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I have actually a very essential question….. Hypothetically speaking of course, I get in an accident and also is now in hospital, a coma…. lets make it super dramatic. Who is plucking my eyebrows, stray chin hairs…. Making sure my complexion is clear. More importantly, what happens as soon as I begin my duration while in this coma and also I understand just how the urinating works….. however what if I have a bowel movement, do I simply crap myself??? Sorry I couldn’t sleep last night and also essential something to worry about… -yourcraysisterinchrist

This is why I love Catherine. She asks the greatest questions ever.

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First the stray hairs on your face: you have to setup ahead for this, as my mother has, and also make a pact with your daughter that she will take treatment of this for you, as your registered nurses and also doctors will certainly not prioritize this component of your care.


Next off, periods: the body is such a cool thing. When it is put in high physiologic tension cases choose starvation, overwhelming infection, and so on, woguys often stop having periods. Think about it: if you’re starving or dying, or T-rexes are chasing you, it’s probably not a great time to acquire pregnant. So regularly periods will not be a difficulty. Thinking back of all the young comatose woguys I’ve cared for (which admittedly hasn’t been many…we’re not a demographic that falls comatose frequently), none of them have had actually periods. But if you did have one, you would gain the gigantic post-distribution pads put and also changed by the folks caring for you.

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As for peeing and also pooping, there are tubes for that. Most everyone gets a foley catheter for urine. But tright here are also fecal tubes… I’m not a vast fan of rectal tubes, however if a patient has actually profusage diarrhea or transmittable diarrhea, they are frequently put for the sake of cleanliness, infection regulate, skin defense, and also ease of treatment. Avoiding nosocomial infections is a large deal in the hospital, so it doesn’t make good sense to leave a perboy lying in their own poop—which easily breaks down the skin—or having aides need to clean someone through C. diff round the clock.