The 3DS is one of the best gaming consoles about, with a great library collected after nearly 10 years in circulation. But the device has also run into its fair share of technical hiccups over the years. There’s nopoint worse than pulling out your favorite 3DS games, only to discover the device doesn’t work as expected, especially as soon as you aren’t sure how to fix them.

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Below, we’ve compiled a list of well-known technological problems 3DS owners have actually been taking care of, together with some steps you have the right to take to solve or prevent them. Some of these only use to a particular version of the device — the original 3DS’ design is dramatically different than the New 3DS XL, for circumstances — while others are worries that occur throughout the entire 3DS household.

How to get in touch with Nintendo

Customer SupportWebsite

Nintencarry out formerly had actually an error code lookup web page on its website, but it has been centralized right into a basic search feature currently. To usage it, visit the support page right here and also simply type in the error code in the search box in the top appropriate. This will certainly straight you to a web page with an explacountry of the error code you’re acquiring. You can usage these sources for Nintencarry out Switch problems too.

Your system is freezing or won’t turn off

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Just like mobile phones and computers, the Nintencarry out 3DS have the right to occasionally lock up totally. In that state, it will certainly not register the butloads you’re pushing, including the power button. Luckily, tright here is a reasonably straightforward solve for this need to you have actually it occur.


Hold dvery own the system’s power button for ten secs for a difficult reset, which will shut the console down. You have the right to then turn it back on as normal.

Your mechanism won’t wake up from Sleep mode

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If you’re finding that your 3DS won’t “wake” from its Sleep mode, your issue is most likely regarded the unit’s battery not being charged sufficient. This can happen when you open your first-generation 3DS and also the display refuses to come ago to life, or after pressing the “sleep” switch on the side of a 2DS mechanism.


Before you try any type of other troubleshooting, push the power switch on your system to rotate it off and on aobtain. If the difficulties regarded sleep mode are no much longer developing, you’re all great to go.If it won’t turn earlier on and the light on your mechanism is blinking red, attempt plugging in the charger and also letting it charge till the ovariety charging light goes out again. If it isn’t charging, continue to the “console isn’t charging properly” area listed below.

Console isn’t charging properly

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If your battery is dying after a brief duration of use, the concern might be regarded either your charger or the device itself.


If you don’t have actually the cradle, try plugging the 3DS right into your wall outlet using a various AC adaptor.Should your 3DS does not charge while utilizing the second adapter, the difficulty is likely hardware connected, and the console should be sent out in for repair.

Lines and also smudges show up on your height screen

The original 3DS was a remarkable piece of hardware as soon as it introduced in 2011 many thanks to its glasses-complimentary 3D modern technology, however its outside architecture was additionally quite flawed. When you open up the mechanism after having actually it closed, you might alert vertical lines showing up on the far-left and also far-appropriate sections of the optimal display screen. They’re particularly noticeable when the 3D impact is turned on. This is as a result of the bezel neighboring the bottom touch display screen being slightly also raised, leading to it to make contact with the peak screen.

Note: 3DS models since the original were modified to proccasion this problem.


Get a screen protector as soon as possible. Though the lines left on the top screen are typically just smudges resulted in by the oil on your hands, if you were to bump or drop the 3DS while it was closed, this can turn into a full-blvery own scratch that would require a more considerable repair.You must invest in a 3DS kit choose this one that comes through a microfiber cleaning fabric. Keep it via your device in its instance, as you’ll still need to wipe the vertical lines off of the protector when you’re prepared to play. Should your system take a tumble, but, the danger of a irreversible scrape is now much lower.

Speakers are “popping” or making other unpreferable noises

The 3DS’ weak point, throughout nearly eextremely model, is sound high quality. The console’s internal speakers are quiet, tinny, and mostly an excellent catalyst to buy a nice pair of headphones. If you’ve been using them in quiet atmospheres, you may have likewise noticed a popping or crackling sound arising.


