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Exploring With Josh is an American YouTuber,recognized for posting video blogs on his channel which are based on explorations of abandoned places and buildings like schools, banks, theme parks and other exciting locations. The best thing about the videos is that they turn out to be horrifying sometimes, thus making them even more interesting to watch! The YouTuber also has a side channel titled 'JustJoshing' that he employs for posting gaming videos. Coming to his social media popularity, Exploring With Josh is doing a remarkable job. He has more than 4 million subscribers on his eponymous YouTube channel and over 210K subscribers on his gaming channel.His real full name is not known and so his actual identity is still anonymous.

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Exploring With Josh launched his main YouTube channel in 2013. He initially created this channel for his dancing videos. However, he later decided to publish explorations on it. The first video that he posted on this channel was “Florida Session”. After this, more such videos followed. Today, the channel has almost everything when it comes to exploring abandoned places and buildings. Irrespective of whether it’s a park, school, cave or an old building, if you love watching exploration videos, this channel is for you!
The YouTuber has explored abandoned buildings across the world in nations like Japan, Germany, the US, and Hong Kong. His experiences as a wide traveller make his videos extremely fascinating to watch. Some of the videos that one simply shouldn’t miss are “(Abandoned School) Satanic Ritual Part 2 Ghost Slams Door Shut’ and “Abandoned MILLIONAIRES Family Mansion”. His video “Abandoned federal gold exchange Bank (Found Vault ) PART 1’ is amongst the most popular ones on the channel. This video has earned more than 14 million views till date.
One of the most recent videos on this channel is titled “Abandoned TRAP House – Found Drug Dealers Hideout”. Published on June 2, 2018, this video has over 150k views as of now. Besides these, the other uploads on the channel are also worth-watching.

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Coming to the YouTuber’s second channel, this channel titled “JustJoshing” was created in 2015. The channel features a few gaming videos. Exploring With Josh is also famous on Instagram where he has garnered over 167k followers.

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Exploring With Josh was born on March 20, 1993 in Rhode Island, United States. He has two brothers. As a child, he developed an interest in dancing. There is no information available on the web regarding his family and educational background. Besides being a social media personality, he is a break-dancer and photographer as well.


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