Until “Makes No Sense At All,” Grant Hart was tagged as the “pop” man that wrote the substantial, hooky songs like “Pink Turns to Blue” or “Books About UFOs” while Bob Mould wrote the statement songs choose “Whatever” or “Celebrated Summer.”

But “Makes No Sense At All,” which came out a ridiculous 6 months after New Day Rising, stands as their pure pop pinnacle. Without sacrificing even an iota of their stratospheric roar.

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Like “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfactivity,” “Makes No Sense At All” is among those songs that leads with its chorus, though unprefer the lengthy fuzz-guitar intro the Stones went via, the Hüskers simply explode out of quick Hart drum lick:

Walking roughly via your head in the clouds It makes no sense at all Sell yourself short, yet you’re walking so tall It makes no sense at all Is it important? You’re yelling so loud It provides no feeling at all Walking around through your head in the clouds It renders no feeling at all Makes no difference at all Yeah, it renders no sense at all Makes no difference at all

With Grant Hart chiming perfect harmonies on the title, “Makes No Sense At All” is all sugary hooks sitting on peak of razor-sharp edges, and the reverse of the normal verse-chorus-verse framework offers adds a sense of disorientation: just as soon as you number out where it’s going, it goes somewhere else.

Well I don’t know why you wanna tell me When I’m best or as soon as I’m wrong It’s the very same thing, in your mind, The just time I’m appropriate is when I play alengthy When I play along

And so at the end of each verse, there’s a develop construct construct construct and also suddenly stop! Whereupon Grant Hart executes a dynamite closely-miked two-second snare roll hook that is among the a lot of pure and also unsupposed moments in all of their brochure.

That snare roll, male. How can I not point out it? People were making fun of me for exactly how much I loved it 30 years back, but listen to it again: every one of the vocals and also guitars are raging eexceptionally which method and also all of of sudden, there’s nopoint however a burst of drums, but only for a pair of secs, because the song itself is too impatient to let it go on any type of much longer, and likewise, if it goes on any type of much longer it loses all of its focused power.

It’s also ironic that also on Bob Mould’s greatest Hüsker Dü pop song, Grant Hart gets the most memorable hook.

If New Day Rising confirmed that Zen Arcade was no fluke, “Makes No Sense At All” was great enough wright here I started think that if Flip Your Wig was any excellent, then Hüsker Dü could just be one of the greatest bands ever before.

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Official Video for “Makes No Sense At All”

“Makes No Sense At All” perdeveloped live in San Francisco, 1985

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