Final Fantasy has been entertain gamers for an ext than three decades as well as upping the moment on how long the takes to beat them.

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Final Fantasy has actually been entertain gamers for an ext than three decades, rarely taking a break between mainline entries and spin-offs. Numbered gamings alone go as much as fifteen. What\"s even more astounding to take into consideration is the size of every game.

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RPGs are typically never brief affairs, for this reason fans absolutely get many of bang for your buck once jumping into one of these many worlds. The adhering to list will information just exactly how long the takes come beat every of the games in the key series, as measured by A pair of them autumn on the relatively short side for RPGs, yet they are still great experiences come behold.

Updated December 23, 2020 by thomas Bowen: Creating a game that bring away a long time to complete is a fairly simple task. Developing one with enough around it the players actually want to complete it is no so an easy though. Over the years, the final Fantasy collection has done a fantastic job when it comes to adding additional contents to help keep players approximately long after the last boss has fallen. Although not everybody will select to partake, these extra touches are among the plenty of reasons why the collection is for this reason beloved and typically supplement the games\" key stories perfectly. While several of the games might not take too long to beat, perfect them can regularly take considerably longer.

19 final Fantasy - 17 1/2 Hours

The story that began it all holds up how amazing well due to its straightforward nature and also charm. Of course, one is much better off playing one of the numerous ports rather of the NES original. The an initial release is plagued with weird bugs, causing certain crucial game beat mechanic to role abnormally.

The optimal version is the 20th anniversary version released for the PSP. Its sprite arts is gorgeous and also doesn\"t watch jarringly cartoonish prefer the updates done to some of the later on 2D Final Fantasy games.

regularly one the the 2 most celebrated 2D entries in addition to Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy IV come in as the second shortest entry. While not the an initial one to have actually a more complicated narrative, the is often seen together the first one the did it right. Since of its solid story, the game play is fairly straightforward and also it is constantly easy to recognize where the following objective lies.

unless one is stuck at a combat encounter, the video game should it is in a breeze to whisk through in less than a day\"s precious of a game play.

The second game in the series is often remembered as one of the worst. It driven things forward through a an ext nuanced story, yet the game play veered far from what pan are currently accustomed to. The idea of personalities leveling up together abilities were used led to the stats conveniently being damaged by football player attacking their very own party members. Still, it\"s not horrid or unplayable by any kind of stretch the the word.

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human being looking come play through every one of the gamings won\"t uncover it a slog. Plus, it\"s tho on the reasonably short next of things.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is the shortest that the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy, at least when it concerns a main story only playthrough. This bodes well together it\"s probably the worst the the three games in regards to both gameplay mechanics and also story. Pan of the original game will still have actually some fun v it, but everyone else might be far better off city hall the cutscenes ~ above YouTube and also skipping ahead to Lightning Returns instead.

A solitary playthrough generally takes simply over 27 hours while completing every one of the game\"s jobs will require a small over 72 hours of play time. Many thanks in huge to the omission of Lightning and the should play as Serah though, this can feel choose a many work for very little payoff. The Chocobo racing is a most fun, but everything else just feels prefer busywork.

The most recent numbered entry was somewhat polarizing for fans. That looked undeniably gorgeous, however it was too easy and the fight system was not engaging enough, in spite of the fights themselves being marvelous spectacles.

its length likewise wildly varies due to the fact that of that is structure. The first several chapters are brimming through side quests. One can spend dozens of hrs doing favors for city folk, considerably inflating the pat time. After a particular point, the story put the football player on rails and also beelines in the direction of a finish. Twenty-eight is about the median one have the right to expect if castle don\"t dilly dally too long in the open-world segments.

The 3rd entry sees quiet protagonists come back for a an ext straightforward adventure than its predecessor. Regardless of its narratives simplicity, it\"ll take longer than the front two. Like the very first game, however, that is charm and also whimsy keeps players glued come the screen the totality time, making the hrs fly by like an airship.

Final Fantasy X-2 was a reasonably groundbreaking game in as much that it was the first time that Square Enix emerged a sequel come a mainline final Fantasy game. It continues the story that Tidus and also Yuna while further widening upon the lore that Spira. It\"s not fairly as an excellent as the predecessor, but it\"s absolutely not without its charms.

if the PS2 release\"s key story took nearly 40 hours to complete, top quality of life updates applied in contemporary ports have carried this time down substantially making it a much an ext palatable experience. The \"True\" ending still requires a 2nd playthrough though and players will need to tackle the exceptionally frustrating tower alignment mini game if they\"re attempting a completionist run.

Final Fantasy V regularly gets left out of the conversation. It\"s not fairly all time great, but it\"s no as fault or outdated as Final Fantasy II, so it type of simply sits there on that is own. Still, one will uncover just together engrossing a human being as the others if they take it the plunge.

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Really, it\"s hard to go wrong with any of the two-dimensional outings. How plenty of games this old deserve to say they will certainly occupy gamers time for more than thirty hours.

