This post has been edited to include a message from TOM. The original post has been pushed to the bottom.

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Nov 20: All EPUB/PDFs will be removed.

Dec 20: All Grimgar fan translation will be removed.

Thank You

Working on Grimgar for the past few years has been an incredible experience and I’m glad that it’s been deemed popular enough for a publisher to pick up.

The majority of the credit would have to go to the original author Ao Jyumonji for a wonderful book series well-deserving of readers. I hope his works find the same success in the English world as they enjoy in Japan.

I’d like to thank NanoDesu Translations for the organizational support so that the only thing I had to worry about was the Japanese text. I would also like to thank Lono for covering for me for the past month or two while I was tied up with other things.

msirp was the supervisor who got this project off the ground and off to a smooth start and I couldn’t have done it without his help. I also need to thank Nano, for the administrative support and also ideas on how to translate some of the more tricky passages and characters (I’m looking at you, Ranta…).

Castor212 is so good, we purposely delayed the release of the color pages so that he could do them for us. I moment I saw his typesets for V1, I knew that I wanted him on the team forever. The professional-level typesetting and other image editing work is 100% his and he is often the most underrated member of the team. We get lots of compliments on how good Grimgar’s art is and while the amazing work belongs to Shirai Eiri, the presentation is all Castor!

hikaslap was the best project coordinator I could have asked for. Grimgal would have fallen apart at the seams pretty fast without him as he’d take over anything I didn’t want to do without complaint. To add to his work load, even after being promoted to supervisor from editor, I would still go to him for English help because he’s a miracle worker with those pesky Japanese puns! And those PDFs that look like they could have come from a professional publisher? Hika did 99.99% of the work on them!

Kuro-pi’s editing talent is wasted on fan translation. Yes, he’s just that good. Grimgar would be a much poorer read without Kuro’s eagle eye in spotting awkward grammar and guiding hand in fixing my badly phrased sentences. The Grimgar you read is as much Kuro’s work as it is mine or the author’s.

Ayumi had the hardest task of all: Making the text even better as the editor who got her hands on it last. She is a goddess with word choice and the unenviable task of finding solutions for problems that stumped Hika, Kuro, and me often fell to her. Even so, she’s never failed to come through for us! The high level of polish and quality in our releases are because of her!

hikaslap, Kuro, Ayumi and Castor are Team Grimgar and it’s been my privledge and pleasure to work with such talented people. While our time on this project has come to an end, I hope one day I will have the opportunity and honor of working with them again.

Finally, a big THANK YOU to all the readers. I hope you guys enjoyed reading Grimgar as much as I enjoyed translating it!

I haven’t managed to get proper words of goodbye from our thaumaturge translator TOM yet, so we might post that later, assuming he deigns to respond. The Ouija hasn’t really been moving lately, the incense is all burnt out. The magic circle is gathering dust, etc etc. Where are you, TOM?  He’s right above us; I got them after all. Incidentally, TOM is a name I invented, which he doesn’t personally use. Maybe he secretly hates the nickname.

In the meantime, here is the unrelease schedule.

As of November 1st, pretty much all of Volume 1 has already been removed! sorry! This includes the EPUB/PDF. We don’t usually do it so fast, but you see, we think that even if you haven’t checked out Volume 1 yet, you can just go read the official translation by real people who are really paid, instead of scary-ass horrormonger TOM-type things who I feed in blood and cattle. And love.

The rest will go as follows:

Nov 20: All EPUB/PDFs will be removed.

Dec 20: All Grimgar fan translation will be removed.

Cheers, everybody! Another licensing success!


Hi everybody,

On Oct 27, the Grimgal novels were announced having been licensed under the name “Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash”.

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Our procedure here will be old hat; we’ll follow an unrelease schedule, with details to follow. However it might be a little fast, since J-Novel in fact has already released the opening chapters to Grimgal! Check out the available parts here: . Most are subscriber only but the Chapter 0 and Chapter 1 are free to read at It’s interesting to compare styles between us; their translation is significantly different! Can you see how we each evoke distinct moods and tones?

Full book comes out December 16 2016. Preorder on Amazon:

Again, more information, announcements, goodbyes to follow later. I will say briefly that it is always our hope that the novels we love get wide audiences in a way that directly benefits the creators, and generally the best way to do that is an official release. Thank you all for sticking with us.