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The United States remains opposed to the G-4 resolution although it supports Japan becoming a permanent member.

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The Machimura-Rice meeting was arranged as the G-4 bid hit another snag after failing to garner full cooperation from the African Union through recent meetings in London and New York.
The G-4 is composed of Japan, Brazil, India and Germany, which are aspiring to become permanent members together.
While the African Union and the G-4 both are striving to enlarge the council by the same number of permanent seats from the current five, the African group wants the new permanent members to have veto rights straight away, whereas the G-4, in its resolution that was submitted last week, has put off the veto issue for 15 years.
Aisawa also said he would ask the African Union, which submitted its resolution Wednesday, to “”understand the G-4″s position”” as the G-4 foreign ministers prepare for meetings on Sunday with their counterparts from Algeria, Libya, Nigeria, and other African nations, in hopes of hammering out a compromise between the two resolutions.
Nigerian Foreign Minister Olu Adeniji is willing to negotiate with other groups, including the G-4, over how best to reform the Security Council, while Algerian Ambassador to the United Nations Abdallah Baali called the G-4″s reform plan unacceptable.

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Citing similarities between the two resolutions, he told reporters, “”There is a good chance of finding an agreement”” and getting to a common position that would be supported by the G-4, their cosponsors and the African Union.
The four nations will now have to wait until July 29 “”at the earliest”” to seek the vote given the tight schedule of the assembly, Japanese Foreign Minister Nobutaka Machimura told reporters after the meeting between the G-4 and African Union ministers.
(For more information on the long-term rating, see the press release dated July 24, 2015, available on Fitch”s website at www.fitchratings.com.) The amended and restated SBPAs provide for the payment of the principal component of purchase price plus an amount equal to 35 days of interest calculated at a maximum rate of 12%, based on a year of 365 days for tendered J-3 bonds during the daily and two-day modes and for tendered G-4 bonds during the daily and weekly rate modes in the event that the proceeds of a remarketing of the relevant series of bonds are insufficient to pay the purchase price following an optional or mandatory tender.
In particular, I would like to share several approaches we are taking within the Army G-4, both for your awareness and because you may find similar approaches useful within your own formations.
Synchronizing sustainment efforts in a time of change: the ARMY G-4 staff is using several approaches to generate focus, synchronize efforts, and make the most efficient use of limited resources
Though the aspirant nations are in galore, the G-4, which included Germany, Brazil, Japan and India, was lobbying to secure permanent membership of the Security Council.

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