Not also many world stuck v Lightning v to the end of she trilogy, however those who did likely spent at least 110 hours throughout all 3 games. Lightning Returns: last Fantasy XIII account for roughly 34 hours of that, return this time can increase drastically if football player opt to do much more than simply the main story.

Completing every little thing that the game has to market will take players approximately 65 and a half hours, which actually makes it the shortest of the three gamings from a completionist\"s perspective. It gives a installation conclusion come Lightning\"s journey and also so is certainly worth doing because that those who room fans the the character, although getting through XIII-2 an initial can be a bit of a slog.

regardless of only extending the Midgar section of the original game, a conventional playthrough of Final Fantasy VII Remake clocks in in ~ a chuck 34 hours. That the original release doesn\"t take it too much longer, should give a fairly good idea of just exactly how much Tetsuya Nomura and also his team changed and added to the release.

Those hope to complete all of the game\"s next quests have the right to expect come spend an additional 7 and fifty percent hours on height of their main playthrough if a complete completionist run will take a staggering 84 hours. This is largely down to football player needing to complete the video game again on hard mode whereby there are additionally some added challenges because that players to take it on.

The second fifty percent of this game lugged a new element to the series, offering players a then extraordinary level of choice on just how to technique tackling objectives. ~ the fifty percent way point, one can also dart in the direction of the complete without seeing whatever on the recently transformed civilization map, cut down video game time significantly. However, one is a stupid if lock don\"t take a look at everything one of the most commemorated 2D JRPGs of every time needs to offer.

Cloud and his friends\" trip not only elevated the collection to brand-new heights, however the medium as a whole. The massive comprehensive world, cosmic story, and also hard-hitting emotional beats were unlike anything else gamers saw at the time.

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Thirty-eight hours is about how long it takes to acquire through it, yet doing whatever there is to do have the right to at least double the video game play time. The PS1 was a revolutionary console, and Square to be there as one of the leader of the charge with their JRPG classic.

The 9th entry was a counter-point come the 2 science-fiction themed titles before it. The return to kind stands together the PlayStation\"s swan song, and what a good send off it was. Forty hrs of gaming was plenty enough time to stave turn off PS2 cravings. Who wanted the next-gen console as soon as the PS1 to be still pumping out RPGs of this quality?

The follow approximately Final Fantasy VII doesn\"t get as much praise together its predecessor, but it tho basks in sufficient glory on its own.

Additionally, that differentiates chin from the fill with its unique Draw mechanic, addictive card video game Triple Triad, and the adversaries scaling come the football player level which renders grinding unnecessary. V the recent remaster, one can experience this splendid adventure more comfortably than ever before before.

Yuna\"s expedition through Spira and developing relationship with Tidus forever pole in players\" minds. Love stories had actually been tackled before, however never had actually they felt so real, thanks to the fully voice acted cutscenes and amplified graphics. The protagonist\"s connection with his father was also brand-new to the medium.

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The ball Grid development system added a new layer to progression, providing players increased regulate on how their party advanced. Obtaining every character\"s celestial weapon and also upgrading them to the max also ensures completionists won\"t quickly put this one down.

Final Fantasy XIII gained flack for its linearity, yet no one could deny exactly how beautiful that was. Unfortunately, looks aren\"t enough for everybody.

its story may be tough to follow, but the cast of characters ensures over there is never ever a dull moment. The direct sequels garnered diminishing returns, yet XIII is heavy on the own.

The longest one by a lengthy shot, Final Fantasy XII was nearly too large for its own good. That eschewed a formal human being map, but players periodically trekked through open up lands for hours before reaching your destination. It provided a grand feeling of scope, however re-releases offered the ability to rate up this segments. Even with the fast-forward button, players room in for a lengthy journey within Ivalice.

MMORPGs have actually a reputation for being incredibly long and also Final Fantasy XI absolutely does that is level best to uphold this. First released in 2002, the game is quiet going strong despite brand-new expansions having dried up part time ago. The last one come in 2015 and also was the game\"s 12th item of significant DLC.

Together, Final Fantasy XI\"s DLC gives hundreds of hrs of extra playtime, return the main story can frequently be completed in approximately 100 hours. Of course, gamings like this can\"t ever be totally completed and also so how long a player gets the end of the video game is entirely up come them. There\"s constantly something rather to carry out though, so it\"s not unusual for football player to spend thousands of hours with Final Fantasy XI.

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one more MMORPG, an additional ridiculous median playtime. Final Fantasy XIV is Square Enix\"s recent attempt at taking the collection online and also undoubtedly its most ambitious. The game has got three significant expansions due to the fact that releasing in 2010 v a 4th expected in ~ some suggest in 2021.

between them, the new story content in Heavensward, Stormblood and Shadowbringers takes about 185 hrs to complete, although once raids and other next content space accounted because that that number is far closer come the 300 hour mark. For those searching for a game that they deserve to sink some major time into; this is it.

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