The pathmeans of vibrations with the ossicles from the tympanic membrane, or eardrum, to the oval window is:
T/F: the bony labyrinth of the internal ear is composed of the cochlea, vestibule, and semicircular canals.

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T/F: dynamic equilibrium receptors report the position of the head via respect to the pull of gravity as soon as the body is not moving.
T/F: there are 5 fundamental taste sensations that correspond to one of the 5 significant types of taste buds.
The six muscles attached to the outer surconfront of the eye that produce gross eye movements and make it possible for the eyes to follow objects...
The eye condition resulting from the incapacity of the aqueous humor to drainpipe from the eye is referred to as...
The pigmented percent of the eye that has the rounded opening via which the light passes is the...
T/F: gross eye activities are created by five extrinsic eye muscles attached to the outer surface of the eye.

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T/F: tright here are two arrays of cones; one responds to red light and the other responds to green light
Aqueous: behind cornea and also in front of the lens. Covers exterior surface and keeps it hydrated. Vitreous: inside the eyeround and keeps it from collapsing inward. Provides nutrients.

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