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When it concerns finding the perfect condom,size matters. Improperly sized condoms deserve to conveniently break or loss off, and also in some instances, you might not even realize it.

To help you find the best condom for you, this post offers a chart that compares the many kind of condom brands accessible by width, size, and also distinct functions.

Why Condom Sizes Matter

Peoplearen"t all developed the very same and also neither are prophylactics. Finding the right-sized condom will boost your comfort level while wearing it. In addition, prophylactics are mosteffective once they fit properly.

The body of most prophylactics is roomy enough to accommodate guys of virtually any type of dimension. But also though latex prophylactics are super stretchy, if the condom is also tiny, you may still feel discomfort. Not to cite, there is a greater opportunity that the condom will break.

Condoms might feel too tight approximately the pointer (wright here it is not as elastic), especially if you are well-endowed. Condom manufacturers have actually tried to deal with this difficulty by makingcondoms that have actually a more enlarged condom tip, however without transforming the width of the condom"s primary body.

By keeping the body of the condom smaller sized and widening the guideline, the condom is less most likely to slip off throughout sex. Tbelow are also bigger condom sizes that not only add widthbut length also.

Finding the Perfect Condom Size

Before you deserve to decide upon what condom size you require, you must firstmeasure your erect penis dimension by both size and girth. Use that measurement as a overview as you pick prophylactics that have actually similar measurements.


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You may need to attempt out a number of kinds of condoms before finding one that gives you with the finest fit and also the a lot of comfort. Buy individual condoms or the smallest fill accessible so you won"t waste money on those that don"t occupational well.

Most condom brands have actually their very own definitions of what is taken into consideration to be typical orlarge prophylactics. In basic, condoms are accessible in snugger fit sizes, conventional sizes, and large (XL or XXL) sizes.

The condom brand also and nameA brief summary of that particular condom The condom width and also size sizes in both inches and also millimetersWright here you have the right to buy the condom online

The prophylactics noted listed below variety from snug to big sizes. Please note that these sizes might not be specific, however they are exceptionally close measurements.

