Any Newer Games Like Sins Of A Solar Empire For Pc Windows, Any Newer Games Like Sins Of A Solar Empire

Tried going back to Sins and grabbed a copy for my friend to play, unfortunately after all these years it's definitely showed some age.

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Tried to play Star Ruler 2 but I don't know what it is about that one but I just can't get into it.

Anyone know of any other similar real time 4x games that I could try out, maybe bring it to my friends for us to play.



Have you grabbed some expansion packs and/or mods for Sins to try and spice things up? I'd argue that it's held up amazingly compared to most games in the genre; The UI was and is top-notch, and the graphics look pretty great even by today's standards (especially by today's standards for 4x games).

Plus, on a decent modern computer you can edit the .ini file and easily double or triple the amount of ships you can field compared to the base game, without drastically affecting performance. Fleet battles are incredible when each side has 1000+ ships going at it.

As much as I love SOASE, it doesn't hold up in the performance department at all. Late game ends up an FPS jutter fest.

The reason is that it's poorly multithreaded and sits on one core.

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Check out Stelaris. It isn't out yet, but it is another real time space 4x. Or at least it has elements of it. It guess you could call it a 4x grand strategy hybrid.

without multiplayer… stardrive 1 is full RTS. quality is shakey. we are helping it with the blackbox mod. distant worlds has a pretty steep learning curve.

rts mp 4x choices are pretty limited. you want a niche of a niche of a niche.

Technically Distant Worlds is Real Time although individual command and control is limited (microing a decently sized fleet is impossible and default AI behavior options are limited). It's single player only but it's probably the best 4X I've ever played.

The only criticisms I will levy are the dated graphics and inability to micro fleets/task forces to keep them at optimal range. Also I wish they would give gravity wells more options/modularization or at least open it up to modding.

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