If she in brand-new York and also you are searching for a German Shepherd puppy because that sale, you’re in the right place! In this article, I have written a synopsis of German Shepherd Breeders in new York. Here, you have the right to search for her dream puppy there is no leaving your state!

Should it occur that you can’t discover your German Shepherd breeder and also puppy of choice, nothing worry. I also made a list of online breeders. Bespeak online, you’ll have actually a much more comprehensive selection, and it’s exceptionally comfortable, so in ~ least take into consideration this possibility.

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I hope you find your German Shepherd Puppy indigenous a dependable breeder!


2 German Shepherd Puppies for Sale in new York3 virtual German Shepherd Breeders5 Tips once Bringing house German Shepherd Puppy5.4 What to suppose from a German Shepherd puppy6 selecting a great German Shepherd Seller and also Breeder

German Shepherd Breeders brand-new York Listings

NamePostal CodePhoneWebsite
Empire PuppiesNY 11358+1 718-321-1977http://www.empirepuppies.net/
German Shepherd PuppiesNY 10528+1 914-649-0485http://www.germanshepherdpuppies.us/index3.html
Manhattan Puppies & KittensNY 10024+1 212-787-1909http://www.manhattan-puppies.com/
Darkstar German ShepherdsNY 11793+1 516-262-1948http://www.darkstargsds.webs.com/
Little Paws Puppies because that SaleNY 11385+1 631-252-0033http://www.littlepawsny.com/
Long Island Puppies for SaleNY 11218+1 631-371-2558http://www.longislandpuppiesforsale.com/
PawParks.NYCNY 10038No phone call NumberNo Website
The Left Paw, LLCNY 11040+1 516-305-4220http://www.theleftpaw.com/
Little Paws Puppies for SaleNY 11229+1 631-252-0033http://www.littlepawsny.com/
Central Park PuppiesNY 10704+1 914-207-7558http://shop.centralparkpuppies.com/
Exclusivek9NY 11210+1 917-995-5476http://www.exclusivek9.com/
Queens PuppyNY 11104+1 718-706-7247https://queenspuppy.com/
Vanity Pups BoutiqueNY 11361+1 718-224-3643http://www.vanitypuppies.com/
Lisa’s every Island K9 ServicesNY 11758+1 631-463-5543http://www.lisasallislandk9services.com/
Jasperranch RottweilersNY 11106+1 646-676-0690No Website
German Shepherds new York CanineNY 10940+1 845-386-5005http://www.newyorkcanine.com/
Puppy PawsNY 11417+1 718-323-7297https://www.puppypawsny.com/
Shake A PawNY 11563+1 516-825-7877https://www.longislandpuppies.com/
Highlander German Shepherds, LLCNY 12570+1 845-224-9170http://www.highlandergermanshepherds.com/
Puppy BoutiqueNY 11214+1 718-232-2079http://www.puppypetite.com/
Teacup PupsNY 11209+1 718-238-7387http://teacuppups.com/
Dog NewsNY 10010+1 212-807-7100http://www.dognews.com/
WileypupNY 10013No phone call Numberhttps://www.wileypup.com/
NYC BreedersNY 11224+1 718-238-7387http://nycbreeders.com/
Vom Haus Schutz German Shepherd K9NY 12566+1 845-283-3229http://vomhausgermanshepherdk9.com/
Devils Den KennelsNY 10309+1 718-840-8844https://www.devilsdenbullies.com/
Caldbergh KennelsNY 11720+1 631-588-4731https://caldberghkennels.com/
CITIPUPS CHELSEANY 10011+1 888-400-0859http://www.citipups.com/