BrandDescription/StyleSizeWright here to Buy
Caution Wear Iron Grip Snugger FitSmaller-dimension, lubricated latex condomWidth: 1.92"/49 mm Length: 6.69"/170 mmBuy: Caution Wear Iron Grip Snugger Fit Condoms
Durex Cshed FitNarrower, organic rubber latex condom with a non-spermicidal lubricant to administer a tighter fitWidth: 1.92"/49 mm Length: 7.01"/178 mmBuy: Durex Close Fit Condoms
LifeStyles Snugger FitSmaller, lubricated condom via special-shaped reservoir tipWidth: 1.92"/49 mm Length: 7.08"/180 mmBuy: LifeStyles Snugger Fit Condoms
Beyond 7 With AloeWater-based lubricated latex prophylactics with aloe, designed to proccasion irritation and relieve women’s discomfortWidth: 1.97″/50 mm Length: 7.64″/194 mmBuy: Beyond 7 With Aloe
Beyond 7 StuddedStudded condom for purported intensified pleacertain. Made of Sheerlon—thinner than regular latex and also gives higher comfort, feel, and also dependabilityWidth: 1.97″/50 mm Length: 7.64″/194 mmBuy: Beyond 7 Studded Condoms
Okamoto Beyond SevenMade of Sheerlon—thinner than constant latex. One of the peak three condoms that got the highest ratings in the 10th Annual Condom AwardsWidth: 1.97″/50 mm Length: 7.64″/194 mmBuy: Okamoto Beyond Salso Condoms
Durex Extra SensitiveSuper thin latex condom. One of the top 3 prophylactics that obtained the highest ratings in the 10th Annual Condom Awards. Named most reputable and reliable condom by Consumer Reports MagazineWidth: 2″/51 mm Head Width: 2.13″/54 mm Length: 7.5″/191 mmBuy: Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms
SensisFDA-apverified condom with QuickStrips—these prophylactics are expected to go on faster than normal prophylactics. Available in Micro-Dot Ribbed or Sensis ThinWidth: 2″/51 mm Length: 7.5″/191 mmBuy: Sensis Condoms
Trustex Chocolate FlavoredTastes and smells just prefer your favorite mocha, without all the calories. This brown flavored condom is made from latex, has actually a reservoir reminder, and also a sugar-complimentary water-based lubricant—best for both oral and also vaginal sex.Width: 2″/51 mm Length: 8.1″/206 mmBuy: Trustex Chocolate Flavored Condoms
Durex SensationDurex Fetherlite UltraSensation: Lubricated condom with numerous elevated dots to give purported extra pleacertain and also included intensity of stimulation.Fetherlite Ultra: 20% thinner through Sensi-Fit—a sleeker fit that enables for even more feelingWidth: 2.05″/52 mm Length: 7.01″/178 mmBuy: Durex Sensation Condoms Buy: Durex Fetherlite Ultra Condoms
Durex Extra StrengthStrong, lubricated latex condoms—thicker than typical condomsWidth: 2.05″/52 mm Length: 7.01″/178 mmBuy: Durex Extra Strength Condoms
Kimono Thin Kimono TexturedThin: Silicone lubricated condom featuring a form-fit shape—a lot thinner than contending thin condoms.Textured: Silicone lubricated condom via dots and ribs. This texture on an ultra-thin condom adds tingling feelings for both partners.Width: 2.05″/52 mm Length: 7.48″/190 mmBuy: Kimono Thin Condoms Buy: Kimono Textured Condoms
LifeStyles Ultra SensitiveSuper-thin lubricated latex condom with a flared shapeWidth: 2.05″/52 mm Length: 7.48″/190 mmBuy: LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive Condoms
Kimono MicroThin Kimono MicroThin Plus Aqua LubeMicroThin: Thinswarm condom, with a solid and sheer latex. Kimono MicroThin consistently receives the highest rating for sensation and thinness among reviewers, individuals, and top magazines.MicroThin Plus Aqua Lube: pH well balanced, water lubricant that feels like the body"s organic lubrication, 20% thinner than most prophylactics. Consistently receives excellent reviews—males love that it is super comfortable and snug, yet not as well tight, practically favor not wearing a condom at allWidth: 2.05″/52 mm Length: 7.48″/190 mmBuy: Kimono MicroThin Condoms Buy: Kimono MicroThin Plus Aqua Lube Condoms
Durex Extra Sensitive RibbedThese condoms have uniquely positioned ribs to give a more intense experience in the time of sex as well as a straighter shape to carry out a closer, sleeker fit.Width: 2.08″/53 mm Length: 7.01″/178 mmBuy: Durex Extra Sensitive Ribbed Condoms
L. Condoms Classic Ultra Thin Lubricated, 100% latex condoms that have actually a spermicide-free, paraben-complimentary, and also glycerin-totally free lubricant, and are vegan-friendly.Width: 2.08″/53 mm Length: 7.48″/190 mmBuy: L. Condoms Classic Buy L. Condoms Ultra Thin
Crown Skin Less SkinUltra thin and also lubricated, made by Okamoto, among the a lot of sensitive condoms easily accessible. Known finest for their use in adult films. One of the peak three condoms that got the greatest ratings in the 10th Annual Condom AwardsWidth: 2.08″/53 mm Length: 7.08″/180 mmBuy: Crown Skin Less Skin Condoms
Sir Richard"s Condoms Classic Ribbed Ultra ThinClassic Ribbed: Straight-sided, vegan-friendly, ribbed herbal latex condom via non-spermicidal, paraben-complimentary and also glycerin-cost-free lubricant.Ultra Thin: Sheer and clear, 100% natural latex condom through a silky lubricant that is cost-free of glycerin and also parabens, and also a smooth texture. Vegan certifiedWidth: 2.08″/53 mm +/- 2 mm Length: 7.08″/180 mmBuy: Sir Richard"s Classic Ribbed Condoms Buy: Sir Richard"s Ultra Thin Condoms
