So in a program checkup I was diagnosed positive for Hpylori. I was asymptomatic however upon physicians referral I gave 7 days Tripple Therapy Antibiotics course a try. Upon second day of the course I occurred solid top stomach pain.

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My Ultrasound and Blood reports are normal. Kindly please tell me perform the complying with symptoms sound favor gastritis or something else?

- I am enduring major pain after 7 days antibiotics course. It has actually been almost 4 months and also I havent healed a little. My primary symptom is only severe pain, tbelow is no acidity or burning symptom that many human being talk about and also this confuses me what could it be which is causing this pain?

- Severe top stomach pain which is more concentrated on left upper stomach yet moves to middle upper stomach

- Pain feels prefer obtaining punched in your solar plexus. Like you gain severe pain but the focus of the pain is on upper stomach.

- Stomach feels swollen from inside when pain is worse.

- My whole middle earlier behind stomach is stiff and harms from time to time. Left side back pain feels choose it is directly connected to the pain the front upper left stomach pain.

- Stomach stiffens through pain or movement

- I cant occupational or perform anything after antibiotics course the pain is so much that also a slight activity or motion aggravates it and also I feel like I acquired punched in the stomach and also this is constant from the last nearly 4 months.

- When the pain is worse I cant walk or talk without feeling the pain.

- I have actually tried ppi its nearly 2 weeks yet no outcome.

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I am seriously confused what could it be thats causing so a lot pain. What damages has actually these antibiotics brought about me? (Probiotics only assisted in the bloating however pain is so major and also in the top stomach so cant be directly concerned gut bacteria)

Can gastritis be of this form that have the right to reason significant punch prefer pain and pain alone without burning or acidity?

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Hi HumanBeing

To heal a stomach ulcer and also a very sore gut you have to be mindful what you are putting into your digestive device. Eat small healthy and balanced snacks throughout the day as little parts will not alert your stomach to develop high acidity which will certainly occur when eating huge proteins fish chicken however no red meat.. fizzy drinks spicey foods items sne citrus fruits. Drink herb teas such as chammomile or mint tea and also add a tiny milk however don't drink it warm drink it have to remember your gut has been devastated by HPylori bacteria and will take take time to heal even though the antibiotics may have eradicated the HP.......