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If you just bought the Final Fantasy XIII 2 game from steam/origin and you have a hard time completing the missions, then you are not alone. We know these latest games are tough and difficult to beat. Even on easy difficult it can be a challenge. So we have uploaded this tested and working Final Fantasy XIII cheat table.Easy CP, Gil, and experience items
Use the following trick to get easy CP, Gil, and experience items. Once you are back inside the airship and get to the area shown below, save at first save point. Then, run along the route until you reach save point 2. Save there, then run back. Repeat this multiple times to get Credit Chips, Incentive Chips, and Perfect Conductors (the highest experience item at that point in the game). You will also get approximately 3,000 to 5,000 CP for each run through. Or you can just download our cheat table and modify your gil with 1 button press
Cheat Trainer Features
God modeinfinite attack gaugegil / money cheatmax damageMax melee and magic attributesOther Tips & TricksSuper Weapon ExploitEach character has one superweapon that can be obtained by fully upgrading one of his/her stock weapons. Each player has seven stock weapons, but the final result after maximum upgrades yields the same superweapon. Upgrading is done through the shop at save points. There are two parts to upgrading:(1) Spamming items that give a low amount of EXP to increase multipliers, and (2) Using items that give a lot of EXP and that now give even more EXP due to your multiplier to upgrade your weapon substantially.An efficient way to build the multiplier is to go to the Creature Comforts store and buy Vibrant Ooze. Apply 36 of those to your weapon, and you will have a 3x multiplier. Then you can apply Perfect Conductor for 2577 EXP.Cheat TipsStudy Bones / Ooze / Tail are the three 80gil items that take 36 to equal a 3x multiplier. So, 2880 Gil gets you 3x. If you”re a Gil pincher – save money and wait until you can upgrade an item to max level in one shot – save the investment to a one time shot at the multiplier. Furthermore, you won”t need to level up any weapons until you”re at a point you should afford the expense.If you would rather just play and a level updo that – don”t worry about the Gil it costs you – just have fun and be happy.While Fluids and Oils may give more EXP, they”re a waste since the inorganic items are so much better – you are better off getting to 3x as soon as possible and then switching to inorganic.Cheat Engine Scripts

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aobscanmodule(player_health,ffxiiiimg.exe,8B 80 90 02 00 00 8B E5) // should be uniquealloc(newmem,$1000)label(code)label(return)label(hero_base)label(leader)registersymbol(hero_base)newmem:cmp ,00jne codepush ecxmov ecx,mov ,ecxpop ecxcmp ,#13je leadercmp ,#16je leadercode: mov eax, jmp returnleader:push ecxmov ecx,mov ,ecxpop ecxmov ,eaxjmp codehero_base:dd 0player_health: jmp newmem nopreturn:registersymbol(player_health)player_health: db 8B 80 90 02 00 00unregistersymbol(player_health)unregistersymbol(hero_base)dealloc(newmem){// ORIGINAL CODE – INJECTION POINT: “ffxiiiimg.exe”+6E313″ffxiiiimg.exe”+6E2F9: 23 C8 – and ecx,eax”ffxiiiimg.exe”+6E2FB: F7 D9 – neg ecx”ffxiiiimg.exe”+6E2FD: 1B C9 – sbb ecx,ecx”ffxiiiimg.exe”+6E2FF: F7 D9 – neg ecx”ffxiiiimg.exe”+6E301: 74 0D – je ffxiiiimg.exe+6E310″ffxiiiimg.exe”+6E303: 8B 55 FC – mov edx,“ffxiiiimg.exe”+6E306: 8B 82 98 02 00 00 – mov eax,“ffxiiiimg.exe”+6E30C: EB 0B – jmp ffxiiiimg.exe+6E319″ffxiiiimg.exe”+6E30E: EB 09 – jmp ffxiiiimg.exe+6E319″ffxiiiimg.exe”+6E310: 8B 45 FC – mov eax,// ———- INJECTING HERE ———-“ffxiiiimg.exe”+6E313: 8B 80 90 02 00 00 – mov eax,// ———- DONE INJECTING ———-“ffxiiiimg.exe”+6E319: 8B E5 – mov esp,ebp”ffxiiiimg.exe”+6E31B: 5D – pop ebp”ffxiiiimg.exe”+6E31C: C3 – ret”ffxiiiimg.exe”+6E31D: CC – int 3″ffxiiiimg.exe”+6E31E: CC – int 3″ffxiiiimg.exe”+6E31F: CC – int 3″ffxiiiimg.exe”+6E320: 55 – push ebp”ffxiiiimg.exe”+6E321: 8B EC – mov ebp,esp”ffxiiiimg.exe”+6E323: 83 EC 18 – sub esp,18″ffxiiiimg.exe”+6E326: 89 4D F0 – mov ,ecx}
aobscanmodule(light_stats,ffxiiiimg.exe,8B 84 8A B4 0D 00 00) // should be uniquealloc(newmem,$1000)label(code)label(return)label(check)label(light_base)label(hero)label(leader)registersymbol(light_base)registersymbol(leader)newmem:cmp ,01jne codehero:mov ,00mov ,#99999mov ,#99999jmp codecheck:code: mov eax, jmp return light_base: dd 0leader:dd 0light_stats: jmp newmem nop nopreturn:registersymbol(light_stats)light_stats: db 8B 84 8A B4 0D 00 00unregistersymbol(light_stats)unregistersymbol(light_base)unregistersymbol(leader)dealloc(newmem){// ORIGINAL CODE – INJECTION POINT: “ffxiiiimg.exe”+768F68″ffxiiiimg.exe”+768F48: E8 53 42 93 FF – call ffxiiiimg.exe+9D1A0″ffxiiiimg.exe”+768F4D: 8B 45 08 – mov eax,“ffxiiiimg.exe”+768F50: 50 – push eax”ffxiiiimg.exe”+768F51: E8 8A BC FF FF – call ffxiiiimg.exe+764BE0″ffxiiiimg.exe”+768F56: 83 C4 04 – add esp,04″ffxiiiimg.exe”+768F59: 89 45 FC – mov ,eax”ffxiiiimg.exe”+768F5C: 83 7D FC 00 – cmp dword ptr ,00″ffxiiiimg.exe”+768F60: 74 10 – je ffxiiiimg.exe+768F72″ffxiiiimg.exe”+768F62: 8B 4D 0C – mov ecx,“ffxiiiimg.exe”+768F65: 8B 55 FC – mov edx,// ———- INJECTING HERE ———-“ffxiiiimg.exe”+768F68: 8B 84 8A B4 0D 00 00 – mov eax,// ———- DONE INJECTING ———-“ffxiiiimg.exe”+768F6F: 89 45 F8 – mov ,eax”ffxiiiimg.exe”+768F72: 8B 0D 30 B2 82 02 – mov ecx,“ffxiiiimg.exe”+768F78: 81 C1 10 72 02 00 – add ecx,00027210″ffxiiiimg.exe”+768F7E: E8 9D 42 93 FF – call ffxiiiimg.exe+9D220″ffxiiiimg.exe”+768F83: 8B 45 F8 – mov eax,“ffxiiiimg.exe”+768F86: 8B E5 – mov esp,ebp”ffxiiiimg.exe”+768F88: 5D – pop ebp”ffxiiiimg.exe”+768F89: C3 – ret”ffxiiiimg.exe”+768F8A: CC – int 3″ffxiiiimg.exe”+768F8B: CC – int 3}



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