German Shepherd Puppies because that Sale in brand-new York

Empire Puppies

Address – 164-13 north Blvd, Flushing, NY 11358, united States

Phone – +1 718-321-1977

Website – http://www.empirepuppies.net/

German Shepherd Puppies

Address – 74 Rye Ridge Rd, Harrison, NY 10528, united States

Phone – +1 914-649-0485

Website – http://www.germanshepherdpuppies.us/index3.html

Manhattan Puppies & Kittens

Address – 552 Columbus Ave, new York, NY 10024, united States

Phone – +1 212-787-1909

Website – http://www.manhattan-puppies.com/

Darkstar German Shepherds

Address – 3721 Regent Ln, Wantagh, NY 11793, unified States

Phone – +1 516-262-1948

Website – http://www.darkstargsds.webs.com/

Little Paws Puppies because that Sale

Address – 6743 Myrtle Ave #1010, Glendale, NY 11385, unified States

Phone – +1 631-252-0033

Website – http://www.littlepawsny.com/

Long Island Puppies because that Sale

Address – 348 Coney Island Ave #1033, Brooklyn, NY 11218, united States

Phone – +1 631-371-2558

Website – http://www.longislandpuppiesforsale.com/


Address – 114 john St, new York, NY 10038, joined States

Phone – NA

Website – No Website

The Left Paw, LLC

Address – 411 Jericho Turnpike, brand-new Hyde Park, NY 11040, united States

Phone – +1 516-305-4220

Website – http://www.theleftpaw.com/

Little Paws Puppies for Sale

Address – 2602 way U #1010, Brooklyn, NY 11229, joined States

Phone – +1 631-252-0033

Website – http://www.littlepawsny.com/

Central Park Puppies

Address – 650 central Park Ave unit a, Yonkers, NY 10704, joined States

Phone – +1 914-207-7558

Website – http://shop.centralparkpuppies.com/


Address – ha Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11210, united States

Phone – +1 917-995-5476

Website – http://www.exclusivek9.com/

Queens Puppy

Address – 45-10 46th St, Sunnyside, NY 11104, joined States

Phone – +1 718-706-7247

Website – https://queenspuppy.com/

Vanity Pups Boutique

Address – 3813 Bell Blvd, Bayside, NY 11361, unified States

Phone – +1 718-224-3643

Website – http://www.vanitypuppies.com/

Lisa’s every Island K9 Services

Address – 171 N Oak St, Massapequa, NY 11758, joined States

Phone – +1 631-463-5543

Website – http://www.lisasallislandk9services.com/

Jasperranch Rottweilers

Address – 3224 30th St, lengthy Island City, NY 11106, joined States

Phone – +1 646-676-0690

Website – No Website

German Shepherds brand-new York Canine

Address – 945 NY-211, Middletown, NY 10940, unified States

Phone – +1 845-386-5005

Website – http://www.newyorkcanine.com/

Puppy Paws

Address – 9433 Rockaway Blvd, Ozone Park, NY 11417, united States

Phone – +1 718-323-7297

Website – https://www.puppypawsny.com/

Shake A Paw

Address – 1 Atlantic Ave, Lynbrook, NY 11563, unified States

Phone – +1 516-825-7877

Website – https://www.longislandpuppies.com/

Highlander German Shepherds, LLC

Address – 16 sponsor Path, Poughquag, NY 12570, joined States

Phone – +1 845-224-9170

Website – http://www.highlandergermanshepherds.com/

Puppy Boutique

Address – 8002 17th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11214, united States

Phone – +1 718-232-2079

Website – http://www.puppypetite.com/

Teacup Pups

Address – 540 86th St, Brooklyn, NY 11209, unified States

Phone – +1 718-238-7387

Website – http://teacuppups.com/

Dog News

Address – 1115 Broadway # 8, new York, NY 10010, joined States

Phone – +1 212-807-7100

Website – http://www.dognews.com/


Address – 90 Leonard St, new York, NY 10013, united States

Phone – NA

Website – https://www.wileypup.com/

NYC Breeders

Address – 1622 Hart Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11224, joined States

Phone – +1 718-238-7387

Website – http://nycbreeders.com/

Vom Haus Schutz German Shepherd K9

Address – 264 Burlingham Rd, pine tree Bush, NY 12566, united States

Phone – +1 845-283-3229

Website – http://vomhausgermanshepherdk9.com/

Devils Den Kennels

Address – 721 Sharrotts Rd #1141, Staten Island, NY 10309, joined States

Phone – +1 718-840-8844

Website – https://www.devilsdenbullies.com/

Caldbergh Kennels

Address – 66 pleasant Ave, Centereach, NY 11720, unified States

Phone – +1 631-588-4731

Website – https://caldberghkennels.com/


Address – 166 8th Ave, new York, NY 10011, united States

Phone – +1 888-400-0859

Website – http://www.citipups.com/

Online German Shepherd Breeders

While friend may find several breeders near your area, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll uncover the right one for you. If friend can’t discover a German Shepherd breeder near you, you deserve to look for her puppy online. Here’s a list of online breeders wherein you can acquire your German Shepherd pup:

AKC MarketPlace

One the the very first online breeders you need to examine is the AKC industry Place. The American Kennel society (AKC) has actually an online marketplace wherein you deserve to search because that the German Shepherd pup girlfriend want. Aside from the puppy, you can additionally find other tips and also information important on their site.


Adopt a Pet

Another virtual website come visit is take on a Pet. This website is north America’s largest Non-Profit Pet adoption Website. Top top it, you can discover both German Shepherd Pups and adults the are close to you. Girlfriend can also filter the searches with the sex and age of the dog the you want.


