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The healing process of a palm tattoo is pretty straightforward. After the tattoo is finished, I will place a small amount of cream on to the palm and then place a large plaster over the top which will cover the entire area that’s been tattooed. This is to allow the tattoo to settle on your journey home from the studio, and so that nothing touches it that could cause an infection. Once you return home, you can remove the wrapping and wash your tattoo gently with warm water, then pat it dry with a clean paper towel and leave it to air.

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The first 4 days are the most important for your palm tattoo to heal. During these 4 days, keep the tattoo clean by washing it gently with warm water and a perfume-free soap, patting dry with a clean paper towel and applying a small amount of cream (I recommend cocoa butter) 2-3 times a day. Do not saturate your tattoo with cream, but apply just enough so that it isn’t completely drying out. Try your best to keep movement to a minimum if possible. This includes holding bags and using gym equipment.

You do not need to re-wrap your palm at any time during the healing process – the more air that reaches your tattoo the better. However if you are concerned about your tattoo being exposed to something which could cause infection, I have had great results from re-wrapping the tattoo using Dermalize/Second Skin for the first 1-2 weeks of healing. This dressing can be left on for 1-2 days without being changed however please make sure that it does not become sweaty or wet underneath without changing the dressing.

Sweat is not good for your palm tattoo and you should wash your hands if they become overly sweaty, or after you have done an activity that has caused you to sweat. If you work out/go to the gym please wait as long as you can before going back. Ideally you shouldn’t work out until your tattoo is fully healed, but if you are going to exercise before then please make sure to wear training/weightlifting gloves to give your palm an extra layer of protection.

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Something that can happen during the palm healing process is ‘blow outs’. These are not like blow outs on other tattoos – these blow outs are watery looking and can appear the day after or a few days after the tattoo is done. These blow outs can sometimes stay for the whole healing process (6 weeks) or longer, but they will eventually disappear.

After 2 weeks or so, your tattoo will start to scab and the black linework will shed. Please do not pick the scabs or pull them off, they need to shed on their own and not be rushed. This is a long healing process! After around 4 weeks the scabs should have all come off and you will just have another 2 weeks or so of healing left to allow the palm tattoo to settle in completely.

What you are left with after 6 weeks is what will stay with you forever. Your tattoo will not rub off or wear away over time, even if you work with your hands. The ink is now settled under the skin and will not just disappear – it is exactly the same as any other tattoo on the body.

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The fading of palm tattoos occurs mainly because the ink has not broken through the layer of skin it needs to settle into to remain forever. This sweet spot can differ from person to person depending on the skin on the hands. If you find that some of the ink has faded or dropped out after the 6 weeks, please email me so that I can arrange a touch up for you.


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