Buoyed by colorful voices, infectious melodies and also ingenious arrangements, the sounds of The Beach Boys have actually captivated music fans across the globe for virtually 4 excellent decades. Touched in equal measure by success and also sorrow, The Beach Boys" career has been scrutinized by virtually everyone - other than the California natives that made it take place.

Now for the initially time, The Beach Boys themselves expose the story of their increase from suburban pop fledglings to American Institution. Featuring exclusive interviews via Brian and also Carl Wilboy, Mike Love, Al Jardine and Bruce Johnston, as well as previously unrealeased tracks and the band"s own archival footage from the Pet Sounds era and their European tours,Countless Harmony explores the unique contributions of each individual to The Beach Boy"s recurring tradition.

Starring :

The Beach Boys


Running time : 141 Minutes

Language : English 

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