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– News 6 website traffic security expert Trooper Steve Montiero answers viewer inquiries about the rules of the road eincredibly week, helping Orlando-location inhabitants become better motorists by being much better educated.

Cathy, of Deland also, asked just how long motorists are required to sheight at speak indications.

"Although tright here is no time designated to how long you are intended to soptimal at a soptimal sign, you are compelled to involved a finish soptimal," Montiero shelp.

Trooper Steve sassist that in order to carry out that, you need to understand what precisely defines a finish soptimal.

"It’s as soon as a car concerns finish, final rest, and also what I expect by that is both the tires and also the vehicle have actually pertained to a relaxing allude wright here tright here is no longer any type of forward movement of the auto," Montiero sassist. 


Montiero says judging your car"s soptimal based on what he calls "the last rock."

"We’ve talked about the final rock of the auto, once your wheels speak relocating and also then you feel the remainder of your automobile rock earlier, coming to a last rest," Montiero said. "This is what is forced once coming to a complete sheight at a sheight sign or a red sheight light."

After coming to a finish soptimal, a driver is then compelled to make certain they yield the best of means to any type of website traffic in which they were required to sheight.


Trooper Steve readily available a reminder on what website traffic signs ask of motorists.

"Speak signs call for a complete soptimal. Yield indicators require a drastic change in speed. A driver must never before treat a sheight sign as a yield. Not just is it dangerous, but can come via a hefty fine," Montiero sassist.

Check Florida Statute 316.123, which covers vehicles entering speak or yield intersections, for more indevelopment.

If you have a website traffic question for Trooper Steve, submit it below.

About the Author:
Steve Montiero

Steven Montiero, much better well-known as “Trooper Steve," joined the News 6 morning team as its Traffic Safety Expert in October 2017.A Central Florida native and also decorated combat veteran, Montiero pertains to the station following an eight-year assignment through the Florida Highmethod Patrol.

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