SAS flies directly to Copenhagen in Dennote or from/through Oslo or Stockholm (relying on route).

We fly from all our desticountries in Europe, the US (Boston, Chicearlier, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco and Washington D.C.) and Asia (Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing and Singapore).

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SAS customers reap a 24-hour money back guarantee on any booking. If the trip is booked less than 24 hours before leave, you have the right to cancel it as much as 12 hrs prior to departure.

Benefits on your flight to Copenhagen – book now

If you book your tickets in advancement you are most likely to gain a reduced price on your pilgrimage. To get a complete overcheck out on all SAS desticountries in one area, visit our low fare calendar. As a SAS customer we offer you a 24-hour money earlier guarantee on any kind of booking. If you find an sell you can’t resist – don’t hesitate. Book it currently, setup the details later.

Airport: Copenhagen Kastrup Airport (CPH) Currency: Danish Krone Time zone: CET: UTC +1/CEST: UTC+2 Official language: Danish

Discounted tickets for kids

Experience Copenhagen with the kids. SAS provides as much as 90% discounts on children’s tickets to make it even more affordable to bring your youngsters on your holiday to Copenhagen.

Board a flight to Copenhagen and enjoy a culture-filled holiday

Copenhagen provides for the picture-perfect city break and attracts countless tourists yearly, all itching to soak up the Danish culture, customizeds, and also cuisine. Home to vivid waterfront residences, a historic city centre, and also a charming 18th-century district house to the imperial family’s palace.

When you’re not floating dvery own the canal in a conventional watercraft you’ll likely be enjoying Tivoli Gardens 1ninth century amusement park, taking a castle tour around the city, or exploring the tiled roadways on foot.

The list of points to perform in Copenhagen is endmuch less, and also there’s a tiny somepoint for everyone.


Copenhagen is the perfect location for a unique European city break as this capital city sits on the coastal islands of Zealand also and Amager and also boasts spectacular Scandinavian vibes. If you’re all set to immerse yourself in the land of cool Nordic affairs, then look no further than Copenhagen!

Fly with SAS to Copenhagen Kastrup Airport, and also you’ll touch dvery own ready and also raring to start your holiday feeling relaxed and also well rested.

Copenhagen Kastrup Airport

Our SAS App will be your travel companion. Publication, update, upgrade, inspect in and save your boarding pass in the app. More indevelopment about the SAS App

Do you desire to watch the world? With Scandinavian Airlines and also our partners in Star Alliance you can fly to almost eexceptionally country in the civilization. Wright here we fly

Almethods included in your expedition to Copenhagen

At SAS we aim to constantly provide our customers a pleasant and also joyful journey. No matter which ticket form you bring, you’ll constantly gain specific benefits of flying SAS. Almethods included in your trip to Copenhagen is simple digital check-in, coffee & tea onboard and use of the SAS App.

If you desire to take a trip in even more comfort, upgrade your ticket to following travel class and get access to Fast Track, SAS Lounges, totally free WiFi (once available) and also meals & snacks onboard.

Included in your take a trip class: SAS GO SAS PLUS 24-hour money ago guarantee Carry-on Checked bag(s) Rapid Track* SAS Lounge* Food & drinks
Yes Yes
1 x 8 kg 2 x 8 kg




1 x 23 kg

2 x 23 kg
No Yes
Can be included for a fee Yes
No Yes

CO2 offset via SAS EuroBonus

We are travelers.

EuroBonus provides you more of the world. It is the many famous loyalty routine for travelers in Scandinathrough. As a member of EuroBonus you will earn points on your flights with us and also our companion airlines in Star Alliance. You deserve to use points to pay for your next pilgrimage, upgrade or rent a car, among various other points.

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We CO2 offset trips when a EuroBonus number is included to the booking on a Scandinavian Airlines trip. Read even more about our sustaincapability work


SAS CO2 offsets all EuroBonus members trips

If you are not a member currently, it’s cost-free and also basic to sign up with. Create a EuroBonus account and earn points on your trip.

Sign up for EuroBonus

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