How Long Does Night Last In Dayz Xbox, How Long Is Night Time

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Can someone please explain the time settings and their numerical value like, server time multiplier (0-24) and server time multiplier (night) (0.1-64). Also what about using the systemtime? The explanation didnt really help much


multiplier acclerates ingame time.

real time x multiplier = ingame time

e.g. multiplier 5 means : one hour real time = 5 hours ingame time


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hey guys, i after looking around for a month now trying to figure the time multiplier i finally found a YouTube video that helps me a lot. There”s also a spreadsheet link on there that all you have to do is put in the amount of day/night time you want and it give you the correct settings automatically

Thank me later



make it more easier

Hope this helps

This is what i”m running in my server and the days are 3-4 hrs nights 30-45 min.Pictures help more then words. Enjoy !!




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