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Outriders players have plenty of small passive attributes to understand, with Firepower and Weapon Damage Bonus being two of the more confusing stats.

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Outriders players can enhance their capabilities and cater to their playstyle by boosting passive Attribute statistics. Firepower is one of the game’s main player stats and is very important in determining a player’s damage, along with Weapon Damage Bonus.

Hunting down gear with the right Attributes is especially useful in the endgame of Outriders. Some Attributes, such as Status Power, will improve a player’s Status Effects, while others can help players heal and regenerate health.

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How Firepower works:

Firepower, along with Anomaly Power, is one of the main player stats in Outriders. The Firepower number that players can see towards the top-left corner of their inventory screen, is a general rating of how powerful a player’s currently held weapon is. This rating is a combination of the Base Firepower of their held weapon and any Bonus Firepower that a player may have from skill tree perks and gear Attributes. It is important to note that a player’s Firepower stat can change whenever they switch to their secondary weapon or Outriders pistols.

player damage stat rating for weapons
When players begin Outriders, their Firepower will be extremely low, but as they level up, loot drops will become more powerful too, allowing players to tackle harder enemies and higher World Tiers. In the case of weapons, more Firepower generally equals more damage, but players can see a weapon’s damage by looking for the “DMG” number in the weapon’s stat block.

How to Increase Firepower:

A player’s main method of increasing their Base Firepower is to simply replace their old, low Firepower weapons with new higher Firepower ones. Alternatively, players can level up their weapons through Crafting which will raise their Base Firepower stats to a level-appropriate number.

However, Firepower is closely linked with another player Attribute called Weapon Damage Bonus, which can increase a player’s Firepower by adding on a proportion of their current Base Firepower as Bonus Firepower.

How Weapon Damage Bonus Works:

Weapon Damage Bonus is another way of increasing a player’s Firepower by adding bonus Firepower. The Weapon Damage Bonus can vary depending on a player’s choices in skill tree unlocks and their gear’s Attributes.

A player’s Weapon Damage Bonus can be seen in two places and in two different formats. Firstly, when a player opens their stats page on their inventory screen, they can see their Weapon Damage Bonus expressed as a percentage. This is the percentage of a player’s current Base Firepower that will be added on.

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player attribute statistics showing extra weapon damage
Secondly, when a player hovers the cursor over the Firepower number, the Firepower stat will be broken down into the player’s current Base Firepower plus the Bonus Firepower added on in gold. This is quite confusing, so players need to know that the gold number that is being added to their Base Firepower and the Weapon Damage Bonus percentage are different ways of showing the same information, which is just a bonus to a player’s Firepower stat.

How to Increase Weapon Damage Bonus:

A player’s Weapon Damage Bonus can be increased in two ways. Some classes will have skill tree nodes that increase weapon damage. For example, the Pyromancer class can increase its Weapon Damage Bonus by choosing the Inferno Weapon node on the Ash Breaker path. Inferno Weapon increases weapon damage by 8%, which gets permanently added to a player’s Weapon Damage Bonus stat on their stats page.

trickster class skill tree perk boosting damage for shotguns
Other classes have skill tree nodes that increase damage for specific weapon types. The Shotgun Master perk found in the Trickster’s Assassin path increases only Shotgun damage by 15%. If a player chooses to unlock this node, their Weapon Damage Bonus stat will always increase by 15% whenever they are holding a Shotgun.

The second method for increasing Weapon Damage Bonus is by equipping gear with the Bonus Firepower Attribute. Confusingly, this is not represented as a percentage and as an actual number which is added straight onto a player’s Base Firepower. However, players should know that Bonus Firepower from gear Attributes is still reflected in the Weapon Damage Bonus percentage.

glove gear with bonus firepower weapon damage attribute boost

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As an example, if a player is holding a 1000 Firepower Assault Rifle, their Base Firepower will be 1000. If they then equip a helmet with 10 Bonus Firepower, their Firepower breakdown will say 1000 + 10 with the +10 in gold and their Weapon Damage Bonus stat will reflect this and be 1%.

Because Firepower can be increased in so many different ways, Outriders players attempting to tackle endgame Expedition missions, should experiment with Bonus Firepower Attributes and skill tree perks to maximize their weapon damage.

Outriders is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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