I have progressed tooth decay and gum disease. My two facility front teeth are healthy, and also after a visit through the periodontist, he states that those two teeth are likely the just ones he can save. I have a cheap bulky partial, and also I have an underbite. Mine dentist thinks that removing the two teeth and also getting a complete denture would be healthier 보다 partial dentures. I gained a second opinion, and also the dentist said that he could do either option, and also it’s approximately me. I guess the a complete denture would certainly look far better than a partial. I’m questioning a pair of dentists virtual for your help. My budget is limited, and also I’m concerned around that too. Yet I’ve learned my lesson about neglecting my teeth, therefore although I’m not also fond that debt, if I need a loan to exactly the situation, I’ll apply for financing. Is it best to have actually my facility front teeth gotten rid of or to obtain partial dentures roughly them? Thanks. Timothy native Huntsville, AL


For an accurate diagnosis and treatment options, Dr. Brianowens.tv would have to examine your this personally and also do x-rays. We’ll give some principles based on your summary of your oral health. But we can provide you some ethics that might help.

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Save Your teeth or Extract Them for Dentures?

The components below and talking with your dentist can help you decide if you desire to save your teeth or get full dentures.

1. That usually best to save healthy and balanced natural teeth

When your natural teeth are healthy and also won’t compromise your oral health, it’s usually finest to save them. Instead of teeth v a removable appliance—a partial or complete denture—has many disadvantages. The denture have the right to move or on slide if it’s no anchored, and it won’t it is in comfortable.

2. When couple of teeth remain, they space under stress

If you only have two top teeth that are healthy, the force from your lower teeth once you bite and chew puts stress and anxiety on the upper teeth. Press on the teeth deserve to weaken lock internally, even if they show up healthy ~ above the outside.

3. A complete upper denture rises comfort

Suction keeps a complete upper denture in place, and also it moves less than a reduced denture. It’s more comfortable than a partial denture, and it’s less complicated to eat and also chew with it.

4. A well-made upper denture is healthy for other teeth

A well-made upper removable denture is tenderness on lower teeth. If you have actually a major underbite, the pressure or affect of chewing can put stress on reduced teeth.

5. When all your teeth are missing, her jawbone is affected

Teeth wake up the jawbone, so as soon as all your teeth room missing, the stimulation stops, and also your body resorbs the bone. After ~ 10 to 20 years, you’ll lack enough jawbone to support your face muscles, and your face will sag and also make you look older. The missing bone will certainly make that difficult—if not impossible—to store a lower denture in place. However you will certainly still have actually some suction because that an top denture.

6. Implant-supported dentures increase role and comfort

Affordable dental implants will certainly secure her dentures

Your dentist have the right to tell you if you a candidate for an implant-supported partial denture or an implant-supported denture. Either option could exceed her budget, but implants stimulate her jawbone to prevent more shrinkage. Your denture i will not ~ slip around, and it will certainly be comfortable come eat and speak through it.

Again, Dr. Brianowens.tv there is no completed your oral exam or watched your x-rays, therefore you’ll need to rely top top a neighborhood dentist for precise diagnosis and also treatment options.

Steven brianowens.tv, DDS that Baton Rouge sponsors this post. Dr. Brianowens.tv is one accredited cosmetics dentist and also a other of the worldwide Congress of dental Implantologists.

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