Nintendo’s solution to this is much less tha perfect. Try turning the volume up above 30% and watch if the popping sound stops. If you can’t play the mechanism at a high volume, your following step would certainly be to use a pair of headphones — aget, it’s not an ideal solution, but it’ll bypass the architecture flaw in the system itself.

Circle Pad isn’t working correctly


The Circle Pad on the left side of the 3DS isn’t the most resilient of components. Competitive Super Smash Bros. players deserve to attest to its flimsiness, and it’s capable of breaking off entirely, which would require a more substantial repair. However before, if your Circle Pad isn’t acting like it should be, you might be able to fix the problem by sindicate recalibrating it.


Recalibrating your Circle Pad is rather simple. Go to Settings and then Other on your 3DS, and also scroll through the menus until you spot Circle Pad.

How to make a new Circle Pad

Before you send your 3DS in to be repaired by Nintendo, you could desire to take into consideration repairing the mechanism yourself. This settle may violate your device warranty, though technically it does not require any disassembly.


Flatten out a little piece of polymer clay until it is the same dimension as the original Circle Pad.Press it on top of the tiny nub left from the original Circle Pad and encertain that it can still move in all directions.Score the indentation that has formed on the clay with a knife or toothpick, then throw the clay in your cooktop following the package’s instructions.

The touch display screen isn’t responding


The touch screen on the 3DS is offered extensively in the system’s games, yet it have the right to be rather a bit even more finicky than the screens on iOS tools or even the PlayStation Vita. This is greatly because of the mechanism using a “resistive” display that uses pressure and not electrical conduction to feature.


If you’re making use of your finger to use the 3DS touch display screen, try using a stylus pen instead. Its smaller sized point will increase the push on the display screen, which need to reason your inputs to register much more clearly.Press harder. The 3DS display should be pressed rather a little bit harder than a lot of modern touch display screens for it to register your inputs, especially if you’re “sliding” the stylus rather of tapping with it.If you have actually a display protector on your touch display screen, you can additionally attempt rerelocating it and view if this solves the issue, though we recommend getting a replacement protector as soon as feasible.

Your system’s hinge is loose

If you’re utilizing among the original 3DS models, you could notice that the console’s hinge continues to relocate rather a bit also after it “clicks” right into place. This is in contrast to the very stiff hinge checked out on the original DS, and also unfortunately, it isn’t somepoint that can actually be addressed.

Note: Models after the original 3DS have actually largely rectified this concern.


Unfortunately, the best solution, as inconvenient as it sounds, is to upgrade to a more recent 3DS model, such as the 3DS XL or the New Nintencarry out 3DS. These feature a lot tighter hinges that won’t be flopping around when you play while lying on your bed or couch.Want to conserve a tiny money? The 2DS is also a great choice. Though it doesn’t attribute a 3D display, it likewise doesn’t attribute a hinge at all!

Games are running poorly on your “old” 3DS

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Due to the fact that the advent of the even more effective New Nintenexecute 3DS, Nintencarry out has actually released numerous games that have the right to technically run on both devices, but carry out not run well on older 3DS models. We’ve compiled a list of these games below, and what type of glitches you deserve to intend if you run them on an older model:

Hypreeminence Warriors Legends: Older systems have actually trouble with this game, resulting in substantial framework price drops that really take the fun out of playing. We don’t recommend buying it if you don’t very own a New 3DS.Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.: Enemy turns in this strategy game used to take an insanely long time, but a new upday permits you to fast-forward them. On a New 3DS, you deserve to speed up adversary transforms as much as be three times faster. You deserve to only fast-forward them to be 2 times quicker on an original 3DS.

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If you’re not looking to buy a brand-new design, there’s not a lot you can do to fix this worry. We advise looking for a New 3DS, New 3DS XL, or New 2DS XL. Sadly some of the even more recent 3DS games just don’t job-related or are glitchy on the original model. It’s difficult to say goodbye, yet it’s most likely time to ditch your old model for the brand-new.