Find The Equivalent Capacitance Ca Of The Network Of Capacitors

Explain how to determine the equivalent capacitance of capacitors in series and in parallel combinationsCompute the potential difference across the plates and the charge on the plates for a capacitor in a network and determine the net capacitance of a network of capacitors

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Several capacitors can be connected together to be used in a variety of applications. Multiple connections of capacitors behave as a single equivalent capacitor. The total capacitance of this equivalent single capacitor depends both on the individual capacitors and how they are connected. Capacitors can be arranged in two simple and common types of connections, known as series and parallel, for which we can easily calculate the total capacitance. These two basic combinations, series and parallel, can also be used as part of more complex connections.

The Series Combination of Capacitors

(Figure) illustrates a series combination of three capacitors, arranged in a row within the circuit. As for any capacitor, the capacitance of the combination is related to the charge and voltage by using (Figure). When this series combination is connected to a battery with voltage V, each of the capacitors acquires an identical charge Q. To explain, first note that the charge on the plate connected to the positive terminal of the battery is




capacitors? What is the minimum capacitance?

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A 4.00-pF is connected in series with an 8.00-pF capacitor and a 400-V potential difference is applied across the pair. (a) What is the charge on each capacitor? (b) What is the voltage across each capacitor?

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Three capacitors, with capacitances of


, and


respectively, are connected in parallel. A 500-V potential difference is applied across the combination. Determine the voltage across each capacitor and the charge on each capacitor.

Suppose you need a capacitor bank with a total capacitance of 0.750 F but you have only 1.50-mF capacitors at your disposal. What is the smallest number of capacitors you could connect together to achieve your goal, and how would you connect them?


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