The Gatling gun is a little of a beast in fallout 76. A hefty weapon capable of spitting the end 5mm rounds with some serious grunt behind them, the weapon is an excellent for dropping enemies quickly while additionally conserving ammo. The an excellent news is that many thanks to Gatling gun mods, it’s possible to do its stats suit her playstyle more effectively. Here’s a list of all fallout 76 Gatling pistol mods and how to craft them in the game.

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All Gatling total Mods

ModDescriptionPerks RequiredComponents Required
Speedy ReceiverIncreased rate of fireGunsmith: 4Adhesive x2, Aluminum x8, Copper x5, gear x7, Screw x4
prime ReceiverSuperior Damage. Bonus damages to Scorchbeasts and also Scorched.Gunsmith: 5Adhesive x4, Aluminum x14, Copper x10, equipment x11, Pure Crimson Flux x2, Pure Violet Flux x2, Screw x7, Ultracite x5
lengthy BarrelSuperior RangeGunsmith: 4Adhesive x4, gear x8, Glass x4, Oil x4, Plastic x19, Screw x9, spring x6
comfort GripImproved recoil and hip-fire accuracy.Gunsmith: 4Adhesive x4, Aluminum x12, Screw x8
Extra huge MagazineExceptional ammo capacity. Worse reload speed.Gunsmith: 4Aluminum x6, Copper x9, gear x7, Screw x11, spring x10
Front vision RingImproved Focus and Sighted AccuracyGunsmith: 4Adhesive x5, steel x21
large BayonetSuperior bash. Worse range.Gunsmith: 4Adhesive x2, Screw x4, stole x10

Where to Buy Gatling Gun mode in fallout 76

It’s also possible to just buy the mod you want for her Gatling Gun, as long as you recognize where to look. Save in mind, however, the the stock at vendors in the game can rotate out indigenous time come time, so you might need come check back at different times.

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Players have actually reported having success in buying Gatling Gun mods from the adhering to locations:

Enclave Bunker Armory VendorWhitespring LookoutWatoga Plaza Vendor

We’ll proceed to upgrade this write-up as and also when us uncover much more locations whereby you deserve to buy the attachments or modifications you’re looking for.

That’s every little thing you have to know about Fallout 76 Gatling pistol mods. For much more tips, tricks, and also guides, be certain to inspect out our ever-expanding guide wiki, search for, or inspect out more of ours coverage on the game below.