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Book description

Written for the undergraduate, one-term course, Essentials of Software Engineering, Fourth Edition provides students with a systematic engineering approach to software engineering principles and methodologies. Comprehensive, yet concise, the Fourth Edition includes new information on areas of high interest to computer scientists, including Big Data and developing in the cloud.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1 Creating a Program 1.1 A Simple Problem 1.4 Implementations Chapter 2 Building a System 2.1 Characteristics of Building a System 2.2 Building a Hypothetical System 2.3 Coordination Efforts Chapter 3 Engineering of Software 3.1 Examples and Characteristics of Software Failures 3.2 Software Engineering 3.3 Software Engineering Profession and Ethics 3.4 Principles of Software Engineering Chapter 4 Software Process Models 4.1 Software Processes 4.2 Traditional Process Models 4.3 A More Modern Process 4.4 Entry and Exit Criteria 4.5 Process Assessment Models Chapter 5 New and Emerging Process Methodologies 5.3 Some Process Methodologies 5.4 Choosing a Process Chapter 6 Requirements Engineering 6.1 Requirements Processing 6.2 Requirements Elicitation and Gathering 6.3 Requirements Analysis Chapter 7 Design: Architecture and Methodology 7.2 Architectural Design 7.3 Detailed Design Chapter 8 Design Characteristics and Metrics 8.2 Some Legacy Characterizations of Design Attributes 8.3 “Good” Design Attributes 8.4 OO Design Metrics 8.5 User-Interface Design Chapter 9 Implementation 9.2 Characteristics of a Good Implementation 9.3 Implementation Practices 9.4 Developing for the Cloud Chapter 10 Testing and Quality Assurance 10.2 Testing 10.3 Testing Techniques Chapter 11 Configuration Management, Integration, and Builds 11.2 Policy, Process, and Artifacts 11.3 Configuration Management Framework Chapter 12 Software Support and Maintenance 12.1 Customer Support Chapter 13 Software Project Management 13.1 Project Management 13.2 Some Project Management Techniques Chapter 14 Epilogue and Some Contemporary Issues Appendix B Essential Software Requirements Specifications (SRS) Appendix C Essential Software Design

Product information

Title: Essentials of Software Engineering, 4th Edition Author(s): Tsui Release date: December 2016 Publisher(s): Jones & Bartlett Learning ISBN: 9781284106077


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