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I think hair should be shown with hats on.

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» Mon Mar 07, 2016 3:45 am

I gave Piper a Gray Knit Cap and her luscious hair vanished. It”s unlikely that it is all under there. Unless, of course, the cap gives off rads.But in all seriousness, I think the hair should remain shown even when wearing caps/hats, though be modeled to look like it”s weighed down or moved by a cap/hat.Adding hair that looks like a hat is on it would look so much better, IMO.


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» Mon Mar 07, 2016 2:10 am

Agreed. I don”t know anyone (personally) who deliberately tucks their hair into a hat.

This disappearing hair thing…it”s only with specific types of hats, correct? I remember one of my female SSs having her hear showing wearing an Army Helmet.


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Any game involving helmets, especially fantasy ones, are the most notorious. So many times, if I have the option, I will toggle headgear “off” because with it showing it just doesn”t look right on my characters.

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well my SS shows hair under his MM hat..and Piper”s newsboy style cap shows her hair under as well..maybe it is gender specific?

Not all hats do that. Her original hat doesn”t, the military cap doesn”t, etc. Give her a different hat.

I”m waiting for the DLC that adds baseball caps, to see if the females automatically have their hair in a ponytail threaded out the back of the cap- just like real life…

Yea, why dont they push that magic modeling button that transforms all the meshes to adapt to all of the headgear and the 40ish variations of hairstyles. Shameful. Strange why this seem to reoccur in games where players have lots customisation options.That said, there are ofcourse a few headgears that could have been adapted. But all of them? Heh.Like someone mentioned there”s mod for it and there you also see the reason why it isn”t just an easy fix, you get ugly clipping instead.

Yep. Gray Knit Cap, Synth Helmet (the non-full-head version), Combat Armor Helmet, Baseball Helmet, Security Helmet, Green Hood, Green Rag Hat, and Yellow Slicker completely vanish the hair. LOL.

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I like some of them, but too bad that my lady has long hair and it looks bad when she looks bald wearing it.

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