You obviously want to maximise defense as much as girlfriend can and this way you should use every great of apparel possible.

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You have the right to wear power armour, typical armour and then some varieties of clothing as a third layer, yet only specific items such as long johns or vault suits.

What is the best third layer item you deserve to get?



Early in the game, it"s the Vault Suit. This is primarily for the radiation resistance, yet it likewise has great energy resistance. Both of this things have the right to be upgraded at an armor workbench.

If you"re unconcerned with radiation, climate you could pick an additional piece that clothing based on the buffs come your unique stats. This will rely on her character build and also the stats that issue to you. Any type of of the items listed in Nukapedia"s apparel table will allow you to put on your armor there is no restriction. Few of the items in the Outfits table will enable armor as well, yet not all the pieces.

For gun users, the Minuteman Outfit is good, together it supplies Perception and also Agility. One more option would certainly be the military Fatigues, which sell both +2 to Agility and also 5 energy Resistance. I regularly use these once I"m inside and also not worried about radiation.

For Melee users, you could want to include to her Strength, possibly with army Fatigues, which include +1 to Strength and also Agility. Another an excellent melee option is the Grognak Costume. This is technically an outfit, together it doesn"t permit you to wear a chest piece. However, it consists of some great inherent damages resistance, +2 to Strength, and also a great 20% bonus to melee damage.

Ballistic Weave

Later in the game, if you obtain the capacity to add Ballistic Weave come clothing, the case changes completely. At this point, you deserve to use an armor workbench to include a vast amount of damages resistance to clothing and also outfits. Native 30 each of damage and energy resistance v no ranking in Armorer, come 110 the each v Armorer IV. Notably, friend cannot add Ballistic Weave come the Vault Suit. You"ll most likely want to choose the item of clothes that buffs the stats you need most, and then add the highest possible Ballistic Weave you have the right to create.

Note that no all apparel can have Ballistic Weave added. There"s a perform of possible options top top the Ballistic Weave page I linked. Most of them space actually outfits. The only garments included, an interpretation that you have the right to equip every armor slots, room these:

Army Fatigues (+1 Str and also Agi)Baseball Uniform (+1 Str and also Agi)Dirty military Fatigues (+1 Str and also Agi)Green Shirt and Combat Boots (+1 End and Cha)Military Fatigues (+2 Agi and 5 power Resist)Minuteman Outfit (+1 Agi and also Per)Tattered Rags (+1 Luck)

You deserve to also include Ballistic Weave to a couple of hats:

Battered Fedora (+1 Luck)Green Rag cap (10 power Resist)Trilby hat (+1 Cha)Newsboy lid (+1 Cha)

As you deserve to see, nobody of this have any kind of radiation resistance. So, if girlfriend wear ballistic weaving clothing and a hat, you"ll most likely want to include Lead lining to at the very least one item of armor. Ns usually add it to every arm, and also that seems to it is in sufficient.

Noncombat Utility

It"s likewise useful come carry extr pieces of clothing for use when not in combat. I lug both Charisma and Intelligence equipment with me at all times, and even hotkey it. You can often accessibility clothing from your hotkeys in the middle of a conversation.

You can easily uncover hats that add +1 to Charisma and also Intelligence (Newsboy lid on the guy that do the efforts to kill his brother in the Diamond City Market, push Cap top top Piper).

You can find clothes that to add +2 to Charisma pretty easily as well. There space many types that perform this, including most suits and dresses. You can gain +3 come Charisma garments by perfect Curtain Call. Detect +2 come Intelligence clothes such as a lab coat usually takes longer, yet should occur by the moment you"re in your teens. I"ve discovered a laboratory coat in the an initial suitcase in Sanctuary, though, so outcomes vary.

You can find +1 come Charisma glasses, including Black-Rim Glasses and Fashionable Glasses, quite easily. There exist glasses that give +1 come Intelligence, the road Goggles, however these are much more rare. I gained some indigenous the Pillars the the Community. If you have the Automatron DLC, climate you can gain a pair indigenous Zoe"s corpse. There are also +2 come Int (and -1 to Cha) glasses called Liam"s Glasses. To obtain these, you must finish Plugging a Leak while siding with Liam. Note that this search is do not have if you"ve perfect Tradecraft, which way that you can"t gain both Liam"s Glasses and Ballistic Weave. Choose the weave. If you have the much Harbor DLC, girlfriend can gain The Captain"s Hat, which provides +2 Int.

There is additionally a legend armor mod, Sharp, which to add +1 to Int and also Cha. If you have one or an ext pieces of this on, you can not have to swap items.

When you"re commerce or persuading, placed on the Charisma gear. Once you"re law noncombat things that offer you experience, choose crafting, picking locks, or turning in quests, put on the intelligence gear. Putting all her armor earlier on after switching her main clothes is a little bit of a hassle, so periodically I"ll just swap the glasses and hat.

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Power Armor

Remember that garments is irregularity while wearing strength armor, together the only tools that affects your stats in ~ that allude is the armor itself.