Caution Wear Mint Delight Caution Wear Black Ice Caution Wear Wild RoseMint Delight: Ultrasmooth, silicon-based lubricated latex condom that is green and mint in flavor.Black Ice: Ultra-thin, parallel-sided, clear latex condom via non-spermicidal, ultra-smooth silicon-based lubricant.Wild Rose: Transparent latex condom with silky silicone-based lubricant and a ribbed (speed bump) textureWidth: 2.08″/53 mm Length: 7.08″/180 mmBuy: Caution Wear Mint Joy Condoms Buy: Caution Wear Black Ice Condoms Buy: Caution Wear Wild Rose Condoms
LifeStyles SkynPremium prophylactics made from soft polyisoprene (a natural rubber), even more resistant to breakage, stretchier, form-fitting and also odor free—a great alternate for those allergic to latexWidth: 2.08″/53 mm +/- 10 mm Length: 7.48″/190 mmBuy: LifeStyles Skyn Condoms
ONE Pleasure PlusScientifically arisen to boost pleacertain inside and also out—as a result of a roomy, stimulating pouch and also superfine interior ribsWidth: 2.08″/53 mm +/-2 mm Length: 7.6″/194 mmBuy: ONE Pleacertain Plus Condoms
LifeStyles TurboLubricated inside and also out with ExiteGel (consists of menthol and also the herbal supplement L-arginine to intensify sensation for both him and also her)Width: 2.1″/53 mm Length: 7.5″/190 mmBuy: LifeStyles Turbo Condoms
Trojan Double EcstasyDouble the pleasure with the comfort fit condom that has actually a unique smooth lubricant inside (for him) and also a warming, intensifying lubricant on the external (for her)Width: 2.12″/54 mm Length: 7.87″/200 mmBuy: Trojan Double Ecstasy Condoms
Durex PleasuremaxLubricated latex condom that gives stimulation for both partners via ribs and elevated dots.Width: 2.2″/56 mm Head Width: 2.32″/59 mm Length: 7.68″/195 mmBuy: Durex Pleasuremax Condoms
Sir Richard"s Extra Large CondomsLubricated, smooth, 100% herbal latex condom, straight-sided for comfort. Glycerin, paraben, and also spermicide complimentary. Vegan-friendlyWidth: 2.2″/56 mm +/- 2 mm Length: 7.28″/185 mmBuy: Sir Richard"s Extra Large Condoms
Durex Tropical Flavors Durex Tingle Durex FetherliteTropical Flavors: Banana, strawberry, and ovariety flavored prophylactics for sex-related intercourse or dental sex.Tingle: Coated inside and out with a mint-tingling lubricant.Fetherlite: Super-thin, shaped to be easier to put on and administer a far better fitWidth: 2.2″/56 mm Length: 7.01″/205 mmBuy: Durex Tropical Flavors Condoms Buy: Durex Tingle Condoms Buy: Durex Fetherlite Condoms
LifeStyles KYNGLubricated latex condom with a flared form. Extra vast and also long to administer bigger men with a comfortable fitWidth: 2.05″/52 mm Head Width: 2.2″/56 mm Length: 7.48″/190 mmBuy: LifeStyles KYNG Condoms
Durex Avanti Bare Durex Real FeelAvanti Bare: Softer condom made from polyisoprene, non-herbal rubber latex (appropriate for those that have actually latex allergies).Real Feel: Made from a technically progressed non-latex material that may provide heightened sensations for a more natural feelingWidth: 2.2″/56 mm Length: 7.01″/205 mmBuy: Avanti Bare Condoms Buy: Durex Real Feel Condoms
Durex Performax Durex Sensi-ThinPerformax: Condom that has a lubricant with benzocaine that helps to expand orgasm.Sensi-Thin: 20% thinner than traditional prophylactics, lubricated through a snug, fitted shapeWidth: 2.2″/56 mm Head Width: 2.48″/63 mm Length: 7.07″/205mmBuy: Durex Performax Condoms Buy: Durex Sensi-Thin Condoms
Trojan SupraUltra-thin, lubricated polyurethane condom designed to transmit organic body heatWidth: 2.28″/58 mm Length: 7.87"/200 mmBuy: Trojan Supra Condoms
Kimono MicroThin LargeSilicone lubricated latex condom that supplies a longer shaft, more headroom, and is thinner than typical condomsWidth: 2.05″/52 mm Head Width: 2.34″/59.4 mm Length: 7.68″/195 mmBuy: Kimono MicroThin Large Condoms
Kimono MaxxLatex condom that uses 25% even more headroom and also 15% more length. Easier to put on, comfortable to wear, and also has included strengthWidth: 2.05″/52 mm Head Width: 2.34″/59.4 mm Length: 7.68″/195 mmBuy: Kimono Maxx Condoms
Trojan Magnum Thin Trojan MagnumMagnum Thin: Lubricated, larger latex condom for extra comfort—thinner and also tapered at the base for a secure fit.Magnum: Latex condom, 15% longer and larger than a standard condom that tapers at the base for a secure fitWidth: 2.13″/54mm Head Width: 2.36″/60 mm Length: 8.07″/205 mmBuy: Trojan Magnum Thin Condoms Buy: Trojan Magnum Condoms
Trojan Magnum XLLargest condom from Trojan and 30% larger than standard prophylactics. Lubricated, latex condom that is tapered at the base for a secure fit. Men with smaller sized penis sizes can suffer slipweb page of this condom.

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Width: 2.13″/54 mm Head Width: 2.48″/63 mm Length: 8.07″/205 mmBuy: Trojan Magnum XL Condoms
Durex XXLLubricated latex condom that is the longest condom on the market (though not the widest). It has a fitted form to maximize sensation, allows for easy-on application, and also greater comfort.Width: 2.13″/54 mm Head Width: 2.56″/65 mm Length: 9.5″/228.6 mmBuy: Durex XXL Condoms