Drinking Around The World Passport, Epcot Drink Passport

Epcot is often considered an escape for adult visitors of Disney world. With fewer “kiddie” specific attractions and sparkling castles, Epcot has gained a reputation for being a fan-favorite location among older Disney fans.

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One of the most iconic parts of Epcot at Walt Disney World is the World Showcase. Consisting of 11 pavilions featuring food, drink, and attractions from around the world, the World Showcase is on many peoples’ must-see lists for their trip to Disney. But what is the best way to fully enjoy the different pavilions?


There really is no wrong way to experience the pavilions, they will be fun and interesting whether you see just 1 or all 11. However, many adult Disney-goers recommend doing something called “Drinking Around the World” as a way to do something memorable at each pavilion.

While this is not a Disney official tour of the pavilions, it has been gaining popularity with Disney fans everywhere!

What is Drinking around the World at Epcot?

“Drinking Around the World” is a popular way for adults to experience the world showcase at Epcot. At each pavilion, you get a drink (and sometimes a snack) that is unique to that country or pavilion. It is a fun way to experience the 11 different pavilions in a more “adult” way.

Many adults get themselves a “passport” for drinking around the world at Epcot to commemorate visiting the different pavilions. I will go more in-depth about the passports a little later.

While this is called drinking around the world. It is important to eat around the world too. Drinking alcoholic drinks from nearly a dozen countries over the course of one day is a good way to get sick and a hangover if you don’t eat food at many of the pavilions and drink water as well!

Who should you Drink around the World with?

Anyone! While this can be done by yourself, it can always be more fun to have a drinking buddy with you, and having friends with you can help you all stay responsible on your journey. “Drinking Around the World” was invented for adults of drinking age. However, there is nothing stopping you from bringing underage or non-drinking friends with you as the pavilions have mocktails or non-alcoholic beverage options!

If you don’t have friends that want to drink around the world with you, there are unofficial groups like the Bay Lake Society, which is a group of people who like to plan more leisurely trips to Disney World or various Facebook groups that you can join to organize drinking around the world with new friends!

How much does it cost to drink around the world in Epcot?

The cost of drinking around the world varies greatly depending on what drinks you get and how many of them.

The average cost of getting one drink at each of the pavilions falls somewhere between $100-$120. Alcoholic beverages at the pavilions usually fall within the price range of $8-$15.

Non-alcoholic drinks are often cheaper which can bring the overall price down and, obviously, not visiting every pavilion will also bring down the cost.

It is also important to remember that you need to factor in desserts or snacks at the pavilions as well. While it is not required to get one at every pavilion, it is really important to stay well-fed and hydrated (with water!) on this journey to avoid over-drinking.

In order to not spend a fortune on this adventure, I highly recommended that you share drinks with your friends (to the extent you are comfortable because of COVID). That way, everyone can try a lot of drinks to fill out their Epcot drinking around the World passport without everyone needing to buy a drink individually.

You can also have the members of your group take turns buying drinks (if you are sharing) so that the cost is more evenly split between your friend group.

To keep your Disney trip under budget, check out my post about Disney Vacation Payment Plans or my tips for making the perfect Disney vacation on a budget.

Where to start

A lot of people recommend starting at the Mexico pavilion and ending in Canada. However, some of the best drinks on the route, in my opinion, are in France, Morocco, and Japan, and starting in Mexico probably means that you are starting with a large drink of tequila.

Tequila is delicious but highly alcoholic and you might not fully be able to enjoy the drinks further down the trail if you are starting off with such a hard drink.

Instead, starting your drinking around the world journey in Canada lets you start off with a lighter drink like beer or wine, which is a much better way to ease yourself into drinking all day than tequila.

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From here you should head to the UK where you will treat yourself to another beer, keeping your drinks on the lighter side to save room for the drinks in Japan, Morocco, and France!

What to bring!

Like every trip to Disney, you want to make sure you have a bag with water, sunscreen, your wallet/ticket, and any other important items you want or need with you (like your Epcot Drinking around the World passport). To find the perfect bag to carry around all of your Disney essentials, check out the best backpack for Disney World.