Puppies because that Sale Today

Last yet not the least, Puppies because that Sale now is also a website whereby you have the right to search for every breeds’ puppies, which method you can additionally find a German Shepherd in it. If you’re searching for a German Shepherd pup, friend can uncover one in there.


What Is the average Price that a German Shepherd Puppy in brand-new York?

Like various other puppies you obtain from a breeder, German Shepherd pups are likewise quite pricey. In general, an typical German Shepherd puppy would certainly cost around $500-$1500, and it should also be the price variety of breeders in brand-new York. The price have the right to go lower or greater depending on the offer of the breeder.

German Shepherds are fairly expensive early to countless reasons. Because that instance, these dogs aren’t simple to breed, and they need extensive training. Further, they also have distinct features that collection them apart from the rest. Aside from the yes, really price of the puppy, girlfriend may also need to spend an ext on your food and the item they’ll need.

Tips as soon as Bringing house German Shepherd Puppy

The ready doesn’t stop when you have chosen her puppy. In fact, that pretty much where you begin. If you would carry a German Shepherd puppy home, it deserve to be nice overwhelming. However, right here are some tips the can assist you once you’re bringing residence a new German Shepherd pup:

Home Preparation

The an initial thing to perform is to make your house puppy-proofed. Remove any type of potential threats like cords and even toxic chemicals the end of reach. Also, for sure the points they have the right to take down as soon as they’re lively and also running.

Further, develop a cold setting for your pup, especially during hot seasons.

Basic Items

You need to have actually these items easily accessible for her pet:

Dog foodChew toysFood and also water dishesA collar and also leashSoft bedGrooming suppliesPuppy pads

Create a Schedule

German Shepherd pups would do well with a schedule. Dog live with a routine, and also they are straightforward to train by having one. Because that this reason, do a schedule the the points you should do regularly. Eventually, her pup will discover the regimen events and will make itself adept in ~ them.

What to suppose from a German Shepherd puppy

Although you have actually your expectations, it’s best to take keep in mind of the following. The will aid you prepare for her pet, specifically in the first few days of life together.

As you enable your pet come adjust, do your ideal to produce a stress-free atmosphere for it. Constantly supervise it together it familiarizes itself v its brand-new home.

At the exact same time, prepare you yourself for your pet’s actions in the an initial weeks:

Noisy Sleeping

Snoring is not that common in German Shepherds. Still, it would be best to prepare you yourself for loud noises when your pet is asleep.

Moderate Training

German Shepherds are extremely trainable. The simply way they answers well, specifically to confident reinforcement. Because that this reason, you might need come allot one hour or so every day for your dog’s training.

Squeaky Toys

Out of every toys, your pet will love the squeaky ones. Because that this reason, prepare because that a most loud squeaks every time your pet is active.

Choosing a an excellent German Shepherd Seller and also Breeder

A an excellent German Shepherd only comes from a great seller and also breeder. Thus, in picking her pet, you may want to think about getting it from the best.

You will know a an excellent breeder and seller indigenous the complying with characteristics:

Insists on visiting the dog’s future home

A great breeder would want to see where the German Shepherd will spend its days. Further, he’ll see if there will certainly be troubles so the he or she can attend to them even prior to you obtain your pet.

Shows all the paperwork

A good breeder will desire you to see the pup’s pedigree and also health clearances. 

Tells you any health problems

A an excellent breeder will certainly tell friend any far-reaching health troubles in any kind of of the dogs he or she bred.

Asks an ext questions than you

A great breeder would certainly ask for more items indigenous you than you would certainly for him or her. 

Not in a hurry to send off

A great breeder is not in a hurry come send the puppies off and also get your money.

Provides friend with previous customers’ record

A great breeder will present you references, even of world who purchase puppies from him or her. He or she will certainly even present you various other breeders and also veterinarians caring for your dogs.

Requires expectations on both sides

A an excellent breeder will create a contract that provides not just what that or she expects native you. More than that, the or she will likewise show what you have the right to expect from the or her.

Doesn’t sell enough puppies to do it worthwhile

A good breeder doesn’t breed too many puppies to knife so much. That or she won’t also accept credit cards.

Sends puppies properly

A great breeder will never send a puppy in a compartment and without any responsible human being to go with it.

Works just with one or two breeds

A good breeder works only with a single or a pair of species.

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Shows reproduction experience

A an excellent breeder mirrors her dog in known confirmation shows. That or she will likewise join his or her breed in other breed-related power events.