Feet-Elevated Pike Pushup S With Perfect Form And Setup, How To Do: Hands Elevated Pike Push Ups

What is a Pike Push-up?

A pike push-up involves lowering your head from a downward dog position until it touches the ground, then pressing back up to the start position.

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It is a great exercise to put more emphasis on the shoulders and start building the strength required for a handstand push-up.

Alternative Name

Jackknife Push-ups

Muscles Worked


Deltoid anterior (front)Triceps brachii


The higher your hips are, the more weight will go through your shoulders.

If you lack flexibility, then simply put your feet on an elevated object.

Conversely, the lower your hips are, the less weight will go through your shoulders.

Hand Position

Moving your hands closer together will increase the difficulty a lot by emphasising the triceps.

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Make sure you’re comfortable with close hand decline push-ups before attempting this one.

Range of Motion

Performing this exercise with your hands on two elevated objects, with a place for your head to pass through will make the exercise considerably more difficult.

This puts a lot more pressure on the shoulders, so is only advised for advanced athletes with strong stabilisation muscles.

Decreasing the range of motion will make it easier, don’t move onto handstand push-ups until you can get your head to the floor and back.

Elevate One leg

As an extra progression between the pike push-up and handstand push-up, try elevating one leg.

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This will increase the load through the upper body and force your stabilisers to fire more.


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