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Direct flights from St Louis to New York

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Southwest Airlines
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Alterindigenous St Louis to New York routes

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St Louis to New York: Flight information

The things to know prior to you go.

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2 hrs 26 mins

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Time distinction in between St Louis and New York

+1 hr(GMT -4)


InterContinental New York Times Square


Hotel Mela Times Square


COVID-19 take a trip limitations are altering quick, however we"re here to assist you find the advice you require. Check our live page on travel restrictions to see if you deserve to take a trip from St Louis to New York, and also if you"ll must quarantine on arrival.
There are 4 airports in New York: New York John F. Kennedy, New York Newark, New York LaGuardia, and Stewart International.
The finest price found on for a trip from St Louis to New York is $69. This was uncovered by aggregating across different carriers and also is the cheapest price for the totality month.

Cheap Flights from St. Louis to New York

Ready to hit the Big Apple? When you fly from St. Louis to New York City, you can watch all the well known sights in the city that never before sleeps. Here"s what you should understand before you go.

Flying out of St. Louis

St. Louis Lambert Internationwide Airport (STL) is around 14 miles from downtvery own St. Louis, Missouri. If you"re driving to the airport, you have actually seven parking choices, including covered gareras and economy lots. If you park in an outlying lot, you have the right to take one of the cost-free shuttle buses that run 24 hours a day.

Three major airports serve the New York City area: John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), LaGuardia (LGA), and Newark Liberty Internationwide Airport (EWR). You deserve to get a straight trip from St. Louis to LaGuardia from American, Delta, or Southwest. Direct flights to Newark are obtainable from Southwest and also United. Tbelow are no direct flights from St. Louis to JFK, so if you desire to fly tbelow, you"ll have to take a connecting trip.

The St. Louis airport has 2 terminals. American Airlines, Delta, and also United depart from terminal 1, while Southwest decomponents from terminal 2. If you"re traveling with children, you"ll uncover a transportation-themed children"s play location in concourse C of terminal 1. The airport has actually complimentary wi-fi--yet just for the initially 20 minutes. If you desire wi-fi after that, you"ll need to pay a daily fee.

Arriving in New York

If you"ve flvery own into LaGuardia, you"ll be in Queens, New York, around eight miles from Manhattan. LaGuardia has actually four terminals. Amerihave the right to Airlines flies into terminals B and also C, Delta flies right into terminals A, C, and D, and Southwest flies right into terminal B.

If you"ve rented a automobile for your trip, you deserve to pick it up from the rental car agencies in terminal A. A free shuttle is available for travelers that have flown into an additional terminal. If you should book a rental car, usage"s handy automobile rental business. Other famous transport alternatives from LaGuardia incorporate city bus, submeans, and taxi.

Newark Liberty Internationwide Airport is in Newark, New Jersey, around 15 miles southwest of Manhattan. The airport has actually three terminals marked A, B, and also C. Terminals A and also B have actually four levels. Domestic flights from United will enter with terminal C, level 1. If you flew Southwest, you"ll arrive on level 2 of terminal A.

From Newark, you can take AirTrain, a rapid, affordable train that runs every hour. AirTrain connects with other public transportation units to take you to Manhattan or several cities in New Jersey. Other creates of transportation from Newark include rental cars, bsupplies, and taxis.

Weather and also Time in New York

St. Louis is in the Central Time Zone, while New York is in the Eastern Time Zone. Set your watch forward--New York is one hour ahead of St. Louis.

The climate in St. Louis is hot and also humid in the summer and also cold in the winter. Cloudy days are prevalent. You"ll find that New York"s weather is comparable to St. Louis"s.

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