"We do this by maintaining our eyes on Jesus, the champion who initiates and perfects our confidence." Hebrews 12:2 NLT

An airplane taking off from California bound for New York can be rerouted to Washington D.C. just by relocating the plane"s nose to the right by 7 feet! Over 200 miles away! Small transforms can make a large difference.

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When I was a boy on vacation, we hit a detour, and I deserve to remember exactly how sad I felt slowly adhering to cars on vacation. Ever felt frustrated bereason you had to follow a DETOUR? Or, gone the entirely WRONG direction?

Disappointing feelings are understandable, especially as soon as one little detour causes a massive transition in our direction and destination. Given the COVID pandemic reported by the CDC, fires, civil unrest, and also fear, life gets foggy, directionmuch less. It deserve to feel like we"ve finished up in a dark area.


Here are 3 methods to see in the dark, when circumstances desire to blind us:

1. Look UP for Hope.

When a flash flood comes with, the quickest and also safest thing to perform is head to high ground. No matter exactly how long I live, I must remind myself that my hope does not come from my circumstances, but from Jesus. Take a few minutes to begin your day looking vertically to God in His Word for toughness and also comfort. Read the Psalms for comfort or Psalm 139 for a bigger view of God. We gather great hope once we "resolve our eyes on Jesus" (Heb., 12).

2. Look BACK at God"s faithfulness.

It is simple to foracquire the previous and also foracquire God"s faithfulness. Think of the many kind of methods He has been faithful in your life. Write down exactly how he has actually answered prayers. Remember just how He has provided for you financially and also given you a job. Respeak to exactly how he has actually saved a wayward child. Look ago at just how he pulled us out of painful scenarios and also provided us tranquility. When foggy scenarios and trials blind us, looking back at God"s faithfulness can realign our sight and perspective (Lam. 3:23).

3. Look FORWARD via confidence.

If this life was all we had actually to look forward to, heaven would shed its luster. Paul shelp we are to "look forward to what lies ahead and also forgain what lies behind us" (Phil 3:12-16), Look forward, and also arrangement time through family members. Placed points on your calendar and look forward to making household traditions. Look forward to the holidays and also exactly how Jesus is faithful. Look forward to how Jesus has reserved a location in heaven for you. (John 14: 3) In Hebrews 12:2, we look to Jesus bereason He is the "Author and also Finisher of our Faith." How encouraging to recognize that we deserve to look forward through confidence because He is guiding us the totality way. If God is teaching us, we cannot fail.

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When uncertainty steers us off course, expectations blind us, or feelings shame us, there is HOPE. We gather more HOPE as soon as we see His faithfulness and look forward to Jesus, who has never failed us yet. Let"s begin seeing Jesus and life through brand-new eyes.

Digging Deeper

In what ways deserve to you especially get hope from Jesus and the word?List 3 world who are faithful and also model looking forward via confidence? What attributes should you emulate?