I know what does it expect literally yet once to use it mainly in day to day life?

I mean you do not really desire to be in such instance. But for fun if you want to use this line, mocking a difficult male from movie.

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It ssuggest implies that if your alternative of occupation (such as being a highway robber) is going to kill you then perhaps you must change occupations.

But understand that it"s hard to envision this line being offered in a "fun", mocking means (unprefer, say, "Make my day"). It supposedly has become the title of a Bon Jovi song, but that song is kind of a "downer", based my analysis of the lyrics.

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To the perboy who posed the question: Tbelow are virtually no cases wright here you would use this quote "in real life", unmuch less you are a skilled assassin whose life has actually been intimidated...