices, cinnamon, ground weighs 132 grams 1 US cup of Spices, cinnamon, ground weighs 4.4 ounces Food category: Spices and HerbsA few foods with a name containing, like or similar to Spices, cinnamon, ground:About this page:  Weight of Spices, cinnamon, groundReference (ID: 16363)
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