The Eight of Cups is the card definition leave. Pulling this card predicts that you will certainly need to leave points behind and also begin from scratch.

The Eight of Cups is among the much less favorable cards from the Cups to get. Often, it predicts that you will certainly need to walk away from a connection, a project, a task, a service, or a friendship. If the Eight of Cups appears in a result or future position, it predicts you will certainly abandon the case you are analysis on. Clues regarding why you will certainly select to offer up may be found in the remainder of the analysis, yet the Eight of Cups Tarot card predicts the end.

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Often, what has actually lugged you to this point is not your fault. Never-the-less, you are disheartened and should start over. Tright here is frequently a period of depression which comes via offering up on what you love. You might be confused and unsure where you’re going to go from below.

As with also the the majority of negative Tarot cards, tbelow is always positive to be uncovered in the Eight of Cups. All is not lost through the Eight of Cups. The situation you left might be leaving you feeling discontent, however tbelow are other methods out tbelow, over the hill, if you are willing to go out and search for them. Better points could be on the horizon.

If the Eight of Cups shows up as a stamina, it implies you will certainly not weaken obtaining the life you want. You’re not willing to resolve, and also other world will not stand also in your way. Although some points might need to be sacrificed, you are willing to work-related in the direction of your dream life.

Finally, in even more basic readings, the Eight of Cups deserve to recurrent a frifinish or household member who is going via a complicated break-up; this is especially true if you execute not think that the meaning of the Eight of Cups uses to you. This perchild needs your love and also support, so don’t be too tough on them.

Eight of Cups Love Tarot Meaning

Historically (Pre-Rider-Waite-Smith), the Eight of Cups might symbolize a fair-haired female. So, if you’re single and trying to find love, you could desire to look for a fair-haired female. If you’re not interested in fair-haired females, the Eight of Cups have the right to predict that one will aid you to uncover love. This is not a common interpretation, however it occasionally does apply.

The primary interpretation of the Eight of Cups for love Tarot readings is a little bit more depushing. In general, the card implies that either you will certainly walk away from your lover, or they will certainly walk amethod from you.

In many Tarot readings, the Eight of Cups does represent you and your companion turning your backs on each other. While this ending have the right to be painful, it is going to be long overdue. Any feelings of sadness that you have will certainly shortly be replaced by indifference.

Sometimes, the Eight of Cups have the right to mean that your connection isn’t as essential as you think it is. You may feel that you are considerable in your other half’s life, however they carry out not actually feel this way. This is especially true if the partnership is not a permanent one; your lover has actually not had actually time to build major feelings.

(If you would certainly like more love Tarot definitions for the Eight of Cups, examine out the Love Tarot Meanings guide).

Eight of Cups Feelings Tarot Meaning

If you’re asking around your lover’s feelings around you, the Eight of Cups have the right to warn that they have actually currently considered abandoning the partnership. However, although this is somepoint which might upset you now, the Eight of Cups is additionally a sign that you will shortly relocate previous this relationship. You will realize that your lover is not qualified of providing you what you desire.

When you and your person of interest are not in a connection, the Eight of Cups deserve to expect that your potential lover is feeling breakable bereason of a partnership that has just ended. Unless they are feeling lonely, the way they feel around their ex will certainly damages your opportunities of a partnership via them.

Eight of Cups Future Tarot Meaning

As declared, the Eight of Cups predicts that in the future, you will certainly rotate your earlier on somepoint you were once exceptionally passionate around. When it lands in an outcome place, the Eight of Cups represents you falling out of love through somepoint (or someone) you once loved very dbeforehand.

Also, in some cases, the Eight of Cups will show up in the future to signal a realization that something is not as major as you when thought it was.

Eight of Cups Firm & Career Tarot Meaning

As with various other forms of Tarot readings, the Eight of Cups in a company or career reading can signal a desire to throw the towel in. You will certainly desire to offer up your career. In a life-transforming situation, the Eight of Cups suggests that you will go and work-related for someone else. In a mundane analysis, the Eight of Cups means that your emphasis will switch to a brand-new job.

Are you looking to start a new project? The Eight of Cups can expect that you must do even more marketing research study. Do you really know what your ideal client wants? The Eight of Cups have the right to be a sign that you have overestimated exactly how much human being actually require what you’re giving. Make sure you have every one of the facts prior to you race into launch mode.

If you’re looking to hire help in your firm, your Tarot cards are advising you to employ a fair-haired individual.

Eight of Cups Yes or No Tarot Meaning


General - For a lot of kinds of Tarot readings, the Eight of Cups is commonly a no; this card is advising you to walk away from whatever you’re asking about.

Do they favor me? - No, they carry out not choose you. And if they do, they are still hung up on someone else.

Am I pregnant? - I would certainly not check out the Eight of Cups as a pregnancy card.

Is this partnership going to last? - No, it does not show up as though this partnership is going to last.

Does the future of this look promising? - No, the future of this matter does not seem promising.

Am I going to reconcile via my ex? - No, it does not show up that your ex-lover is going to rerevolve in the near future. However before, I would certainly read the Eight of Cups as a authorize that you will certainly gain over them.

Eight of Cups as a Negative, Weakness or Obstacle

When the Eight of Cups appears in a negative, weakness or obstacle Tarot spread position, this means that you are going to feel guilty about walking away. You will feel as though you have abandoned civilization whom you as soon as cared for.

In some cases, the Eight of Cups deserve to pop up as an obstacle if you’re as well quick to give up. You autumn at every slight hurdle. If this is true, your Tarot cards are advising you that you should attempt a small harder for the things you want.

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Eight of Cups as a Hopeful, Strength or Advantage

When the Eight of Cups appears in a positive, stamina, or advantage Tarot spread place, this implies that you are going to have actually the toughness to walk amethod from somepoint which no much longer serves you. You will certainly revolve your ago and relocate in a direction that is more emotionally fulfilling.

That’s all for the Eight of Cups Tarot card meanings! Remember, you deserve to uncover even more love Tarot definitions (and also the feelings of your lover) by discovering the Love Tarot Meanings e-book.