Hitler Was Confident About Invading Russia Because He Had Recently Captured

In 1939, Germany and the Soviet Union signed a non-aggression pact in which they agreed to divide up ______
Hitler”s invasion of the ______ _____ in June 1941 proved that he would consistently break agreements.

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With which statement would Stalin and Churchill most likely agree?War involves blood, toil, and tears.War entails many months of suffering.Victory must be attained at all costs.Victory must occur on land and sea.
A “blitz” is different from a “blitzkrieg” because only a “blitz”targets civilians.relies exclusively on air power.takes place at great speed.destroys large portions of the country.

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What was one reason the Battle of Barbarossa became a turning point in the war?The German army suffered massive casualties.The German army attacked in the middle of winter.The German army was overconfident after defeating France.The German army was weakened from fighting two countries at once.
Which aggressive action did Germany take in the 1930s?invading Great Britainannexing Austria and Czechoslovakiaattacking Pearl Harborinvading China
At the beginning of WWII, what action by Winston Churchill influenced Hitler”s strategy?Churchill gave inflammatory speeches.Churchill prepared for war.Churchill refused to negotiate.Churchill failed to bargain honestly.

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What caused Great Britain and France to declare war on Germany in 1939?the appeasement policythe invasion of Polandthe nonaggression pactthe surrender of Poland
What is the best definition of a “blitzkrieg”?devastating airplane attackrapid invasion by air and landattack by multiple infantry troopsdestruction of airplanes and tanks
The map shows territory captured by Nazi Germany in 1941.Hitler was confident about invading Russia because he had recently capturedSpain.France.Great Britain.Switzerland.

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