If It Smells Like An Ed Edd N Eddy If It Smells Like An Ed, Edd N Eddy

Yep, and in other news, water is wet.

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I don't know what series ya'll been watching but the cul-de-sac kids have always been stupid. There was literally another episode dedicated to pointing this out. Where even Double D called them idiots and was desperately trying to educate them. That episode was called Dim Lit Ed, but I don't see that one in any worst lists. Same thing with the mob mentality. Not the first time they've immediately assumed the worst from the Eds and the reputation isn't exactly undeserved. Eddy even makes a joke that I guess went over many heads where he said: “How are we supposed to scam you guys if you don't trust us?” which was supposed to be self-explanatory.

2. Edd and Ed get punished even though only Eddy gave Jimmy the wedgie.

“Revenge takes no prisoners, Double D!” It's not fair, but that's Jimmy's reasoning, and it isn't the first time the other Eds were punished for the actions of others. Double D was punished in My Fair Ed for what Ed and Eddy did. Why is that episode not on worst lists? In Boo Haw Haw, Double D and Eddy were beaten up for Ed's actions. Ed and Eddy were punished along with Double D in Stop, Look, and Ed, even though Double D was the one who squealed. Hell, Sarah blatantly said that Double D “looked so innocent” in For Your Ed Only, but that if you give those cute guys an inch, they'll take a mile.

I mean it kind of makes sense that Jimmy had to blame all of them indiscriminately, because otherwise, it would be painfully obvious that either him or Sarah was the culprit.

3. Jimmy is literally the worst.

And who taught Jimmy how to be so cunning and manipulative? Eddy. The episode Ed in a Halfshell has him teaching Jimmy all of his smarmy tricks and unsurprisingly, Eddy sometimes gets one-upped by a monster he himself created. I find it pretty ironic and clever for me.

4. The Eds suffer excessively.

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Yep, because having fruit thrown at them is the absolute worst thing that has ever happened to them. No, that's not supposed to be the bad part. It's supposed to be when the Kankers drag them away to their “lair of love” afterwards, under Jimmy's command. But all those other times where the Eds were screaming “WE'RE TOO YOUNG!” and “I'M A MINOR!” when the Kankers did the exact same thing were okay?

Anyway, I was just never offended by this episode, not as a kid, and certainly not as an adult. I find it funny that people love the episode Bubblevicious calling Bubbles “hardcore” and “badass” and that it proves that you shouldn't underestimate someone just because they seem weak or cutesy, even though Bubbles beats up everybody, including the innocent, but when Jimmy arguably does the exact same thing, and punishes everybody, including the innocent, he's just loathsome. No praise for him. Even though this supposedly frail, pathetic, crybaby child pulled off a scheme so mastermind-ish even Double D called him a genius for it.

Here are just five episodes that I would consider way worse than If It Smells Like an Ed:

Cleanliness is Next to Edliness. A gross-out, idiotic, and contrived plot that is also a true torture porn for Double D. Seriously, the guy just wanted to take a shower.

Sir Ed a Lot. Can someone explain why Eddy needs a babysitter again, when he's been home alone many times before? And why would his babysitter be someone not even that much older than him? And why didn't his parents inform their son of this beforehand?

X Marks the Ed. Eddy is mercilessly mocked, jeered at, photographed, and treated like a freak for a growing pimple on his head. When you wanna talk about an episode that's ACTUALLY mean-spirited and hard to watch, there ya go.

Sorry Wrong Ed. This one doesn't require much explanation. It's an Idiot Plot. Seriously Eddy, grab a hammer, and just smash the fucking phone. There ya go. No more curse. And Double D, why are you suddenly so stupid? Curse or not, it's not a “coincidence” to be trampled by hippos, struck by a random bolt of lightning, and then have a sandbox fall out of the sky on you, all at once.

'Tween a Rock and a Hard Place.

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Johnny, I'm pretty sure that's all illegal. That's all I'm gonna say about the ending of that one.


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