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Japan randomly declared on Yugoslavia after they did join axis focus with no germany alive

R5: I got treading the narrow path and putting the raid on the medway goind down democratic netherlands path.

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So i followed the guide by u/vindicator117 using his netherlands guide and the 5/2/2 template. However since the 1 div trick was patched you need to perma exercise your starting army and eventually(in late 1938) send an attache to china and use that to get xp. I will be going into a more detailed guide on what i did.

First rush focus do form government, gateway to europe. Spam british influence decisions and do abandon the gold standard. Afterwards do cave to the british and rush the lead the minor democracies branch. after you did the EU focus, do all overtun military costs focus then industry focus until the zuideraw works focus.

Build civs until 1937(so around 2) and then build mils. put them all on tanks. Put all your dockyards onto 1936 submarines.

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When germany demands sudentenland say no. Germany cannot legally take sudentenland if you say no. Since czechoslovakia, switzerland, denmark and you are supporting czechoslovakia, germany will back down. Guarantee poland and when germany attacks eat germany and italy. In the peace deal, try to take all coastal german states and states bordering france/poland.

Afterwards do the best defence focus and declare on the UK to puppet. launch naval invasions from greenland,congo,dutch east indies to land 1 unit in the commonwealth and get them in peace deal. Capitualte france then any german/italian puppet. Then kill poland and naval invade the Uk. You should get all of the allies in the peace deal. If you mess it up like me, canada, poland and the raj would become majors and you need to cap them as well. The soviets will declare on poland and somehow take half of africa. if you declare on the UK with the puppet war goal you can puppet and annex them to take their navy. If not take all states from them to get the raid on medway achievement.

Then wait for japan to declare on east indies and eat them. Then invade china, then the soviet union.

It is extremely tedious post la resistance to take over turkey,iran.iraq,brazil any neutral nation. To launch a coup there you need to have >20% support for democracy and have the nation be not a major and less than 80% stability. Doing those with spies is extremely slow. Then afterwards you need to hope the democracy doesnt win since you cant justify on democracies and cant send volunteers to help either. Then you need to wait ~125 days to finish justification

I could have eaten the US as well but i ate the allies too quick for that.

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Also i dont think im gonna try the 5/2/2 method again. It took loads of micro to win and for some reason Canada became a major with 37 factories ruining my speedrun with the allies.


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