Harry potter was standing on height of a building in New York city. He watched as demon choose creatures made their method towards him.

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Their body's flooding a thick babsence substance as they crawled towards him. Harry eyed them carefully as he reached for a dagger he preserved in his ago pocket.

He had actually been traveling much, yet now he had actually to speak and deal with theses demons. Harry jumped onto an additional building and also rolled into a standing place.

A demon came up behind him and he twisted his body roughly and stabbed the creature in the chest prior to extracting his dagger and stabbing one more one.

Harry swung his leg and kicked one making it loss methods numerous feet. When he noticed the multitude of demons showing up he ran to the side of the building as soon as all of a sudden a huge demon swung and also hit him so tough he flew earlier into the building behind him. Going straight via the glass knocking the air out of him.

Harry then slammed right into somepoint behind him breaking his earlier and also his skull. Blood began putting out his nose and also his head.

Harry stood up cracking his back right into area, it began healing instantly. He can feel his head founding to heal, but much slower.

He was around to charge at the demons that were now crawling via the broken home window when a blast of energy shot past him.

Harry could hear voices and also yelling from behind him. Guns were being fired and what looked to be a hammer. Harry turned about and noticed numerous people fighting the demons.

He was about to sign up with again as soon as he was hit in the head aget and also flung into a bar. He heard his ribs snap while glass punctured crucial organs. The last point he knew was someone placing a hand also on his ago before darkness took him.

The Avengers were all at Stark Tower relaxing after what had actually happened with Loki and also his army of Chitauri.

They had actually beat Loki and also sent him back to Asgard. Thor stayed though which they were all happy around. They were having light conversation once there was suddenly a loud crash above them.

Everyone immediately went for their tools and also raced upstairs to view what the comactivity was. The first point the experienced was a boy no even more than 18 standing dealing with a large hole in the glass home window.

He was covered in blood, a dagger lying at his feet. The next thing they noticed were babsence slimy creatures crawling via the damaged home window. Natasha lugged up her weapons and started shooting at the creatures hurting them but not killing them.

Thor threw his hammer, while Clint swarm arrows and Tony blasted them. Dr. Banner remained out of the means for a lot of of it.

Not wanting to revolve right into the other guy and reek havoc everywhere. Steve not having actually his shield picked up the dagger and also started to stab the creatures via it.

It was then that one of the creatures came up behind the young boy. Steve tried warn him, but it was also late.

The creature slammed itself into the boys sfinishing him across the room and also slamming him right into the bar.

Everyone can hear the boy's bones break and also witnessed deep cuts appear everywhere his body. Tony blasted the creature killing it.

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Thor made his means over to the boy and put a hand on his ago. He then picked up the boy and lassist him on his earlier on the floor.

"Is he still alive?" Steve asked. Everyone surrounded the boy. Thor leaned over the boy's chest, his heart was still beating. "His heart still beats" Thor increated his team.

"How's that also possible, you all observed just how he was thrvery own." Natasha shelp shocked. "I don't know, however we should acquire him to the infirmary."

Thor picked him up while the others complied with closely behind. "Someone requirements to speak to Fury" Steve shelp "Jarvis" Tony referred to as out.