Why Did I Have A Dream Of A Baby Dying Meaning ? Why Do I Dream About Dead Babies

When babies emerge in your dreams they can be considered very symbolic containing a hidden message about yourself. Unfortunately dreaming of a dead baby reflects endings, failing and losses in ones life.

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These common dreams tend to shake us up for the rest of the day leaving us with an unsettled feeling in our stomach. Despite its graphic or disturbing nature, once you identify what the dead baby represents in your dream it will serve as a benefit to you. Though you will need to bring a metaphoric shovel because we are about to do some digging.

Dying Baby Dream Meaning

Dreams have an incredibility ability to bring things to our attention we are not consciously aware of in our walking life. This dream in particular has purposely selected the image of a dead baby to relate something that is unconscious to you.

The Benefits Of Death In Dreams

So what exactly could that be? Since the baby develops inside the womb this would mirror something that was developing (within) for some time. By reflecting on failed opportunities, ideas, plans, or relationships in your life might help identify this problem. Alternatively, the image of the dead baby in your dream might relate to a emotional and psychological trauma caused from past experiences – the child in you is unable to grow and mature properly.

Common Dead Baby Dreams

I’m pregnant and dreaming of my baby dying.My dead mother having a baby.Dead baby coming back to life.Baby dying in my arms.Dreaming dead twin babies.


Pregnant & Dreaming Of Dead Baby

As horrifying as these dreams may be they are very common relating to fears of the worst happening (pregnant dreams). These feelings or thoughts of worry might not be expressed in your life and it is coming out in your dream.

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Dead Baby Dreams: The Inner Child

In popular psychology and analytical psychology the term inner child refers to the invisible child in every adult. Essentially this child becomes lost or frozen in time due to his or her past childhood traumatic experiences. Could you be struggling with upsetting emotions, memories, and anxiety that won’t go away?

The fact is that the majority of so-called adults are not truly adults at all. They just got old. Anybody can do that. Though this child still remains trapped in the mind of the adult and that will cause a tantrum if neglected long enough. Essentially the child is crying out for your attention wanting you to recuse them for you to live a more full filled life.

Inner Child Dying Signs

Refusal to become an adult.Constant dependence on others, need to be babied.Self criticism myself for being inadequate.I feel inadequate as a man or woman.

 Dead Babies Coming Back To Life Dream

To dream of a baby coming back to life is a very positive omen connecting you to a rebirth or sudden change in your life. This can be related to events, relationships, plans, or a reconnection with your inner child. The location and events that lead to the baby coming back to life provide you with clues.

Are You Experiencing Unusual Baby Dreams?

Dead Twin Babies Dream

Dreaming about dead twin babies could be a metaphoric meaning relating to an ending in two’s, two things, a set, multiple in your life. The image of the dying twins could draw your attention to the unconscious masculine and feminine energy.

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Dreams of a dead baby in a toilet focus on failed and stagnated issues. Toilets are synonymous with ‘letting go’ of what has been held inside.


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