When you are drinking around the world, I cannot stress how important it is to make sure you have plenty of water with you and to eat along the way!

Anyone who is a seasoned drinker is already aware of the importance of water and food in avoiding the dreaded hangover, but people who don’t regularly drink or who are only casual drinkers may be thrown off guard by how buzzed you will end up getting with just one drink from each pavilion.

If you keep food in your stomach and drink water in-between the pavilions you will avoid getting embarrassingly drunk and risking a hangover.

What to wear

While you can wear anything that suits your fancy, it is always more fun to wear a custom t-shirt to coordinate with friends and take fun group photos. There are tons of shirts available from Amazon or Etsy that can show the world you are on a mission to drink around the world!

Epcot Drinking around the World Shirts

Getting a shirt for drinking around the world at Epcot is a cute and fun way to remember the experience for years to come! If you are a regular at Disney World and Epcot, differentiating between the many different trips you have taken to Epcot can be difficult to do in photos.

Getting a special, commemorative “Drinking around the World” at Epcot shirt to wear in your selfies and group shots can ensure that you never have to wonder “is this picture from when I drank around the world?”

Here I chose a couple of examples of fun Epcot Drinking around the World shirts from Amazon



What I love about this shirt is the Disney font combined with the fun phrase. It is simple, effective, and a fun way to commemorate the day! It also comes in 5 different colors and is reasonably priced.


Drink around the World

This design is great because it features iconic buildings from the countries featured in the pavilions. Unlike the sort of cheeky phrase on the other shirt, this one is more straightforward with the phrase “Drink Around the World.” The circular design is also reminiscent of the silhouette of the famous Spaceship Earth. It also comes in five different colors!

For more unofficial Disney shirts to wear on your trip to Disney World, check out my post 24 of the Best Family Disney Shirts.

Epcot Drinking around the World Passport

I have mentioned a few times now the Epcot Drinking around the World Passport. This is another unofficial Disney item that a lot of people use to remember their alcoholic trip around the world.

They usually take the form of a lanyard with a pen of some sort and spots to check off which countries you visited and write what drink you had at that country’s pavilion.

Here is an example of one such Drinking Around the World passport.


The one above is from SansoneStationary and is reasonably priced while also letting you personalize it a little with your name and whether it is a Mickey or Minnie silhouette.

Pretty much all styles of drinking around the world passport look like the one above. Most of the time the differences are in designs such as the font or images rather than style. I chose the one above because it is colorful and fun with all of the flags. However, you definitely can look around to find one that fits your style or even make your own!

Epcot Drinking around the World Mask

In these crazy COVID times, getting a face mask that matches your outfit and personal style is a major consideration that we’ve never had before. As of right now, Disney still requires masks at all of its parks which means that Disney masks are going to be part of your packing list.

While there are many Official Disney Masks that can be purchased in stores, online and in the parks (FYI it is cheaper in stores and online than in the parks!), none of them are really fitting for an Epcot drinking around the world adventure.

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If you want a mask to match the rest of your drinking around the world outfit, look no further than this awesome mask from Amazon!


The nice thing about this mask is the adjustable ear loops and it comes with filters! Not only does that make it safer for you and others, but it also makes it more comfortable to wear!

The Best World Showcase Drinks for each Pavilion

I put these in order of which pavilions you will visit. If you want to start at the Mexico pavilion, you can simply reverse this list and do it in that order instead!

Canada: Moosehead

What is it? Moosehead is an internationally famous beer from Canada. The lager is smooth, clean, and mild. It is the perfect beer to start off your drinking around the world passport as well as a great beer for a hot Florida day.

Where can I find it? The Popcorn Cart is where you can find a wide selection of beers, including Moosehead!

United Kingdom: Black and Tan

What is it? A Black and Tan is a beer cocktail where you layer a light beer (usually a pale ale) and a darker one (usually a stout). England has been mixing beers together from as far back as the 17th century!

Where can I find it? The Rose & Crown Pub, which is a full-service bar that is designed to look like a traditional English Pub!


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